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Questions Concerning
Health and Disease

Do the Rosicrucians believe in materia medica or do they follow Christ's method of healing? »

Do you think it wrong to take medicine to remove pain, since all is the result of our own doing, if one is not hopelessly ill or dying? »

In case of sickness, what form of healing do you advise, physician's or practitioner's, as in the Christian Science belief? »

What is your opinion in regard to fasting as a means of curing disease? »

Do you consider it wrong to try to cure a bad habit, such as, for instance, drunkenness, by hypnotism? »

Are there any methods of eradicating the calcareous matter which comes into our bodies by wrong methods of diet? »

Is not nature guilty of frequent physical malformation in the plant and animal world, as well as the human race, and can there be a perfectly whole and sane intelligence with a forceful will in a diseased or malformed body? »

Do you believe in vaccination? »

If, as you state, the Ego dwells in the blood, is not the practice of blood transfusion from a healthy to a diseased person dangerous? Does it affect or influence the Ego in any way, and if so, how? »

What are the causes of insanity? »

When an insane person dies, will he still be insane in the Desire World? »

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