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The Soul's Twelvefold Inheritance

   Man's heavenly estate (Holy Land) is a twelvefold possession. It comprises twelve attributes symbolized by the twelve sons of Jacob. Joshua, having taken the twelve steps that lead to illumination, was able to define these several aspects; he divided the Israelitic inheritance, apportioning to each tribe according to its nature and station. This eventful transaction occurred in Shiloh, the place of rest, since it could not come to pass until a complete inner composure had been realized. It was essential that all externals be fully controlled by inner powers. Joshua had acquired this ability under the powers of three which embrace the triune forces of the body, soul and spirit. Under three, the attributes of will, wisdom, activity are brought into fuller manifestation on the planes of transmutation and regeneration. It was by such enhanced powers that Joshua conquered Canaan, the lower nature, and became the instrument for transmitting the twelvefold day of the zodiacal Hierarchy of Twelve. Canaan was the Holy Land, even though it had fallen upon evil days. "The earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof," even though it be inhabited by fallen humanity. But Canaan had not always been in the possession of those who knew not the Lord (Law); the Earth was once an Eden. And as Canaan of the unenlightened was subjugated by armies of the Elect, so shall all the Earth be redeemed by "those who see God" (Israel).

   Man, being created in the image and likeness of God, was once pure and innocent, a dweller in the light. This high estate he forfeited by projecting self-will against the divine plan. He fell, but he fell only to rise again. Joshua's life outlines for all mankind steps by which a re-ascent may be made, as does that of one character after another throughout the whole Bible. The supreme Way-Shower appears in the cosmic character of Christ Jesus.

   The closing Days of the life of Joshua were devoted to disposing of the conquered lands of Canaan to the twelve tribes. The portion allotted to each represents one of twelve soul faculties that has become active in the consciousness of a victorious candidate on the path of light. The twelve cities given to the twelve tribes represent gifts of spirit to its human personality. Gad's portion is reason; Simeon's, the beginning of spiritual understanding; Reuben's, a new birth; Manasseli's, eradication; Ephraim's, accesions of new truth; Asher's, understanding; Dan's, judgment; Naphtali's overcoming; Issachar's, wisdom; Judah's, love and praise; Benjamin's, the promise in or through love; and the Levite's, at-one-ment.

   Caleb, one of the twelve spies, also partakes of the inheritance. He receives Hebron, which means association, unity. The unity he attained, specifically with the tribe Of Judah by adoption, points to the power of love to overcome natural barriers and establish oneness of spirit. Caleb won this special recognition by virtue of the faith and courage he displayed in advancing with Joshua into Canaan, and also in driving out the sons of Anak, the giant of evil.

   These words of Caleb are singularly beautiful; they are typical of a devout disciple who proves himself worthy to receive an "inheritance upon the mountain," namely, the ability to ascend to higher levels of consciousness.

Astrological Correlations

   The apportioning of the land areas of Canaan among the twelve tribes is recorded with something of modern deed-like detail in chapters xiii-xxi inclusive. It is not without interest as history and geography, but here, as always, it is beneath the physical facts that we must look for the living content, and for the light that is shed on the way of the soul.

   Using the astrological key, the areas specified will reveal the several qualities characterizing the tribes that inherit them, and their corresponding attributes in the twelvefold aspect of human consciousness.

   Reuben's inheritance was all the plain by Medeba (quiet waters), including Heshbon (intelligence) and all its cities to Zereth-shahar (brightness of the morning). The correlation here is to Aquarius, an airy, intellectual sign, and points to the dawning Aquarian Age when an illumined and constructively creative mind will be the common possession of all.

   Gad's inheritance was the coast of Jazar (he helps), and all the cities of Gilead (hard and rough) from Heshbon (intelligence) unto Betharam (house of the heights). This division symbolizes the fiery sign Aries, and refers to the lifting of the spinal spirit fire to the head (Aries), there to awaken organs of perception that give insight into spiritual worlds.

   The inheritance of half the tribe of Manasseh was half of Gilead (hard), the cities of the Kingdom of Og (gigantic), and all the cities of Jair (he enlightens). This territory depicts the divided powers of Sagittarius, the higher mind. The mind is the path; it links the spirit to its projected instrument, the body. If it is aligned with the spirit, it controls the body; if it is aligned with the body, it is controlled by its appetites and inclinations. The supreme task of the occultist is to spiritualize the mind so that the will of spirit may be done in the body.

   Ephraim's territory was bounded on the east by Ataroth-Addar (place of glory) unto Beth-horon the upper (place of caves). Ephraim, like his brother Manasseh, relates to the higher mind, but he also correlates to Virgo, the exaltation sign of Mercury, the wisdom principle. The two sons of Joseph exhibit two aspects, namely, the masculine and feminine polarities of the sign Sagittarius. These two aspects are referred to in the passage: "So the daughters of Manasseh had an inheritance with his sons."

   In the mind is to be found both the place of caves and the place of glory. When the third ventricle (cave) in the brain becomes illumined with the risen fire that awakens the pineal and pituitary glands, it becomes a veritable place of glory.

   We also read that Tappuah belonged to Manasseh, but that Tappuah on the boarder of Manasseh belonged to the children of Ephraim (Joshua 17:8). Tappuah means apple and is derived from an old Egyptain word signifying evil. The association of evil with the apple is not strange; it finds expression in Latin also, where malum is the word for both apple and evil.

   The evil signified in the name Tappuah is the mind. It is spoken of in occultism as the "slayer of the real." It is not that the mind is evil in itself, but that it serves the ends of evil and darkness if it be not open to light from above. When illumined or Christed, the land of Tappuah (apple) is not an evil place but the home of what the Zohar speaks of as holy apple trees. Joshua refers to this same fact when he says: "The Canaanites dwell among the Ephraimites unto this day, and serve under tribute."

   We read that ten portions were given to Manasseh. The highest meaning of ten is the harmonious blending of the masculine and feminine principles in man. The ten portions were beside Bashan (fertile) and Gilead (rugged), and became Manasseh's inheritance as the first born, a position symbolizing power and preeminence.

   After the inheritance had been allotted to five of the tribes, there remained "seven tribes, which had not yet received their inheritance." There is a clearly defined line of demarcation between five and seven in thc cosmic pattern of twelve, which may be found throughout the universe. The creative scheme was designed upon the archetypal plan of Seven Creative Days with Five Cosmic Nights between. The musical scale is builded upon seven whole tones and five semi-tones. Physiologically, the body of man has twelve orifices five open, and seven partially or wholly closed. In terms of faculties, five senses are developed while seven more remain to be unfolded. In the great majority these seven have "not yet received their inheritance." The division proceeded: Judah was assigned to the south, Joseph to the north, and Benjamin between the two (Joshua 18:5,11). Benjamin between correlates to the mystic, feminine sign Cancer, which opens the door to cosmic illumination. It lies between the heart (Judah, Leo) and the mind (Joseph, Sagittarius). An Initiate of the New Age will be so situated, having established a perfect balance between the polarities of heart and head as exemplified by Joshua, the spiritual pioneer, when causing the Sun and the Moon to "stand still."

 — Corinne Heline

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