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Questions Concerning
Life After Death
(Part 1)

What is the use of knowing about the after death state, what happens in the Invisible World, and all these things? Is it not far better to take one world at a time? Sufficient unto the day is the trouble thereof, why borrow more? »

Is there any time set to the limit of earth life before we are born? »

Is it possible to shorten the time between death and a new birth so as to hasten one's evolution, and if so, how? »

Are there seasons and times, ages and epochs in the other world? »

Does a person who has been buried alive become conscious of his condition, and how does the spirit get back to the body when it lies in the grave? »

Why do children die? »

What is the cause of the vast number of deaths which occur in infancy and childhood? »

Does the cremation of the dense body after death affect the spirit in any way? »

If a person has lost his memory through nervous shock or fever, does that affect his vital body and prevent him from getting the record of his life in the three days immediately following death? »

If a disembodied spirit can pass through a wall, can it also pass through a mountain and the earth, and can it see what is inside? »

Do we meet our loved ones after death, even if they have held a different belief from our own, or, perhaps, been atheists? »

Do we recognize loved ones who have passed out through the gate of death? »

Does the man who commits suicide stay longer in Purgatory than the people who die naturally? »

Does a good man have to go through Purgatory and be conscious of all the evil that is there before he can get into the First, Second and Third Heavens, and if so, isn't that an undeserved punishment? »

What is the condition of the victim of a murder and the victim of an accident subsequent to death? »

Where is heaven? »

It is said that there is no sorrow in heaven, but if our loved ones are met there and then pass on, does not the parting from them involve a sense of dissatisfaction? »

Please explain how to concentrate in order to help those in the other world. Do you mean sitting in the silence and sending out loving, helpful thoughts to them? »

Do those who have passed out of earth life keep watch and ward over us who are left behind? For instance, do mothers look after their little children or even the larger ones? »

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