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Questions Concerning
Marriage and Children

Is there a soul mate belonging to every soul throughout all eternity? If so would it not be better to remain unmarried a thousand years than to marry the wrong mate? »

Is it wrong for first, second or third cousins to marry, and if so, why? »

Would it be wise for two people of the same temperament to marry if they were both born under the same sign of the Zodiac, in August, for instance? »

Has the Rosicrucian Philosophy any specific teaching concerning the training of children? »

Why are children born in a family where they are not welcome? »

When children do not come to a man and wife who deeply long for them, is there not some way to induce some soul in the unseen world to accept their invitation to reincarnate? Where the conditions in the home are most favorable, it would seem that among the many souls awaiting incarnation one would find the conditions right? »

How do you explain the fact that a child so often inherits the bad characteristics of the parents? »

Does not the child inherit the blood and nervous system from its parents? If so, will it not inherit disease and nervous disorders also? »

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