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The T-Cross and
Grand Cross Aspects

"The almost ominous implication of difficulty delineated by the T-Cross and Grand-Cross aspects has its resources in the fact that it pictures an internal, or subjective, method of much needed focalization for correction of wasteful tendencies practiced through several past lives."

   These two aspect-patterns are regarded by many astrological readers with feelings of considerable negative concern for the persons represented by the charts. It is true that life-lessons of grave import and evolutionary significance are indicated by these patterns. It is just as true that the astrological reader must learn to regard them impersonally and unemotionally, with philosophic calm, if he is to interpret them in a serviceable way.

   Any mode of astrological reading that tends to emphasize the interpretation of experience as being actual evil, misfortune, calamity, or tragedy cannot be truly enlightening; yet this kind of approach occupies the minds of many readers when they seek to interpret even a single-square aspect. Hence the fusion of opposition-aspect with multiple squares, as is depicted by both the T-Cross and Grand Cross, represents to them "something awful raised to the umpteenth degree," an implication of a quality of karma so terrible as to be almost — or actually — beyond hope of resolution during the entire scope of the present lifetime.

   In all justice, we astro-readers must make ourselves more cognizant and recognizant of the foundational Principles of Life so that, when we are called upon to read charts which contain these multiple tension-patterns, we can exercise correct perception and thereby further enlightenment, rather than exercise ignorance and fear and thereby increase distress and hopelessness in the consciousness of the persons concerned. These complex aspects can be viewed from many standpoints of Principle which reveal secrets of destiny as indications of evolutionary placement and progress. Our responsibility and service are focalized on the expansion of perception of principle.

   For pursuance of this material, it is suggested that you prepare several copies of the twelve-housed wheel with the zodiacal signs arranged in sequence from Aries as Ascendant-sign; also a listing of the zodiacal signs according to the "Crosses," as follows:

   Cardinal: Aries and Libra, Capricorn and Cancer; Fixed: Leo and Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio; Mutable: Sagittarius and Gemini, Virgo and Pisces.

   The clockwise sequence of adjoining squares for each sign: Aries: Cancer and Capricorn; Libra: Capricorn and Cancer; Capricorn: Aries and Libra; Cancer: Libra and Aries; Leo: Scorpio and Taurus; Aquarius: Taurus and Scorpio; Taurus: Leo and Aquarius; Scorpio. Aquarius and Leo; Sagittarius: Pisces and Virgo; Gemini: Virgo and Pisces; Virgo: Sagittarius and Gemini; Pisces: Gemini and Sagittarius.

   Consideration of "planetary scope:" the minimum planetary scope of the T-Cross is three planetary points, two of which are in opposition to each other, both being squared by the third. The minimum planetary scope of the Grand-Cross is four planetary points, patterned as two pairs of oppositions forming a sequence of four square aspects. The maximum scope of both is all ten planetary points which maybe inter-related by close orb or by "extended" orb. In the case of many T-Cross and Grand-Cross aspects, of four or more planets, the numerical difference between the first planet which applies to the aspect and the last one may be as high as twelve or thirteen degrees; the extension of orb is valid because the planets are inter-related in the same aspect.

   Consideration of aspect-quality: The T-Cross and Grand-Cross aspects may be thought of as "pure" if their planetary points all occupy signs of the same cross — cardinal, fixed, or mutable; they are "mixed" if the planets, though in valid numerical orb, occupy signs representing a mixture of crosses. A few examples:

   T-Cross, minimum, pure: Venus in 9 Leo opposition Jupiter in 9 Aquarius, both squared by Moon in Taurus (or Scorpio).

   T-Cross, minimum, mixed: Venus in 26 Leo opposition Jupiter in 28 Aquarius, both squared by Moon in 2 Sagittarius (or Gemini); Venus and Jupiter are in fixed signs, Moon is in mutable.

   T-Cross, multiple (four to nine points), pure: Saturn 6 Libra, Jupiter 9 Aries, Uranus 14 Cancer, Neptune 17 Libra; the aspect-orb, from Saturn to Neptune is eleven degrees.

   T-Cross, multiple, mixed: Pluto 28 Gemini, Mars 3 Capricorn, Venus 2 Aries, Moon 8 Aries: aspect-orb is ten degrees, Pluto in mutable, the others in cardinal.

   Grand-Cross, minimum, pure: Sun 4 Pisces, Uranus 2 Virgo, Moon 7 Sagittarius, Jupiter 1 Gemini — close orb throughout, mutable signs.

   Grand-Cross, multiple (nine-point) mixed: Uranus 22 Capricorn, Moon 23 Cancer, Neptune 24 Cancer, Mercury 19 Libra, Mars 21 Libra, Venus 22 Libra, Jupiter 26 Libra, Sun 2 Scorpio, Saturn 3 Taurus; aspect-orb is 14 degrees, Mercury to Saturn; mixture of cardinal-fixed.

   Experimentation with varieties of T-Cross and Grand-Cross patterns-also using various signs as Ascendants-will develop fluency in recognition of them in the study of charts. Start with "minimum-pure" ones and progress, by expansion, into more complex and varied ones.

   Regarding the understanding of the reasons for, and purposes of the T-Cross and Grand-Cross aspects, keep always in mind this statement of Life-Principle: Release of power depends upon, and is succedent to, focalization of power. For example, release of power in activity is focalized by Will to fulfill Purpose, release of power as Love is focalized by relationship-contact and the resultant ignition of individual or mutual consciousness-of-Love; release of power as Teaching is focalized by the need of the teacher to give expression to what he has learned and the need of the student to what is expressed. This Principle may be perceived by the discerning person in every aspect of life and experience. and on all planes of functioning.

   The almost ominous implication of difficulty delineated by the T-Cross and Grand-Cross aspects has its resources in the fact that it pictures an internal, or subjective, method of much needed focalization for correction of wasteful tendencies practiced through several past lives. In other words, these patterns picture a karmically conditioned gathering of forces which tell the astrological reader that those Principles that govern human destiny will not permit the person concerned — he who is represented by the chart — to continue with a program of relative wastefulness in attitude and activity. The present incarnation is thereby represented as the karmically timed opportunity, through a relative limitation of scope, to bring order into consciousness by a focus on concentrated experience. Charts which contain the T-Cross and Grand-Cross aspects portray life-patterns which always reveal a certain "circumscribing" or "fencing in" of experience in specialized ways; many, many years or, in some cases, an entire lifetime are utilized to experience personal application to some particular phase of activity, relationship, or problem. To the degree that the person can understand and agree with the necessity for that phase, as opportunity for discipline, training integration, or redemption, will he make use of his T-Cross or Grand-Cross pattern.

   But, to the degree that he continues to resist, resent and rebel against it will he continue to intensify the difficulties implied in the "circumscribing" quality of the experience. We must keep in mind that no planetary aspect has frustration or limitation as its purpose. It is we who have created the present feeling of frustration in not having walked with our experience in a balanced way in the past.

   To bring order out of the chaos we created, Life institutes. by the Principle of Polarity counteractive measures in the form of focalizing and concentrating us in more and specialized ways so that by repetitious and continuous application we are enabled to engender processes of unconscious or conscious alchemy; to overcome weakness by developing strength, to dispel ignorance by garnering knowledge and understanding, to polish and refine the crudities of past unregeneracies and thereby distill the consciousness of soulic and spiritual power. We set the measures and pace of our unfoldment but the Forces and Principles of Life, as portrayed in our planetary aspect-patterns, provide the substance of our unfoldment-processes in environments, relationships, and activities in which and through which we are concentrated and focalized for specific phases of fulfillment and growth.

   From the objective viewpoint, the astro-reader in studying the registration of a T-Cross or a Grand-Cross sees a portrait of a human who regard his "Cross-experiences" from one of three principal levels: (1) helpless, hopeless endurance; (2) antagonism, angry resistance and friction; (3) making constructive use of the experience to gain training, refinement, and growth. This is offered as a clue toward the synthesis of the spiritual values of the chart-depending on which one of these three views is held by the person will the astro-reader know how best to approach the interpretative presentation of the tension-patterns.

   One of the most important points in the study of the T-Cross is found in thinking of it as a combination of lines of force. In imagination, place yourself at the center of a copy of the Great Mandala; around your waist are looped three ropes the ends of which are in the hands of three people who stand at the Aries cusp, the Libra cusp, and the Cancer Cusp; these three people are trying to pull you toward them — away from your position at the center; you are trying to keep your position and, to do so, you must resist all three directions of pull. Aries and Libra, opposite each other, represent the opposition aspect of the T-Cross; Cancer square to both of them, is the "apex" of the T-Cross; if the Cancer person dropped his rope then the tug-of-war would be only between Aries and Libra, but as long as Cancer also tries to pull you, you have to try to counteract his pull. You do so by exerting your counter-force in the direction of — what would be — the Capricorn-point opposite Cancer.

   Therefore, the point opposite to the apex of the T-Cross is as important to study as any of the three occupied points because that fourth point represents, spiritually and psychologically speaking, the quality which you must exercise and develop when the conflicts and frictions represented by the three points of the T-Cross threaten to pull you away from your center It represents spiritual qualities and powers which your Higher Self is seeking to make you aware of in order to develop internal balance and integration. In the study of any chart containing a T-Cross pattern give careful thought to the Sign opposite the apex and the conditions indicated by its planetary ruler. In the study of timings (major transits, progressions, etc. ) watch carefully for those periods when the activations will go over the Point opposite the apex- these timings always bring very significant opportunities-through testing-for maintaining and developing internal poise and serenity by spiritually polarizing the negative tendencies stirred up by the stimulus to the T-Cross planets.

   Planets are people: the patterns and tendencies of your consciousness are stimulated or ignited by your contacts with other people — this ignition makes possible what we call experience. Among the most important people in the life of one who has a T-Cross in his natal chart are those who have planetary points in the sign opposite to the apex-planet of the T-Cross. Their planet — or planets-may be unregeneratively, regeneratively, or variably aspected, but in any ease in some degree, they represent that which the T-Cross person is seeking to find within himself for greater psychological and spiritual integrity. If the other person 's corresponding quality is unregenerate, he will be a very significant tester to the T-Cross person; if regenerate, he will be — potentially at least — a helper, an inspirer, a good example, an ideal. If his quality is variable, then study the most pronounced tendency by timing the meeting of the two persons; try to determine whether the unregenerate or the regenerate quality or tendency was most in effect when the people concerned initiated their relationship to each other. You may find that the best tendencies of the variable person were being stimulated at that time, indicating that his purpose in the experience of the T-Cross person is basically uplifting and helpful. To put to use the spiritual power or quality indicated by the sign opposite the apex of a T-Cross is creative white magic because it represents a very high degree of spiritual alchemy in consciousness.

   For the study and analysis of a Grand-Cross, the suggestion is offered that you make a separate mandala of it and study it apart from the natal chart at first, keeping in mind that the lines of force from the center of the horoscope, or the mandala, indicate two oppositions which polarize each other and four squares which inter-act upon each other. Then for clarity and elimination of confusion of thought, create a mandala for each of the planets in the Grand-Cross which will include all the natal aspects which include the particular planet. In this way you can dissect all the evidences of alchemistry and a regenerative potential that may be used by the person to gain spiritual growth from the experiences indicated by the Grand-Cross. A Grand-Cross is really a little horoscope within the natal — a concentration of the forces of consciousness which, if used constructively and creatively, can make the present incarnation a very important upward step on the evolutionary spiral. Its basic key-word might be stated: evolutionarily necessary concentration of consciousness and abilities for constructive use. The evil implied by the Grand-Cross is by individual interpretation only; its purpose is to further the individual's good through focalization.

   In conclusion there are a few special approaches which should be taken into consideration. Increased awareness or the powers of faith in spiritual law and patience — the right use of Time-will be particularly helpful to the person who has Saturn configurated in a T-Cross or Grand-Cross; he must be encouraged to practice the spiritually constructive, long-range view-point toward his experiences because his needs for the indicated discipline are especially urgent for his life-time.

   If the Moon is configurated in either of these aspect-patterns, then scientific knowledge concerning the purpose and action of the instinctual mind will be particularly helpful; because this person has undertaken a big assignment, for this life-time, in clearing negative residues from past lives. If the planetary Ascendant ruler is configurated, the evidence is shown that the person will experience considerable re-focalization through physical difficulties and information concerning the esoteric or spiritual co-relations of Law with physical Conditions may prove the answer to his greatest evolutionary need. If Uranus is a factor, then exercise in intelligent adjustment to changes is indicated as a part of the spiritual assignment — especially if Uranus is squared or opposed by Saturn and Saturn has the predominant influence in the chart generally. The inclusion of Jupiter in these patterns indicates that sincerity of motivation is to be exercised to neutralize or alchemicalize tendencies of false pride and unfruitful compensations. Mercury's inclusion indicates that mental discipline and Clarification is to be distilled from the concentration of experience as well as improvement in methods of communication. The Sun's inclusion in these patterns is especially significant; the basic purpose of the concentration of experience is to — evolutionarily — turn the attention of the person God-ward, to realize his true Source of Life and Being.

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Reference: Studies In Astrology, by Elman Bacher

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