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Redemption of the Lucifers

   The period of the World War also marked an epoch-making stage in the evolution of the Lucifer spirits. The disintegrating effect of their influence on humanity then reached its maximum. Both the Lucifers and mankind are becoming more amenable to purification by the white light of the Christ. There is a repentance, and a salvation for the Lucifers as there is for man. Both are in bondage and both are being assisted toward liberation by the life-giving power of the Christ.

   The Lucifers have commenced to retrace their steps; they are moving toward the heaven they lost. Not all. It is with them even as it is with humanity. Some have awakened, repented and enlisted under the banner of the Lord Christ, serving with Him in the redemption of the whole.

   The radiance and soul beauty of the Lucifers who have accepted Christ as their leader is of unutterable glory. Their red-gold aura, which sets them apart from the Angels whose radiation is white-gold, will be subjected to a cleansing from fiery desires by an infusion of the sublimating power of the Christ. Their transmuted force will then form the Ruby, a gem of no less brilliance than the diamond. The true light of the spirit will be reflected as brightly from one as from the other.

   Redeemed Lucifers become co-workers with the Christ in emancipating both their brothers and mankind from the results of the Fall. Reformed Lucifers are exerting a powerful influence for good upon their unregenerate brothers and the human race they once led astray. Having no physical bodies to modify the intensity of their desire nature, they are capable of exercising a much greater influence over this aspect of man's expression, whether it be for good or ill, than is man himself. They can act upon man directly, swiftly and effectively.

   Light bringers they were when they first contacted man and induced him to eat of the Tree of Knowledge. Light bringers they are today as they bring to man yet more of the fruit of that Tree. The knowledge they gave infant humanity was premature. Mankind was unable to use it wisely. It became a dangerous thing and worked man's undoing. Now the repentant Lucifers labor to correct previous wrongs by a service to man: teaching him to transmute passion into compassion and thus reversing the process of death into the way of life.

   The Four Recording Angels (Taurus-Scorpio and Leo-Aquarius), as Lords and arbiters of Earth's destiny, are working as closely with the Lucifers as they are with man in their effort to restore both to the high estate which was theirs before the Fall. Scorpio and Leo unite to aid the process of transmutation. Taurus assists in retrieving past mistakes and liquidating debts incurred under the law of consequence. Aquarius strengthens the forces of compassion under which the impulses of desire are transformed into soul powers.

   The planets of our solar system are united by a principle or vibratory degree of universal substance sometimes spoken of as the Intuitional Plane of Being, or the World of Christ Consciousness. Any of the planets can be contacted directly by those who develop this principle in their nature sufficiently to use it as a vehicle of consciousness. When this ability is attained, the first planet contacted is Mars. This is because the Earth and Mars, unlike any of the other planets, are already closely connected by the medium of the Astral World. The rhythms of the desire currents that beat upon the one pulsate through the other. Black magicians, highly charged with selfish purposes, are able to propel themselves on these currents and visit the red planet (Mars) at will. White magicians contact this same planet, and any other, over highways created in the higher medium with which the Christ floods the entire solar system.

   In the divine plan there is always a measure of protection to save humanity and all evolving life from destruction as a result of their own ignorance. To this end, "God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform." Communication between the inhabitants of Earth and Mars waits upon the redemption of some part of the Lucifer spirits. Were the way opened earlier, it would admit an inflow of desire forces of such power that their unscrupulous use by selfish persons would result in a "crash of matter and a wreck of worlds."

   While such a catastrophe has been averted, free communication between the two planets will not be without the possibilities of other dangers. Sinister forces of this plane will enter into the new conditions, but not in sufficient strength to overcome the powers of those who have ranged themselves on the side of the Christ, which includes Beings among the Lucifers and the humanities of both Mars and Earth.

   Since the Lucifer ranks have suffered the disaffection of those who choose to win their way back to the higher station they once occupied, the remaining "rebels" have become more determined than ever to win their desired ends according to their self-elected ways. They are, therefore, united in making a terrific onslaught on the desire areas of man's nature. In the lives of individuals this manifests in unbridled licentiousness; in the life of nations it manifests in a sense of exaggerated nationalism and vaulting ambitions that blind its victims to the rightful claims of others. In the psychic atmosphere it sets up vortices of force which precipitate on the physical plane as natural disasters. The greater the self-centeredness of an individual, a nation, or a race, the stronger magnet does the same become for the forces of destruction. Contrariwise, the more selfless and altruistic an individual or a people become, the more does such enter into the protective aura of the golden radiations of the Lord of Love and the Prince of Peace.

   Once the Lucifers range themselves on the side of the Christ and cooperate with Him in His redemptive work, their vibrant magnetic powers will be turned into channels of healing. The red-golden glow of their auras will be charged with the restorative balm of the spirit. All life on Earth will be blessed by their beneficent ministrations. This healing service to humanity will be of such importance and magnitude that it will advance the Lucifers on their return journey toward the high station in the angelic kingdom they are destined to again occupy.

   The healing radiations of the Lucifers will manifest under the soothing green ray-green being the complementary color of red. Already, the green is distinctly perceptible in the auras of these semi-celestial Beings who have again turned their faces toward the Light.

   Mystic Grail legends give additional information on this subject. They declare that the Holy Cup was fashioned out of the large brilliant emerald which formed the single jewel in Lucifer's crown before it fell to Earth when struck by the sword of Michael at the time of the War in Heaven. It was the light of this celestial jewel gleaming from Lucifer's forehead that earned for him the title of "the bright and morning star." Lucifer and his shining hosts will regain the mystic emerald so long lost through the transformation of their wondrous powers into a reservoir of healing, with ability to help and bless all struggling, suffering creatures on Earth.

   Early legends also state that the thrones left vacant by the fallen Angels were reserved for human Souls, but that this design was frustrated by the Lucifers.

 — Corinne Heline

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