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How the Rosicrucians
Heal the Sick

The Rosicrucian work of healing is carried on by the Elder Brothers of The Rosicrucian Order through a band of Invisible Helpers whom they are instructing.

The work is conducted according to the commands of Christ Jesus, namely, "Preach the gospel and heal the sick."

The Elder Brothers

These are high spiritual Beings through whom the Christ Spirit is working for the benefit of humanity.

The Invisible Helpers

The Invisible Helpers are those who live a worthy life of helpfulness during the daytime while in their physical bodies, and whose evolutionary development is such as to earn the privilege of being helpful through the instrumentality of the Elder Brothers at night while functioning in the etheric bodies. This is indicated in the words of the Rosicrucian Evening Service: "Tonight while our physical bodies are peacefully resting in sleep, may we as Invisible Helpers be found faithfully working in the vineyard of Christ." These Invisible Helpers are gathered together in bands according to their temperaments and their abilities. They are instructed by other Helpers who are physicians, and all of them work under the guidance of the Elder Brothers, who naturally are the moving Spirits of the whole work.

Not infrequently, patients are aware of the presence of the Invisible Helpers.

Right Living Necessary
for a Cure

The Invisible Helpers never refuse to answer an appeal for help, but in order to respond to the divine Healing Force, patients must adopt the gospel of right living. They should observe a pure diet — meatless, insofar as it is possible. Meat should be left off gradually, however, in order that the body may adjust itself to the change. Patients must fill their living and sleeping rooms with pure air, their minds with pure thoughts, and their daily lives with pure actions. The divine Healing Force is pure. If someone asks for it in order to be relieved of ailments, he or she must be willing to conform to the natural laws of purity: pure air, pure food, pure thinking, and pure living! If the patient ignores these great health-giving factors, he may have called in vain upon the divine Healing Force.

Healing Force

All Healing Force comes from God, our heavenly Father, the Great Physician of the Universe; it is latent everywhere; by prayer and concentration it is liberated and directed to the sufferer; it manifested through the Master, Christ Jesus; it goes forth from the daily and weekly healing meetings held at the Rosicrucian Fellowship Headquarters (Oceanside, California, USA). Through the workings of this supreme Force, the Invisible Helpers raise the vibrations of the patient to a higher rate, thus enabling him, first, to eliminate the disease poison from the system, and second, to rebuild every blood corpuscle, fiber, tissue, and organ until the whole body is made new. This is done, not in a miraculous manner, but in accordance with Nature's Laws. If the patient continues to break these laws and, by a wrong mode of living, to accumulate poisonous substances in the system, he frustrates the healing Work.

Cause of Disease

The wonderful organism called the human body is governed by immutable natural Laws. All disease results from willful or ignorant violation of Nature's Laws. People are ill because, in this Earth life or in a previous one, they have disregarded the fundamental principles on which the health of the body depends. If they wish to regain and retain their health, they must learn to understand these principles and to regulate their daily habits in conformity with them.

This is what the Master Healer, Christ Jesus, meant when He said to the man who was a cripple: "Thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee." (John 5:14) Even the Christ could not give lasting health unless the recipient of the Healing Force refrained from indulging wrong habits which cause disease. The recipient had to live in obedience to the god-given laws that rule man's body and his relations with his fellow creatures.

The Right to Health

Some people "demand" perfect health and claim they have a right to it. They forget that, either in this or a former life, some have forfeited their God-given right through disobedience to Nature's Laws which are God's Laws. Through suffering, they have to learn obedience. When they have mastered their lessons and are willing to "sin no more," their right to health will be restored to them.

Violations of the
Laws of Health

The divine Healing Force is constructive; wrong methods of living which disregard the Laws of Nature are destructive.

The omissions and transgressions responsible for wrong living and, consequently, for disease are many. The following are the principal ones: unnatural food; too much food; ill-proportioned food; lack of fresh air and sunshine; lack of cleanliness; lack of self-control; sleeping in unventilated rooms; harboring thoughts of anger, hatred, and resentment; yielding to a hasty temper; gratifying low desires; harming fellow creatures, whether human or animal; abusing the sacred generative function.

Since all organs and functions of the body are interdependent, the abuse and consequent affliction of one part hurts all the others, furthers the accumulation of disease poison throughout the system, and lowers the vitality of the whole. Local symptoms are actually evidence that the whole body is at fault. All true healing, therefore, in order to achieve lasting results, is directed, not to the suppression of symptoms, but to the removal of the cause that made the symptoms appear.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing operates on the higher planes of being but is effected in strict adherence to Natural Laws which prevail below as above. Consequently, all natural therapeutics applied on the physical plane are in harmony with the work of the Invisible Helpers on the higher planes.

Right Food is
Natural Medicine

Since the body is built up of the physical substances introduced into the blood by the daily food, right food is the natural medicine which the patient must take in order to cooperate with the Invisible Helpers in their task of reconstructing his system.

Effluvia Transmitted in
Weekly Report

Before the Invisible Helpers can work with the patient they must have effluvia from his vital body. This is the etheric counterpart of the physical body and the operating sphere of the vital forces. The effluvia are obtained by having the patient write a weekly letter consisting of a few words or a few lines with pen and ink. This is important, as a pen charged with fluid is a greater conductor of magnetism than a dry pencil. The ether which thus impregnates the paper upon which the patient writes week by week gives an indication of his condition at the time of writing, and furnishes an entrance key to his system. It is something which he has given voluntarily and for the express purpose of furnishing access to the Invisible Helpers. Unless the patient does his part in this respect, the Invisible Helpers are unable to do anything for him, so it may be seen that it is of the utmost importance to keep up the weekly letters to Headquarters.

Time Required for Cure

Instantaneous cures are frequent when the Invisible Helpers are called upon to assist in cases of acute disease. In the case of a chronic ailment which is of long standing and has taken years to develop, a certain amount of relief may be experienced immediately; complete recovery, however, which is equivalent to a renewal of the whole system, usually can be achieved only in gradual stages. As said before, the healing work of the Invisible Helpers is not suppression of symptoms but reconstruction of the whole system. This reconstruction requires time as well as the patient's faithful and constant cooperation along the lines indicated.

Healing Meetings
at Headquarters

Healing meetings are held at Rosicrucian Fellowship Headquarters on nights when the Moon is in Cardinal Signs of the Zodiac (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). The hour of this service is 6:30 pm (7:30 pm during Daylight Savings Time). The virtue of the Cardinal Signs is the dynamic energy which they infuse into every enterprise started under their influence. Therefore, the healing thoughts of helpers all over the world are endowed with added power when launched upon their errands of mercy under this cardinal influence.

If you would like to join in this work, sit down quietly when the clock in your place of residence points to the given hour, 6:30 pm (7:30 pm during Daylight Savings Time), meditate on health and divine love, and pray to the Great Physician, our Father in Heaven, for the restoration to health of all who suffer, particularly those who have applied to Headquarters.

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