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The Deaf and Dumb Demoniac
Matthew 9:32-33

   In the case of the deaf and dumb demoniac the possessing demon controlled the man's organs of speech and hearing, depriving him of their use. As soon as the evil spell was broken, the man could speak and was his normal self again. Hence the people who heard of these healings began to call Jesus both the "Son of Daniel" and the "Son of God."

   The curing of obsession or casting out of devils will again, as in the time of Christ, become one of the chief ministries of healing in the New Age. Obsession is seldom healed at the present time because it is so little understood, usually being classed erroneously with insanity and various nervous disorders. To deal successfully with this form of disease, the healer must be one possessing the highest state of spiritualized consciousness. Many persons confined today in insane asylums are pitiful examples of obsession. Generally this terrible malady is the fruit of past causation and often the direct result of the practice of hypnotism. There is no sin bearing a heavier causation than that of depriving an ego, even momentarily, of its free will, its most priceless heritage.

The Demoniac of Gerasa; Their Name is Legion
Matthew 8:28-32; Mark 5:1-16; Luke 8:26-39

   "Their name is Legion." This healing is of special interest since it is described in Matthew, Mark and Luke, with slight variations in accordance with the phase of development each writer desires to emphasize. Paul admonishes neophytes to pray without ceasing, and again, to put on the whole armor of God or in other words, to keep oneself enveloped in an aura of prayer. This is most necessary for the aspirant when he first begins investigations upon the inner planes. He then finds himself confronted by much more subtle tests than those which confront him in the outer physical world, where evil impacts are somewhat deadened by dense matter. On the inner planes there is no such protective barrier. The legion of negative thoughts, words and deeds constantly being generated and set into motion on earth find embodiment on the lowest plane of the Desire World. Some of there are ensouled by elementals while others are fortified and used as magnetic channels of approach by earthbound spirits who are yet enmeshed in the evil of their recent earth lives.

   Often these entities succeed in obsessing one who does not know how to command and control them. The aid of a Teacher is then necessary as in this biblical instance. "Come out of the man, thou unclean spirit," commanded the Christ. Evil spirits cannot harm one who is fearless and loving or who understands how to use the Name of Christ Jesus, that sacred Name which is a talisman on both the inner and outer planes.

   As soon as the Master had the name of the obsessing discarnate, it was completely under His power, and had no choice but to obey Him. This was a more difficult case than the ones previously discussed, and the great Teacher was also instructing His disciples in the secret power concealed in names (vibration) and how this power may be used for healing and upliftment.

   The man at Gerasa (or Gadera) was controlled alternately by many demons, all exhibiting the most ferocious and destructive characteristics. The poor victim in his agony and despair had cut himself with stones and had slashed and lacerated his body. The transformation was instantaneous and complete: From a wild, demented beast whom all feared and shunned, he changed into a normal human being, and sat down like a child at the feet of Jesus. When the Master returned to the boat, he followed, asking only that he might remain near the wonderful Presence. Recognizing his utter dedication, the Master appointed him as His apostle and witness among the peoples of that area; and in obedience to the Master's wishes, he testified in Gadera and all the other cities of Decapolis the wonderful things that he knew of Christ Jesus and His works.

   Swine in ancient Egyptian symbolism were identified with Mars, the lower or passional nature of man. The presence of the herd of swine in this case is perhaps more reminiscent of a healing ritual for obsession in ancient Babylon, in which an image of an animal, usually a pig, was placed beside the patient before the healer began his exorcisms; these included the command that the demon enter into the image, which was later destroyed. The great Lord of Life and Love would not condemn innocent animals to death. What He did was to return the evil spirits to their own element, symbolized in the herd of swine. He came not to destroy evil, but to teach man how to transmute it, to lift it up into a greater power for good, so that the greatest sinner may become indeed the greatest saint.

   The casting out of the legion of demons occurred shortly after the Master had proved His high Initiate powers in stilling the waters and changing the storm.

The Healing of the Demoniac at the Foot of Mount Hermon
Matthew 17:14-21; Mark 9:14-29; Luke 9:37-42

   Immediately after the glory of the Rite of Transfiguration (which was witnessed only by the most advanced of the Disciples, Peter, James and John) occurred the most difficult of all the healings of obsession, and one which the Disciples themselves were unable to achieve.

   Although the Disciples had already exorcised many evil spirits successfully, they found themselves powerless before this one. "Ofttimes it hath cast him into the fire and into the waters to destroy him." Here is the mystic key. This boy had in former lives been a follower of the Mysteries, working in the Temples with both the elements of fire and water. He had doubtless misused his powers and turned to black magic, hence in this life, "from a child," he had been under the control of powerful evil forces emanating from the center of the Black Brotherhoods. For this reason the Disciples, despite their high attainment, could not loosen this hold. Only a Master superior to the black arts could accomplish it.

   "Why could we not cast him out?" the Disciples asked Him when they were come. "This kind can come forth by nothing but by prayer and fasting." In other words, it is only by the most complete life dedication through purity that the tenacious grip of the black magician can be broken.

   This case has generally been taken to be one of epilepsy. It is significant in this instance to note that Aretacus in his treatise on chronic diseases states that epilepsy is considered a disgraceful disease, for it is thought to be inflicted upon persons who have sinned against the moon. Galen in his book, Critical Days, asserts that the moon governs the period of epileptic seizures. (Miracles and the New Psychology, Micklen)

The Man Healed of Palsy
Matthew 9:2-7

   Throughout the pages of the Bible the teaching is explicit that sin or wrongdoing is the direct causation of disease. According to Leviticus leprosy was the result of slander. Miriam was once stricken with leprosy following words of evil spoken against Moses during the years in the wilderness.

   Among the early Christians it was believed that "Diseases come from seven sins: for slander, shedding blood, false oaths, unchastity, arrogance, robbery and envy." Christ Jesus emphasized the same truth often in His talks with the Twelve, as in the question He put to them after He had healed the paralytic by saying: "Have courage, my son, your sins have been forgiven. Arise, take up your bed and go to your home." He asked: "Is it easier to say thy sins be forgiven thee, or to say arise and walk?"

   Permanent healing comes only at the end of a cycle of causation of which the illness is the concluding portion. Christ Jesus could easily, by His own cosmic powers, have instantaneously healed anyone of any disease whatsoever. However, if the sufferer had not learned the soul lesson involved, his infirmity would sooner or later have reappeared. it is only when the seed atom in the heart, which bears a record of the misdirected efforts(sin), has been cleansed by repentance, reform, and restitution that the Christ will say, "Arise, you are free." the Master can command, "Arise and walk," but only man himself can make it possible for Him to declare, "Thy sins are forgiven thee."

   Paralysis, as all spiritual healers know, is the result of some form of fear. A deep and profound fear centered in the conscious mind, perhaps for many lives, impedes and slows down the life functions, until ultimately the physical body becomes inert and unresponsive to the communications of the Ego: it has become paralyzed.

   It was immediately after this inspiring healing that there came the calling of Mathew, who, no doubt exalted by this sublime manifestation of the great Teacher's healing power, willingly renounced all things belonging to his former personal life and gladly followed Him. Later events in his life of glorious apostleship give evidence of how complete and unalterable his dedication was.

 — Corinne Heline

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