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Urim and Thummim

   The Urim and Thummim have been the subject of much speculation oil the part of theological interpreters, but beyond the fact that they were a means by which the high priest learned the divine will, it is generally agreed that it is not known just what they were. The words in Hebrew are translated as "clearness and justice" and as meaning lights and perfections.

   It is because human consciousness is neither spiritually clear nor fully identified with divine justice that it is so completely at a loss to understand the true nature of the two magic jewels in the pocket of the Breastplate, or to give an explanation of the forces focused upon them by means of which the high priest Could receive and transmit to the people the directions of Divine Law.

   Like all the jewels in the Breastplate, the Urim and the Thummim were suitable depositories for certain magnetic forces relating to celestial Hierarchies in the cosmos and to corresponding centers and attributes in the body of man, they were negative receivers of positive forces and Could be drawn upon by those who had the wisdom to (to so for use in alchemical processes accompanying certain spiritual exercises. Illumined leaders of that day possessed that ability, it was knowledge belonging to the Initiated. But since Initiation ceased long ago to be recognized by leaders Of popular Christianity as a state presently attainable, it cannot be expected that any authentic information about the magical nature of the Urim and the Thummim would be forthcoming from that Source. For information it is necessary to turn to teachings that come from Mystery Schools which possess it and disseminate it in this day as they did in ages past.

   The two jewels in the pocket of the Breastplate have a significance similar to the two stones oil the shoulder pieces of the ephod. They focus the positive and negative forces of spirit; they correlate to the Fire and Water principles; they are attuned to the head and heart centers respectively in the body of mail.

   Every high priest had awakened these two centers so they had become the light (Urim) and the perfection (Thummim) of his body. This so, he could use the jewels as an aid in directing his inner vision to spiritual worlds and there learn from Celestial Beings their will for his people. Also, he could discover in the Memory of Nature what destiny was outlined for an individual or a race under any given circumstance or at any time. The Urim and Thummim were not without virtue; they were aglow with what Boehme speaks of as the "tincture" of spirit. But unless the wearer had developed the spiritual centers in the head and heart until they, too, were aglow with the same spiritual "tincture," the jewels would be devoid of magical properties as any two pebbles picked from a roadside. In fact, all stones are precious had man power to tap their virtues, though in the mineral kingdom as in the others, all specimens are not of equal excellence.

   The Urim and the Thummim were not used after the Exile; the light and perfection of the leaders of early Israel, such as those of Moses and Aaron, had departed.

   Assyrian priests used stones corresponding to the Urim and the Thummim; they were called the Tablets of Destiny. In Egypt similar jewels, bearing the images of Osiris and Isis, were termed Sacred Tablets. Wherever used their significance was the same. They signified the blending of masculine and feminine powers, wedded forces of Sun and Moon.

The Mitre

   The mitre was a kind of a turban or crown worn by the high priest. Its chief feature was the gold plate on the front bearing the inscription, "Holiness to the Lord." This symbolized the Ego, the I AM within, whose seat is in the head, and in its "forefront." The gold plate was placed on blue lace, the two colors corresponding to predominant hues in the radiations of a spiritualized mind. The lace indicates the care and exactness wherewith threads of thought have been spun to create something of true and lasting beauty.

   The inscription on the gold plate may be transcribed in the phrase, Holiness to the Sacred Law of Four. The name Lord is composed of four letters: J H VH, its Hebrew equivalent. In many other languages the deities worshiped are designated by four-letter words. Examples include Isis in Egypt, Nebo in Babylon, Deus and Jove in Rome, Zeus in Greece, Atma in India, Odin in Norse mythology, Dieu in French and Gott in German.

Consecration of Priests

   There are not wanting those who dismiss the above mandate of Jehovah as useless, wasteful, barbarous and Superstitious. To be sure religion, like mail, evolves. Practices prescribed for primitive aspirants are replaced by others of a more refined character as civilization advances, and as the intellectual capacities and spiritual understanding, of a people develop. But qualities to be evolved and the ultimate attainments are ever the same. Moreover, the truth underlying all true teachings — whether they be couched in terms to meet the requirements of a race in its childhood or in its Maturity is the same. We have outgrown animal sacrifices but not the need for placing oil an altar of burnt offering bestial elements in our nature, which was the ideal symbolized by the slaying of sacrificial rams and bullocks.

   The sacrificial blood was sprinkled on the altar as a sign that he who came to minister before it had given his personal life utterly in the service of the Lord (Law). It was no longer his will, but God's.

   In the consecration service a priest was touched on ear, thumb and toe with the blood of the ram. The application of blood in the consecration ceremonial pointed to the realization of power which, as yet, only a few highly developed mortals have attained. It refers to control of the blood's circulation. When this control has been attained the blood stream can be so regulated at will that its ever-giving life forces can be directed to such centers in the body and areas in the brain as the Ego chooses to cultivate and strengthen. Similarly, the blood can be withheld from centers of activity it desires to diminish in strength or reduce entirely. Already physiological signs of such control are in evidence: the heart is now in the process of becoming a voluntary muscle, as the presence of cross-stripes in that organ testify.

The Chosen Builders

   Among the many who were called to build the Tabernacle, those chosen were of the tribes of Judah and Dan. Astrologically, as we have learned, these tribes belong to Leo and Scorpio, respectively. When the heart is alight with the fire of Leo, the spirit of God becomes manifest as wisdom, understanding and the ability to perform all manner of workmanship. Also, when a man's life has been regenerated under the forces of Scorpio, he becomes wise-hearted and able to perform the Lord's commands. Love (Bazaleel; Judah; Fire) and transmutation (Alioliab; Dan; Water) are the two primary forces (master workmen) that build the soul body (Tabernacle) in which the immortal spirit (Jehovah) comes to dwell with its projected personality (congregation).

 — Corinne Heline

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