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The Mystic Marriage Is Consummated

   After Jacob had learned to respond to spiritual forces represented by the name Israel, his communion with the angelic Hierarchy was clear and continuous. He was still in the world but no longer of it. This is the meaning of the altar Jacob raised and named Beth-el, the house of God. Jacob himself had become that altar. His purified and sensitized body, responsive to his illumined spirit, was indeed a veritable house of God, a fitting habitation for the divinity within.

   With the illumination that was now Jacob's, his union with Rachel, his ideal or the fusion of soul with spirit, was realized. No longer did the two function apart but as a unit. Hence, in mystic language, "Rachel died in Bethlehem," the house of bread or the place of Eternal Life.

   The Bible, being above all else a Book of Life, deals with death only as the end of a certain phase of existence and the beginning of another. In the lives of the principal characters whose biographies it records, it invariably refers to the sublime transition wherein consciousness outgrows the personal, and in transcending the world of time enters into a realization of the Life Everlasting.

   Jacob reached the highest stage of attainment with the birth of his two sons, Joseph and Benjamin, by his beloved Rachel. Their birth followed upon pain and struggle. Rachel "travailed" while Jacob 11 wrestled," even to the disjointing of his thigh. The way of spiritual progress is ever the way of the cross. "Wisdom is crystallized pain."

   The birth of Benjamin, the last and best beloved of Jacob's sons, could occur only after his experience at Peniel where he received the name Israel. This was followed by the death of Rachel which occurred in Bethlehem. The place is significant as a center of spiritual strength.

   For ages the Great Ones were projecting spiritual forces into this selected area in preparation for the supreme world event, the coming of Christ Jesus. The place became a hallowed oasis suitable for cradling the Holy Child. Illumined Teachers and Seers of all time have known this, and worked accordingly. It was, therefore, not by accident, but by design that Jacob chose this place wherein to consummate the final rites of the Mystic Marriage.

Joseph — The Story of Self-Conquest
Astrological Prelude

   The astrological key has been used repeatedly in the preceding pages to unlock the deeper mysteries concealed within the literal record of God's unfolding purpose in the life of man. Without it many of the mysteries of the Bible are undecipherable.

   The language of the stars was spoken in the ancient Mysteries, and neophytes were instructed therein. It entered into the ceremonials and constituted part of the work of Initiation. It is the work of New Age interpretation to rediscover the truths of the starry script and make them understandable in relation to spiritual unfoldment. These truths form a part of the initiatory wisdom of this new day even as they did in ancient times. They are due for restoration as a part of the inner temple teaching, now revitalized and illumined by the cosmic impress of the Christ.

   The basic facts of the story of Joseph are founded upon the Egyptian Mysteries. The Priests of these Schools of Illumination, being profound students of the stars, gave prominence to the astrological aspects of the allegories by means of which deeper truths were conveyed to the earnest and worthy seeker.

   Before dealing with the astrological features of the life of Joseph, there are related details in the lives of his forefathers not hitherto mentioned which, being filled in, contribute materially toward a better understanding of Joseph and of Jacob's twelvefold blessing which follows.

   Abraham, the first Initiate Teacher to the Aryan Race, comes under Saturn, the planet that presides over the beginnings of manifestation, and whose forces mold the emerging substance of Chaos into finite forms. Like Saturn, Abraham is often represented as an aged man with a scythe. In the capacity of a reaper he executes judgment. In Greek mythology the same figure is known as Kronos, a measurer of time. Like Abraham, he was of noble standing (a prince) and possessed great wealth.

   Isaac relates to Aries, the Sun, and the Spring Equinox. The Lord required that Abraham sacrifice his son Isaac on Mount Moriah but countermanded the order, requiring instead the sacrifice of a lamb. The lamb is a symbol of Aries, season of spring's new uprush of life and the Resurrection. It also pertains to the passing of the Sun by precession into Aries, under which the Christ religion of the Lamb was given to man.

   The Moon has always been associated with occult principles in nature. The Latins worshiped the satellite as the chaste goddess Diana. The attendants that always accompanied her symbolized occult powers with which she surrounds the human spirit from birth to death.

   The four phases of the Moon are microcosmic reflections of the macrocosmic cycle of the four Sacred Seasons. In the life of Jacob these are treated in relation to his four wives. Rachel is the New Moon; Leah, the Full Moon; Bilhah, the growing Moon; Zilpha, the waning Moon.

   Leah (Full Moon) was fertile, bearing Jacob six sons and a daughter. Rachel (New Moon) was for a long time barren. The spiritual power of the New Moon was not active until a later stage of unfoldment had been reached. Then it gave birth to the powers of Sagittarius (Joseph) and Cancer (Benjamin) the way of attainment and of Initiation, respectively.

   The sons of Jacob represent the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Jacob himself is the Sun. The correlations follow.

Reuben, the first born "my might and the beginning of my strength" Aquarius
Simeon and Levi are brethren Gemini
Judah he whom thy brethren shall praise. "a lion's whelp" Leo
Zebulin "Shall dwell at the haven of the sea" Pisces
Issachar "crouches down between two burdens" Taurus
Dan "shall judge his people" Scorpio
Gad "a troop shall overcome him" Aries
Asher "he shall yield royal dainties" Libra
Napthali "is a hind let loose" Capricorn
Joseph "is a fruitful bough" Sagittarius
Benjamin "at night he shall divide the spoil" Cancer
Dinah the one daughter of Jacob Virgo

   Jacob represents the summer; Esau, the winter. In their contentious relations they symbolize the play of opposites that now prevails inwardly in the life of man and outwardly in the world of nature.

   Jacob's home was with Laban, whose name means white, — the summer's fruitage, "white unto harvest," after the Sun's passage through the signs of its northern declination. Esau lived in Edom which means red and signifies the stress and struggle associated with the severities of the winter season.

   Jacob's passage over the river Jordan while journeying to meet Esau is representative of the equinoctial crossification, when winter gives way to spring. The cold of indifference and dislike gave way to the warmth of brotherly love.

   The Solstices and the Equinoxes are points for the release of spiritual forces that affect both man and nature. The four hundred men with whom Easu met his brother also refer to the four seasonal transmissions of spiritual forces to the Earth. These forces work upon the planet in a regenerative manner, even as they do in the lives of individuals. Cosmic law operates in both the personal and the universal spheres, the finite reflecting the infinite.

   Jacob bowed seven times to the ground when he met Esau. The Sun and the seven planets of the solar system, to which this Earth belongs, are all affected in varying degrees by these four sacred seasonal changes, and all aid in carrying out the work these changes involve. (Esoterically, Neptune, Pluto and other as yet undiscovered planets do not belong to our system; that is, they are not native to it but are of other origin.)

   It has been well said that Joseph presents a "picture of light and shadows." Joseph himself recognized the truth of this fact. He saw good in all things. Every incident in his life advanced him on the path of self-conquest and mastery. His adversaries became his benefactors. "As for you," said he, "ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good." These words are the keynote of a victorious disciple.

   The story of Joseph is a treatise on cosmic illumination. It forms one of the most important expositions offered in the ancient Mystery Temples of Egypt.

   The principal events in the life of Joseph are divided into three parts symbolizing the three steps leading to mastership:

   Joseph was a "lad with the sons of Bilhah; and with the sons of Zilpah." These were Dan and Napthali, sons of Bilhah ' Gad and Asher, sons of Zilpah. They were the four who formulated the conspiracy to slay Joseph. Notice has already been taken of the astrological signs governing Dan and Napthali, namely Scorpio and Capricorn, respectively. Also, that Gad comes under Aries and Asher under Libra. It was the lower attributes of these signs that plotted against Joseph. On their unregenerated side, Scorpio makes for degeneration; Capricorn for black magic; Aries for misuse of mental power; Libra for wrong decisions through lack of discrimination.

   Every sign exhibits qualities good or bad depending on the nature through which it manifests. If the lower nature is expressing itself the evil side shows forth; if the higher nature the response is the beneficent qualities. The aim of the aspirant is to express the higher side only. As an aid to this accomplishment, the Bible presents characters of cosmic import such as Joseph to serve as object lessons. Thus, when studying Joseph and other personages of similar scope, we are studying ourselves. We, too, meet similar difficulties and like temptations. We make corresponding mistakes and are given opportunities to earn the same assistance from on high as did Joseph. The processes of progress are no different; the goals attainable no less glorious.

   When Joseph was sent by his father to look for his brothers, he found them in Dothan. Dothan means a double fountain, signifying that the brothers were living in the dual consciousness of good and evil-the common state of man before he becomes regenerate.

   Reuben (Aquarius) and Judah (Leo) moved to save Joseph's life. These two brothers represent the astrological forces that will usher in a new measure of life for the race. The religion of the new Aquarian Age will be governed exoterically by Aquarius and esoterically by the sign of its polar opposite, Leo. The impulse toward brotherhood of Aquarius and the heart power of Leo will join to lift the race consciousness to a new and higher level.

   Joseph wore a coat of many colors. His soul body was as a colorful, scintillating robe. Being so well favored, and given to soaring in his aspirations beyond the bounds of earth consciousness, he incurred the ridicule and envy of his less developed and uncomprehending brothers. While the intervention of Reuben and Judah saved his life, he was the object of their scorn and of their plot to throw him into a pit in the wilderness. Later they sold him into captivity for twenty pieces of silver. This incident has its parallel in the ceremonials of the Masonic Order and in Temples of Initiation, Christian and pre-Christian, wherein the candidate for Initiation is buried and later resurrected to a new life.

   Joseph's coat was dipped in the blood of a goat. The spiritual influence (blood) of Capricorn (goat) was poured out upon the aspirant, prompting him to make those sacrifices which alone lead to purification and its resultant illumination.

   Joseph relates two dreams. In the first he and his brethren are in a field binding sheaves. His sheaf arose and stood upright. Astrologically interpreted, a sheaf is a symbol of Virgo, the Virgin. Through living its ideal of purity Joseph had attained to such an eminence that his brothers, who had not yet reached a like development, bowed before him.

   The second dream is of like import. The Sun (father), Moon (mother) and eleven stars (brothers) made obeisance to him. Astrologically, the masculine (Sun) and feminine (Moon) principles had been blended in the life of Joseph and were subject to his dominion. So, too, with other attributes (eleven stars). Numerologically, the power of the number eleven is mastership. The qualities of head and heart, reason and intuition, love and wisdom, have been brought into perfect balance.

   The nature of the dream related by Joseph indicates remembrance of soul activity while out of his body in sleep. He had arrived at the stage where consciousness was continuous, he being able to bridge the gulf of sleep without losing awareness. This is preliminary to the step in unfolding consciousness that will, in like manner, overcome death-an attainment toward which every aspirant is working. At the end of each day's labor an esoteric Christian approaches the night with the prayer: "Tonight, while my body is peacefully resting in sleep, may I be found faithfully working in the vineyard of Christ, for as spirit I need no rest."

 — Corinne Heline

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