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The Effect of the Fall on the Body of Man

   Philo declared that the Fall recorded in the Bible is also written in the very organism of man, therein stating a profound occult truth. As a result of the Fall creative life is divided in its body-building processes. The masculine pole of spirit builds the larynx and the brain, the organs by which physical forms are brought forth and the life of the species maintained. It is the diversion of this creative force from the legitimate use of propagation to mere gratification of sensual desire that is described in biblical symbology as eating of the forbidden fruit. Eve first partook of it; that is, the feminine pole of the spirit, which embraces the power of love and the faculty of imagination, yielded first to the lure of the senses (temptation by the serpent). This led to the "fall" of the feminine principle in all humanity.

   To disengage the fallen feminine from its entanglement with sensual desire is the Great Work which must be accomplished by each individual and by the race as a whole. The Bible is primarily a guide to this Work. Means and methods whereby the regenerative process can be successfully performed constitute the fundamental Teachings of every Mystery School. Lifting of the fallen feminine principle is the central theme of masonic ceremonials and doctrines. It is also the main subject of the Zohar which treats it as the Mystery of the Balance.

   When the masculine and feminine forces in the human body again function in unity and equilibrium, the heart and the larynx will become the centers of creation. Generation will then be regeneration. This truth was taught by Christ Jesus to Nicodemus when He declared that not until Nicodemus was born again could he enter into the kingdom of heaven. Birth by water signifies natural generation; birth by fire, regeneration. Purity marks the path of this attainment, and chastity is its keyword. Only the pure in heart shall see God.

   The body of man is a composite vehicle made up of four interpenetrating forms or principles. These are the physical, the etheric, the emotional and the mental. In this chain of coordinated principles, the masculine and feminine forces alternate in being the predominant activity. The order is reversed in masculine and feminine bodies. In women the physical body is negative, the etheric positive; the emotional negative, the mental positive. In men the opposite polarity prevails. The same holds true of the bodily organs. It is significant to note that the feminine organs are centers for sublime spiritual development in the future, and will become foci of high power when redemption of the feminine has taken place. Notable examples are the heart and the pituitary body. The Exalted Feminine has been called the Golden Cubicle Stone.

   The Ancient Wisdom states that "there is a sevenfold mystery in connection with the Fall." One of these mysteries is indicated in the human physical organism.

   Every organ in the body is either masculine or feminine in relation to every other organ. This is in accordance with the dual principles operative in nature and all its manifestations. Since the Fall, these principles have not functioned in equilibrium. The feminine (Eve) principle fell, and for this reason the physical organs which correlate to this principle will experience the greatest upliftment. They will become the centers of highest power when it has been transformed through regeneration.

   The heart is destined to become the focal center of spiritual force as the blood is transmuted into a veritable essence of living light. This organ will literally become a "sacred heart," controlling the light and life of the body, and will assume the likeness of a many petaled golden flower.

   The pituitary gland is another feminine organ that will evidence new powers in the regenerated body. At present its function is almost altogether latent as the result of the Fall. When restored to power it will be a center for the expression of augmented unfoldment.

   The interpenetrating etheric counterpart of the pituitary gland is the avenue for spiritualized life essences which arise from centers of generation to the head in the course of the regenerative process. By the activity of this gland they truly become the waters of eternal life. Christian occultists define the pituitary body as the first seat of the Christ Principle in the body of man, the heart as its secondary center.

   The feminine forces are dominant in the sympathetic segment of the spinal cord. When the race body is sufficiently sensitized, the functions of this segment will be of a spiritual nature. The sympathetic nervous system will then play an important role in connection with the feminine pole of generation. From the sympathetic segment of the spinal cord a second cord is to be formed. In these two nerve strands the bi-polar creative forces, the masculine and the feminine, will function in perfect balance and humanity will regain the condition that prevailed in the beginning when, as stated of the Elohim, "Male and female created He them."

 — Corinne Heline

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