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The Twelve Solar Labors
The Gemini Labor

   Gemini is the sign of duality, separateness and division. Gemini was anciently represented by two columns, one white and the other black, representing the high and low, respectively. Duality must always mean alternation wherein the pendulum of life's experiences swings from life to death, from hope to fear, from plenty to poverty, from health to disease-opposites expressed in the all-embracing terms, good and evil.

   The constellation Gemini is represented mythologically by the two brothers, Castor and Pollux, who are alternately human and divine, which well describes the variability of Gemini, the airy, intuitional sign ruled by the volatile Mercury with wings upon his feet.

   The most sacred and secret knowledge of the Bible is connected with the Tree of Life, In Samson's Gemini Labor is revealed the process by which divine polarity, the original state of man, was changed into the duality which marks his present condition, and his ultimate release from it.

   Under the Law of Duality the race experiences inequality between the masculine and feminine polarities, and hence between man and woman. It was this inequality that lost to the race its spiritual consciousness and which has been attended by the ills of alternation as previously described.

   The New Aquarian Age will bring about a restoration of equality, which in turn will be followed by a cessation of the rhythms of alternation and a centering within in totality of being and universal good. It is then that a new heaven-like Earth will appear with the Tree of Life in its midst — a transformation in consciousness very beautifully described in the biblical version of the Twelve Labors of Samson.

   These two new cords are the soul attributes of love (woman) and wisdom (man). On the physical plane Gemini manifests as duality. On the spiritual plane Gemini manifests as polarity, a perfect union in which the woman finds the man (brotherhood and cooperation on all planes), and the man finds the woman (love and compassion) on all planes. It is thus that all bonds of oppression and inequality will be loosed and all mankind will come to know his God-given heritage of freedom,

   The illumined poet, Alfred Tennyson, has penned in immortal words this, the eventual and glorious culmination of man's destiny:

The Labor of Cancer

   Cancer is the door or gate through which egos come into the atmosphere of the Earth to find re-embodiment upon this sphere. In the mystic midsummer time the door of Initiation swings wide for all who are in quest of Light.

   The Moon, chaste, beautiful and mysterious, is Cancer's own star. Dipping deep into her vast wells of cosmic Life, the Moon pours these fecundating forces upon the Earth that new forms may be generated and new experiences garnered by all beings who climb the great evolutionary ladder which stretches from Earth to God.

   Neptune, the planet of divinity and seership, and Jupiter, the planet of beneficence and humanitarianism, both powerful magnets of spiritual force, are exalted, or attain their maximum strength, in Cancer, the mystic portal which swings between Heaven and Earth.

   The Moon in Cancer generates and builds physical bodies. Jupiter in Cancer fashions the radiant, golden soul body, the wedding garment described by Paul. Neptune in Cancer becomes the High Priest of Initiation.

   The Moon operates through the Life Ether, Jupiter through the Light Ether and Neptune through the most tenuous rays of the Reflecting Ether.

   The Moon in Cancer is fecundation; Jupiter in Cancer is inspiration and Neptune in Cancer is Initiation or divine Illumination.

   The Moon is the body star, Jupiter the soul star and Neptune the star of Spirit, Cancer is the doorway through which this threefold human star may in the glory of the Summer Solstice attain unto its full and perfect shining.

   Gaza means a goat and has reference to the Sun in Capricorn, or the Winter Solstice. Hebron means oneness or unity. It is the city of conjunction and refers to the Sun in Cancer or the Summer Solstice.

   As the Sun moves northward and reaches its highest point in the heavens at midsummer in the sign Cancer, so also the path of spiritual Illumination begins with the ritual of the Christ birth in midwinter and culminates in the glory of His Ascension in midsummer.

   The incident of Samson's carrying the gate from Gaza to Hebron symbolizes the initiatory Path between the two Solstices. Hebron represents the place of spiritual unity. From this high sphere of consciousness all truth is seen as one. The Chinese Initiate-teacher, Lao Tze, referred to this attainment as "universalizing the heart."

   Samson went away with the two posts of'the gate. The Bible expressly states, "bar and all." In initiatory language this describes the high attainment whereby complete equilibrium is gained between the masculine and feminine, the inner and outer. The bar is the bridge of conscious and continuous communion between the realms of life and death. Such is the glorified state of the Illumined who have passed the sublime Rite of the Ascension and are able to follow the Christ into His home, the highest realms of supreme splendor.

 — Corinne Heline

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