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The Lucifer Spirits

   The desire currents of the planet Mars, home of the exiled Lucifers, intermingle with like-natured currents of the Earth planes in a way unique to these two planetary bodies. Because of this interpenetration of desire auras, Luciferian influences, operating through this medium, enter into the atmosphere of the Earth and act upon the life of our planet, particularly its emotional expression.

   It is to be remembered that, though fallen, the Lucifers are angels. Those who have eyes to see declare that they have the radiant beauty ascribed to Gods. They move in a vibrant scintillating light that sparkles with electric energy. The attitude of these fiery Beings is daring and challenging and their keynote is mental and emotional intensity and extreme activity. By these means their consciousness is quickened and their progress is furthered.

   Therefore they foster every thing that generates conditions favorable to these expressions. They inspire those who come under their influence with an indescribable longing to be free from every kind of limitation and bondage, to plumb unknown depths and to explore strange, boundless and undiscovered heights. The life they radiate is alluring, and with unbelievable subtlety they transmit their spirit of abandon to all whom they contact. The result is that those affected experience a restlessness that often leads to unreasoned recklessness. Fiery fearless natures naturally incline toward the Lucifers, and if this contact be close and continuous, the impulse to do and dare becomes so intense it is irresistible. It may lead to a willingness to sacrifice everything, even life itself, in the pursuit of something beyond definition or understanding.

   It is not the intent of the Lucifer Spirits to inflame the thoughts and passions of man to his destruction. They merely desire to create more advantageous conditions for the expression of their own highly geared activity. Where there is wisdom and strength to direct the intense Luciferian energies to constructive ends, they make for keener response, quickened creativeness, and an augmented awareness.

   Were man able to direct such intensified force to constructive uses, the Lucifers would be beneficent light-bringers only. But because of man's failure to do this, Luciferian, influence caused his Fall and is still predominantly evil in its effects upon him. Spiritual scientists, knowing these facts, do not make man's weakness an excuse for maligning a class of spirits who, while below the Angels, are yet far in advance of humanity. They are children of a loving Father no less than wayward humanity, and the Christ is giving His life for the redemption of both.

   In the modern world the Lucifer influence manifests strongly as a spirit of rebellion and independence. It tends to override moral restraint. It stirs up quarrels and wars. It gravitates to experiences that give thrills and excitement. The speed mania is one of its manifestations. In the arts it stimulates the spirit of freedom, even to the point of abandon, as in free verse, jazz and modernistic art.

   After man had been exiled to the plane of materiality, Angels and Archangels, working under the direction of the Christ, began to flood the Earth with spiritual forces designed to counteract the limiting influences under which he had fallen. Had the Lucifers remained with the Angels this work would have been somewhat obstructed. But as it was, and still is, the Lucifers could influence man chiefly by instigating him to hasty and disruptive action, thereby creating a veil that would prevent him from receiving unimpeded the inflow of beneficent forces from higher levels.

   The psychic atmosphere of the Earth is heavily charged with negative and destructive thoughts generated by humanity during ages past. Collectively, these form what may be best described as an elemental entity. Through this entity the Lucifers operate in inciting humanity to heated controversies and impassioned conflicts. An important part of man's work, and also of the higher Beings assisting him, is to dissipate this entity by generating forces of a positive character. Every thought sent out into the atmosphere that carries qualities of peace, harmony and good will aid in the performance of this task. Before such massed constructive thought negative entitites retreat; they dissolve as a mist before the light of the Sun.

   Ir the light of this knowledge man may the more wisely direct his own course. Knowledge is power. Knowing the nature of the predominant forces continually playing in and upon him, he can consciously and purposefully utilize them to his advantage. The Luciferian forces are subject to his control and may be transmuted into powers that will add to his spiritual light. His ability to do this comes largely from the assistance rendered by the Christ and His accompanying Hosts. By attuning himself with Christ's redemptive power man becomes master of himself. Then can the Lord God say that man is not only potentially, but actually, as "one of us."

   There is an aspect in which the red, martial Mars and the fiery hosts of Lucifer form the Dweller on the Threshold of Earth. The influence they exert upon man's lower desire nature must be overcome and transmuted before the Earth and its humanity can pass on to spiritual freedom. To assist man in the accomplishment of this task is one mission of the Christ. The Archangels have already effected this transmutation and are, therefore, qualified to lead the way for beings who have not so attained.

   As previously stated, the chief of the Archangels is the Christ. He is the Redeemer of Mars no less than of Earth. His mission extends to the whole of the solar system which, being a unit, suffered in its entirety as a result of the Fall of man.

   It was because the Archangels had completely mastered the problem of polarity that the chief one amongst them, the Christ, was qualified to assume the role of Redeemer for the fallen members of both the angelic and the human kingdoms. To no one of lesser estate would the stupendous task have been possible. In the light of these facts we can re-read John's words with renewed reverence as he informs us that "God...gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should have everlasting life." He came as the way, the truth and the life, revealing to man the means and the method by which he could save himself.

   Just as Wise Ones of Earth worked for ages to prepare the world for the coming of Christ, so the Christ labored for aeons with the planetary system in preparation for the redemptive work He later undertook with each and all of the planets contained therein. Not only does He work with the planets from the Solar Center of which He is the presiding Logos, but also in a more direct and immediate manner by entering into the life of one planet after another, infusing into each the very spirit of His being and keying them to His rhythms according to their capacity to respond and receive. Furthermore, the Christ had long worked upon the task of unifying the powers and harmonizing the rhythms of the several planets, so that each may sound forth, ever more accurately and strongly, the note He has set for it individually, and all together for the solar system as a whole.

   Inhabitants of Earth and Mars have crystallized conditions under which they live more than have life waves on any of the other planets; hence, the redemptive work is more difficult and urgent on these two desire-linked spheres than elsewhere in our solar system. Had the tendency to crystallization continued without any counteracting measures, the limitation of matter would have reached a stage where the evolution of life could have proceeded no further. Earth-humanity would then have been unable to continue on its appointed course or to reach its destined goal in this Day of Manifestation. This is also true of the Martians. Cosmically, such was the situation which the Christ volunteered to correct. He is literally giving His life to its accomplishment.

   From what has been said, it is clear that His redemptive work is a present and continuing activity. It is by the continued outpouring of His life force in a special measure on the planets Earth and Mars, and their humanities, that the hardening influences of the lower desire nature are offset, and the density of matter is worked upon in such a way as to loosen its hold on the life manifesting in and through it.

   Radiations of the golden life force of the Cosmic Christ flow out upon the Earth in rhythmic action, reaching flood-tide each year at the time of the Winter Solstice. Humanity recognizes the warmth and glow of this Spirit of Love, and celebrates it as the birth time of Christ. So it is, for annually the Christ is then born in power to the whole planet, and humanity is touched by the invisible presence of the loving, sacrificing Being who gives Himself that all who tune in with His uplifting and liberating force may be freed from the prison house of sense, the binding limitation of matter, and arise into a newfound freedom of spirit and life eternal. Salvation by Christ does not relieve man from meeting the consequences of his own mistaken actions, but it offers him an opportunity to rectify past errors and to create for himself conditions whereby he may go forward and realize his destiny. The Lord of Love does not annul the law; He fulfills it.

   Humanity's descent into spiritual darkness reached its greatest depth in the days when the Roman civilization dominated Europe. Direct contact with the light of the Solar Logos was lost even to most of the Mystery Schools. In that hour of crucial planetary need the Christ undertook to work with the Earth and its humanity from within the bodies of both, instead of working from outside as He had done for ages past. This He did by incarnating in the Master Jesus and becoming Regent of the Earth.

   Since the coming of Christ, the etherealizing of earthly conditions, the sensitizing of man's vehicles and the purification of the psychic atmosphere in which we live, have advanced sufficiently to make it easier for humanity to contact spiritual reality than it was immediately before the advent of Christ two thousand years ago. It becomes easier with His return each year because the processes are speeded up at this time of cyclic change. The period of the World War disintegrated forms that had become too rigid and cramping for further service. It was a time when the life of the planet disengaged itself from prisons of matter, in which it will never again be confined. When the Christ stated that He came to bring a sword, it is reasonable to assume that He had in mind the destruction of such limitation and bondage.

 — Corinne Heline

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