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The Twelve Solar Labors
The Libran Labor

   Libra is the sign of the scales and is generally represented pictorially by the Balance. Homer thus describes it:

   With the Sun's entry into Libra comes the Autunm Equinox, one of the two points where day and night are "balanced," or of equal length. In Mayan star lore, Libra is identified with the temple in which dwelt the Priest of justice. In a Peruvian asterism which plainly dates back to Atlantis, the Sun's entry into Libra was depicted as the "Sacred or Divided Ruler" and the initiatory ceremonial observed at the Autumnal Equinox was concerned in part with bathing at the juncture where the two streams unite.

   Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, but it is also the exaltation sign of the disciplinary Saturn. If man will not govern himself by the precepts of Love, he falls under the whiplash of the Law, administered by Saturn, until through sorrow and suffering the necessary lessons are learned. Like Samson he is bound with fetters of brass and, blinded, he condemns himself to slave in the prison house of limitations; or, in other words, he becomes subject to poverty, disease, old age and death.

   Mankind is free to choose which of the two paths he will follow, Venus (Love) or Saturn (Law). Thus far he has elected to take the severer way under Saturn. Libra stands at the crossroads, pointing on one side toward Scorpio, the way of the flesh, and on the other side toward Virgo, the heights of Spirit. In the earliest Zodiacs, Scorpio and Virgo were united, symbolical of man's condition before the Fall. It is man's divided allegiance between the higher and lower natures which is represented in their separation, with Libra, the Balance, the Trial Gate, placed between the two.

   The Ritual of the Balance in the Egyptian Book of the Dead avers that the seven mortal sins lie in wait at the balance gate of trial. The neophyte must also present seven cakes which he has prepared, four as an offering for the body and three an oblation for Spirit. Seven is the number of Libra and the number related to trial and balance (four representing matter and three Spirit). Seven is the most important biblical number and also the most important number operative throughout the world today.

   The Autumn Equinox (Sun in Libra) is the true Lenten time of the soul. It is the time of recapitulation and re-dedication, preparatory to the Rite of the New Birth on Holy Night.

The Scorpio Labor

   To one who recognizes that the Bible is written in cyphers it is evident that the chief significance of these verses must be looked for in the meanings of the names used. As an eminent mystic scholar has declared, every name in the Bible bears reference to some state of man's progression and every place mentioned is here and now.

   The word Kirjath-jearim means "two camps." The tribe of Dan is assigned to Scorpio and Judah to Leo. These "two camps" represent on the one hand an unregenerate humanity seeking to find the path of regeneration and on the other a humanity lifted up and transformed into kingly mastership. The number appointed were six hundred, a higher power of six, which is the vibratory key of a new life. To effect this transformation is the ultimate purpose of human evolution. The Labors ' required for its accomplishment constitute the theme of both the Samson and the Hercules legends.

   The story of Samson is concerned largely with the conflict between Zorah and Eshtaol. Zorah is a "city of hornets" (Scorpio) and Eshtaol a "city of love" (Leo). All humanity, typified by Samson, is moving between the high and the low, or between Zorah and Eshtaol.

   Scorpio has two emblems and two keywords. The two emblems are the scorpion crawling upon the ground, and the eagle soaring in the heavens. The lower phase of Scorpio is expressed as the scorpion having "the sting of death in its tail." The eagle, like the Phoenix, symbolizes immortality. The two keywords of Scorpio are Degeneration and Regeneration, as symbolized by the scorpion and the eagle, respectively.

   From the days of earliest civilization, the serpent has typified both spirit and matter, soul-life and sex. Unlike the scorpion, the serpent had a spiritual meaning for the Illumined; it referred to the "Gnosis," or Serpent Wisdom — which was understood and taught by the mystics of the early Church. It is only during late centuries, as materialism has dulled the inner sensibilities, that the spiritual significance of these symbols has been virtually lost, with the result that literalism in Bible interpretation has led to absurdities which have prejudiced its reading and study by many earnest and sincere seekers for the true Light. Ordinarily, no distinction is made between the Serpent of Wisdom and the scorpion of death and darkness.

   Lord Buddha, the Light of Asia, when depicted as the conqueror of all desires, is seated upon a huge, coiled cobra. Of like meaning is the uplifted serpent-rod of Moses, indicative of the new impulses of life and power which the great Aryan Initiate had demonstrated by self-mastery.

   The Hindu Deity, Siva, both the giver and destroyer of life, is adorned with a serpent crown and necklace, two symbols pointing to the processes of transmutation in the throat and head centers, a development which occurs more particularly under the influence of Uranus exalted in Scorpio.

   In the Apostolic Zodiac, it is John, the best beloved of the supreme Master Christ Jesus and the one who partook most freely of the mystic waters of eternal life, who exemplifies the heights which may be attained by the Scorpio nature when working under its eagle aspect. As the eagle flies nearer the Sun than any other bird, so may the Scorpio-illumined soul rise to the loftiest pinnacles of spiritual attainment, as did St. John.

   To follow the events portrayed in the life of Samson, the "little Sun-man," and outlined in the starry scroll above, is to trace the ultimate and glorious destiny of all mankind.

   Samson at last passes into the land of Manoah, the place of peace and rest, owned by the tribe of Dan (Scorpio), as he learns to live in the regenerative consciousness which characterizes Scorpio at its highest. Like Samson, by means of pain, sacrifice, renunciation and death, the entire human race is being chastened and prepared to become that "glorious remnant" so often referred to in the Bible, namely, the beginning of the new race that shall fulfill the promise: "He that overcometh shall inherit all things." (Rev. 21:7)

 — Corinne Heline

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