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Aquarian Age Stories for Children

Star Babies
by Olga White

  Once a little star baby was very, very sad. She didn't feel at all well, and he didn't know what was the matter with her. So she cried and cried, until her mother, who had a great deal of work to do, sailed away from her. "You are throwing out darkness and it will spoil my work" she said before she left. "Learn your lesson and I will return to you."

   So the little star baby thought and thought. "I wonder what she meant" she said. But she moped, and moped, and never thought to ask anyone what was wrong with. Of course, she felt worse after the moping. The little star babies that were nearest her seemed to turn their faces away. She was dreadfully lonesome.

   After feeling that way for a long time she decided that she would ask the other stars to show her how to be happy. She called out to a great fellow way up in the sky, and asked him his name and how to be happy.

   "My name is Jupiter," shouted the big fellow. "I give health, happiness, and plenty to those who will let me shine into their hearts."

   "I wonder how he manages it," she mused. Then she called to another.

   "My name is Saturn," he said. "When people love me I make them steadfast and true if they do not develop these qualities they grow cold and unhappy."

   "I wonder what he means," thought the little star baby, and she called loudly to the lordly Mars:

   "What do you do to shine so brightly?''

   "I teach people to do things," answered Mars. "When they do not heed me they grow listless."

   "And what do you do?" cried the little star to Mercury.

   "I teach people to think," answered Mercury. "But for me they would have chaotic minds."

   "What do you do?" she inquired of Venus. "I teach people to love," answered Venus. "Were it not for me they would lose their way and be lost in selfishness."

   Just then the great Moon sailed by. "What do you do?" asked the little star.

   "I give the people their bodies so that they may learn to find their souls," said the Moon. "Have you found yours yet?" Then she sailed away in the most majestic manner.

   "Who are you?" asked the little star baby of Uranus.

   "I am unselfishness," answered the star. "Those who find me, find themselves."

   "And what is your name, and what do you do?" the star baby asked of Neptune.

   "I am Divine Love," replied Neptune. "Those who find me find the pearl of great price."

   "They all do such a great work!" said the small star. She bowed her head in a dejected manner. And this as I told you made her much worse — she almost quit shining.

   Just then the great Sun peeped its head above the horizon. Then the star baby called out with her last flicker of hope. "Oh, Sun, tell me what I can do?"

   Then the great Sun bellowed out: "Shine, little star, shine, or you will die!"

   So the little star drew a deep breath and shone. She made such a great light that the Sun threw her a kiss, Jupiter bowed to her, and Saturn, Mars, Venus, and Mercury waved their hands to her. Also, Uranus and Neptune seemed to come right into her heart. Wee little star baby had found her work at last; and she grew so much that when Mother came again she was just as big and busy as Mother.

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