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Self-Study Guide
Gleanings of a Mystic
by Max Heindel


  This study guide is intended for use with Gleanings of a Mystic by Max Heindel. The guide contains two groups of questions for each section in Gleanings of a Mystic. The first group of questions for a section are questions whose answer may be found somewhere in the section. The second group of questions are labeled as "thought questions." The answers to these questions are not given in the section, but rather can be answered by relating what was said in the section to one's own experience and by using one's creative imagination.

  In using the study guide it is recommended that one first read an entire section from Gleanings of a Mystic to get an overall picture of the topic being discussed. Then answer the questions below, referring back to the text as needed.

  It is hoped that this study guide will help the reader clarify and make more precise the understanding of occult Truths, so that he or she may tred the path with a more certain step.

Section 1 (Gleanings of a Mystic)

1-1] Why is it that no physical means (activity, exercise, ceremony, monetary payment) can lead to initiation?

Section 2 (Gleanings of a Mystic)

2-1] In each blank fill in a word or phrase which correctly completes the sentence.

Soul growth is produced by _____________ during life, and by _____________ after death. This process can be sped up if the _____________ done during the day is _____________ just before one goes to sleep each evening. If retrospection is to be effective, we must _____________ gratitude for kindness received from others and _____________ what good we ourselves have done.

2-2] What qualities should the aspirant try to cultivate as a safeguard against becoming enmeshed in the snare of egoism?

2-3] What power must a person develop before they can be Initiated?

2-4] If some person or group charge an initiation fee, what may immediately be concluded the initiation which they provide?

Thought Question:

2-5] Is it possible for one person to help another person to obtain soul growth? If not, why? If so, how?

Section 3 (Gleanings of a Mystic)

3-1] Insert in each blank the word or phrase which correctly completes the sentence.

Thought activity _____________ tissue. the lower and more material the thought the greater the _____________ of the tissue, and thence the greater the need for _____________ with which to make repairs. To obtain this _____________ the practice of eating _____________ was inaugurated. The more spiritual we grow, the more our thoughts will _____________ with the rhythm of our body, and the less _____________ will be needed to build tissue.

3-2] What effect did the clearing of the foggy atmosphere of Atlantis have on humanity's self perception?

3-3] What food was given to aid the spirit of man in overpowering the highly individualized molecules of flesh food and to spur it on to self-assertion?

Section 4 (Gleanings of a Mystic)

4-1] From each parentheses choose the word or phrase which correctly completes the sentence.

The earth is the body of the indwelling (Jehovah, Christ Spirit, Father). Dwelling in the dense earth causes Him (suffering, pleasure). His (life-giving, crystallizing, death-dealing) forces are the cause of the (rejuvenation of plant life in the spring, death and decay of plant life in the fall). When humanity eats plant life they are eating (His body, only some pieces of material of no special significance) and thus (His body, only material of no special significance) is broken for the sake of humanity. Humanity (is, is not) responsible for the way in which it uses the vitality which it obtains from food.

4-2] Goethe had the aspirant Faust state that "Two souls, alas, are houses within my breast, and struggle there for undivided reign." What were the goals of each of these 'souls'?

4-3] From each parentheses choose the word or phrase which correctly completes the sentence.

The communion cup can remind us of the (roots, stem and leaves, outer covering of the seed pod) of a flower which contains the creative organs of the flower. Just as the flower is (full of, lacking in) passion, so also the Christian must learn to be (chaste and pure, passionate). 4-4] What are the effects upon one's own body of misuse of the creative force?

Section 5 (Gleanings of a Mystic)
5-1] Next to each item on the left put the letter of the item on the right which is most closely related:

The water used in baptism ______ A. Ancient humanity who lived
in innocence and brotherhood
The baby who is baptized ______ B. The creative hierarchies
who guided ancient humanity.
The parents who bring the baby
to be baptized ______
C. The foggy atmosphere of
ancient times

Thought Question:

5-2] Of what value is it to present-day humanity to recall the time when, in the past, they lived in innocence and brotherhood?

Section 6 (Gleanings of a Mystic)

6-1] In the present day, what is the purpose of marriage?

6-2] Why do new dense bodies need to be produced continuously?

6-3] a) Which body is the cause of the destruction and eventual death of the dense body?
b) If this destruction is to be minimized, what must we do?

6-4] a) Which body helps repair and energize the dense body?
b) If this body is to be aided in its work, what qualities should be cultivated?

6-5] What attitude of parents at the time of conception is most conducive to the production of a body which will be capable of a long and healthy life?

Section 7 (Gleanings of a Mystic)

7-1] Next to each item on the left put the letter of the item on the right which is most closely related:

Opening of the way for the
planting of the physical
seed atom ______
A. Baptism
Initial planting
of the spiritual seed ______
B. Communion
A symbol of the future chaste
method of generation ______
C. Marriage
The freeing of the seed atom from
material manifestation ______
D. Extreme unction

7-2] What type of sin is a sin against the Holy Spirit, Jehovah?

7-3] How does Jehovah treat sin?

7-4] Correctly complete each sentence by inserting in each blank one of the following words: moons, planet, planets, Sun.

The father inhabits the Spiritual _____________. The Christ inhabits the Central _____________ and guides the _____________ in their orbits, and becomes an indwelling spirit in each _____________ when it is sufficiently evolved. Jehovah dwells in the _____________ and is regent of the _____________. The inhabitants of the _____________ are beings who have straggled behind and need more rigid discipline under a firmer law to help them catch up.

7-5] What did the inhabitants of the moons of Mercury and Venus do in order to earn the right to return to their parent planets?

7-6] a) What being holds the moon in orbit as long as they are inhabited?
b) When a moon is no longer inhabited, what happens to it? Why?

Section 8 (Gleanings of a Mystic)

8-1] a) What attitude should parents have during conception?
b) What effect will this attitude have on the nature of the soul which is attracted to the body being produced?
c) What effect will this attitude have on the body produced?

8-2] Why is the time chosen for conception important?

Section 9 (Gleanings of a Mystic)

9-1] Why should the early Atlantean (who lived in the deepest basins of the earth where the mist was densest) have been unable to live (without modification) in our present environment?

9-2] Where, on earth, is a new race now being formed?

Section 10 (Gleanings of a Mystic)

10-1] Where is Christ going to establish His kingdom?

10-2] What type of life must one live in order to build the "wedding garment" needed for entering Christ's kingdom?

10-3] What will determine when Christ will come again and usher those who are ready into this kingdom?

10-4] When will the equinox enter the constellation of Aquarius?

10-5] What will be the characteristics of the Aquarian Age?

10-6] From each parentheses choose the word or phrase which correctly completes the sentence.

In order for man to assimilate something he must make its vibratory rate (greater than, equal to, less than) his own pitch. Alcohol has a (high, low) vibratory pitch and man is not able to bring its vibratory rate (down, up) to his own, so alcohol (can, cannot) be assimilated. Instead the alcohol (raises, lowers) the vibratory pitch of man, and thereby controls man.

10-7] What food has the same stimulating effect as alcohol but is capable of being assimilated?

Section 11 (Gleanings of a Mystic)

11-1] When Christ came to earth people were divided into families and nations, which frequently fought one another. What needed to be achieved before Universal Brotherhood could be inaugurated?

11-2] Which of the following are effects of eating meat, or may develop as a result of eating meat?

11-3] a) What type of day-dreams does alcohol stimulate?
b) Why do these dreams end in disappointment?

Section 12 (Gleanings of a Mystic)

12-1] In the misty basins of Atlantis, the Sun appeared very dim. What did people of that day need to develop before they could receive more light?

12-2] When the early Semites sinned, what did they have to do to return to the Light?

12-3] Christ came to show mankind, by example, how to walk in the Light. What has he shown us that we must be willing to do for those whom we love?

Section 13 (Gleanings of a Mystic)

13-1] What two criteria must Magic satisfy if it is to be classed as white?

13-2] What can the accomplished magician do when he has a 'nucleus' of something?

13-3] What do the Invisible Helpers use for a nucleus for building the patient's vital body?

13-4] What are some of the means which Black Magicians use to get a nucleus for their work?

13-5] When the Elder Brothers attract to themselves the hate, envy, malice and other evil thoughts that have been launched, they transmute these thoughts and return them to mankind. In what form does mankind get the thoughts back?

13-6] How can we protect ourselves from the Evil Forces?

Section 14 (Gleanings of a Mystic)

14-1] Where does the national spirit of a country reside?

14-2] Why do different nations strive toward different ideals?

14-3] Why do civilizations which are built up in the beginning with golden ideals gradually degenerate?

14-4] When a civilization has outlived its usefulness, what does the race or national spirit do?

14-5] Before Christ can achieve peace on earth, what must happen to national and racial feelings?

Section 15 (Gleanings of a Mystic)

15-1] Mark each of the following true (T) or false (F).

Section 16 (Gleanings of a Mystic)

16-1] Why is it necessary for the aspirant to work in the battle field of the world in order to obtain soul growth (rather than retreat to some mountain top or monastery)?

16-2] How can one maintain inner peace and harmony even among the discords of the world?

16-3] What effect does noise have on a) the desire body, b) soul growth?

16-4] Why is it important for the Invisible Helper to not spend his energies during the day in unrestrained motions and discordant activities.

Thought Question:

16-5] In what ways can we avoid making unnecessary noise?

Section 17 (Gleanings of a Mystic)

17-1] What potential danger lies in knowing about rebirth?

17-2] What potential danger lies in spending too must time in studying the complex constitution of man?

17-3] a) What is the most important thing which the Rosicrucian teachings urge people to do?
b) If people do this, what will they build within themselves, and of what value will this be once it is built?

17-4] What is the best way to convey to others the most important teaching of the Rosicrucians?

Section 18 (Gleanings of a Mystic)

18-1] a) What motive for abstaining from flesh food is most productive of spiritual development?
b) What benefits are there is abstaining from flesh food?

18-2] From each parentheses choose the word or phrase which correctly completes the sentence.

For spiritual development, work in the world has several (advantages, disadvantages) over residence in a peaceful retreat. In the world one can find (more, less) opportunities for service. In the world there will be (more, less) opportunities to learn to develop equipoise. When the mind is occupied with constructive work it is (more, less) likely to harbor low and impure thoughts.

Thought Question:

18-3] As we strive toward the ideal of universal brotherhood, how should we relate to our own families? Do we have special obligations toward them? Should we treat family members any differently than we treat others?

Section 19 (Gleanings of a Mystic)

19-1] Next to each item on the left put the letter of the item on the right which is most closely related.:

A ship may sail around for some
time in the lower river before it
enters the lock. ______
A. A sudden inrush of spiritual
power could shatter the
system of the aspirant.
When the ship is in the lock, it
is from above that the water will
come to lift the ship. ______
B. If the aspirant persists,
in time he will be able to
enter and work in the
higher worlds.
Water from above will not be sent
down until the gate to the lower
level is closed tightly. ______
C. We may spend many lives in
the river of life, before
the inner urge drives us to
seek something higher.
The ship in the lock cannot go
back and cannot go forward. ______
D. No spiritual downpouring
will come to us until we
have shut ourselves off from
the worldly sins of lust and
The water from above must enter slowly, so as not to flood the ship. _______ E. The aspirant no longer feels
that he is a citizen of the
temporal world, but he is
not yet a citizen of the
spiritual world.
When the water in the lock reaches
that of the river above, the
upper gates may be opened and the
ship may sail out. ______
F. No one can lift another who
is not himself upon a higher level.

Thought Question:

19-2] What response would you give to someone who told you that they could initiate you quickly if you would give them a certain fee?

Section 20 (Gleanings of a Mystic)

20-1] What does the wave of spiritual energy which enters the earth during the fall and winter months do for the plant life on earth?

20-2] In what part of his life cycle is man closest to God. In what part of his life cycle is man farthest from God?

20-3] What do we need to do in order to be able to hear the voice of the Christ?

Section 21 (Gleanings of a Mystic)

21-1] What effect does the descent of the solar Christ Ray into the earth during the fall and winter have on humanity?

21-2] Of what value is it to know the purpose of existence?

21-3] What must be sacrificed if one is to follow Christ?

21-4] After Christ has sacrificed his life for the earth (during the fall and winter months), he is resurrected at Easter time. What promise does this hold for the aspirant?

Section 22 (Gleanings of a Mystic)

22-1] Next to each item on the left put the letter of the item on the right which is most closely related:

Creation ______ A. Jehovah, the Holy Spirit
Dissolution ______ B. The Christ
Preservation ______ C. The Father
Radiates the principles of love
and regeneration ______
Works through the moons
of the planets ______

22-2] Why is dissolution a necessary process in nature?

22-3] a) What does the Father send to Earth each year at Christmas time?
b) What is this Christmas gift from the Father able to kindle in our hearts?

Section 23 (Gleanings of a Mystic)

23-1] Match each "effect" on the right with its corresponding 'cause' on the left:

One has a clear idea of the
scheme of human development and
can see that this scheme is
beneficent. ______
A. Man gradually gains more
and more experience in the
School of Life.
Whatsoever a man sows, that shall
he also reap, but the reaping is
not always in the same life as
the sowing. ______
B. One desires to become a
co-worker with God in
promoting evolution.
Man is born time after time into
earthly bodies. ______
C. Some people are rich and
some poor, some healthy and
sick, and the poor and sick
sometimes do not appear to
have done anything in this
life to deserve their fate.
The law of cause and effect draws
together people who love one
another. ______
D. We will meet again with
loved ones who have died.

23-2] How can we know that the dead live?

Thought Question:

23-3] What value do you find in the Rosicrucian teachings?

Section 24 (Gleanings of a Mystic)

24-1] When the mist in the air at the time of Atlantis condensed and the basins of the earth were filled with water, and people were driven to the highlands, some people found they could not live in the highlands. Why?

24-2] In the next great world transformation, some people will find that they cannot enter into the new age kingdom. Why?

24-3] a) From what is the golden wedding garment woven? b) Through what process is this material built into the golden wedding garment?

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