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The Coming of the Messenger

   The most important work of the pre-Christian Mystery Schools was to prepare the world for the acceptance of the Christ at His coming. The Initiates of these schools knew that His advent on Earth meant the inauguration of a new Dispensation for humanity. The coming One was also universally recognized by the Illumined Teachers as the Solar Logos. The Sun gods of the so-called pagan Mysteries were prototypes of the Christ. The uninitiated masses, reflecting outwardly the inner knowledge of an enlightened few, paid homage in gorgeous ceremonials to the Sun in the heavens. But in the Temples of Wisdom neophytes were being taught the Mysteries of the Christ and were prepared to receive Him when He should descend and walk among them in the "appearance of a man."

   Such was the instruction imparted in the Schools of the Prophets, some of which survive in both the apochryphal and canonical records of the Old Testament Dispensation. Enoch is among those prophets whose writings have come down to us, as are Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and a number of Minor Prophets.

   The four principal characters introduced into the earler portions of Genesis are Adam, Cain, Noah and Enoch. They embody and manifest, respectively, the powers of Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Each of these four characters exhibits mastery of one of the four fundamental principles in nature.

   Earth: Adam. The name means red earth. The Lord gave him dominion over the Earth. He named the creatures thereon and thereby had them under his control. This ability in manipulating the forces of Earth was an evidence of powers acquired in the Earth Initiation.

   Fire: Cain. The Fire forces are manipulated by Cain and those of his line. The fiery passions that lead to anger, rebellion and murder, when transmuted, are the forces that make "two blades of grass grow where only one grew before." They are at the forge molding the raw materials of Earth into forms of usefulness and beauty. Hiram Abiff, the master builder, was one of the line of Cain; without him the Temple of Solomon could not have been built.

   Water: Noah. The events of Noah's life typifying mastery of Water and worthiness to undergo Initiation by that element. This is made plain by his ability to build an Ark capable of successfully riding the turbulent waters of the Flood.

   Air: Enoch. The life and works of Enoch typify man and his labors in the coming Air Age. He ascended into the higher elements. Without a break in consciousness he was translated from an earthly body to a vehicle of immortal spirit. Such will be the supreme attainment of humanity during the Aquarian Age now dawning.

 — Corinne Heline

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