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With Healing In Its Wings

   Early in the Old Testament is the account of how man was led astray by the false light of the Lucifer Spirits, thus giving birth to all the sorrows and suffering in the world. Near the end is the promise that the "Sun of righteousness shall rise, with healing in its wings." The Rosicrucian Fellowship Healing Service states that: "Disease is really a fire, the invisible fire which is the Father." Disease is a manifestation of ignorance, the only sin, and healing is a demonstration of applied knowledge, which is the only salvation. Christ is an embodiment of the Love/Wisdom Principle, and in proportion as the Christ is formed in us, we attain to health.

   At no time does humanity so readily turn to divine Power for help as when health fails and death threatens; therefore, the office of spiritual advisor always has been associated closely with healing. Even among primitive peoples, the priest also is the medicine man. In Christian denominations, the priest calls on the sick as a representative of our Father in Heaven. Often his love and sympathy engender great faith — sufficient to heal. The gratitude of the patient toward the physician is added to the veneration felt for the spiritual advisor, and in consequence the power of this individual to help and uplift the patient is increased enormously and the tie between them is much closer.

   To be healed, we must have faith; we must be humble to the point of obedience. In every case in which Christ Jesus healed, the suffering one had to cooperate actively with the Great Healer before His cure could be accomplished. Christ Jesus said: "Stretch forth thy hand," and when the man did so the hand was healed. To another He said, "Take up thy bed and walk," and when he did so the malady disappeared. Many are the cases recorded, including those of the blind man and the leper. The requirements were simple, but such as they were, they had to be compiled with so that the spirit of obedience could aid the Healer's work. This is a Law of Nature that is absolutely sure. Disobedience to the Law of Nature brings disease. Obedience, no matter whether that involves washing in the river Jordan or stretching forth a hand, shows a change of mind. The sufferer therefore is in a position to receive the healing balm. This may come through the Christ or through a healer of one kind or another but primarily, in all cases, the healing Force comes from our heavenly Father, Who is the Great Physician.

   There are three factors in healing: first, the power from our Father in Heaven; next, the healer; third, the obedient mind of the patient upon which the power of the Father can act through the healer in such a way as to dispel illness. The fact that the whole universe is pervaded with the Power of the Father, always available to cure our ills of whatever nature, is reason enough for us to give thanks daily. The healer is the focus — the vehicle through which the Power is infused into the patient's body. If he is a proper instrument, consecrated and harmonious, there is no limit to the wonderful works of the Father which can be performed through him for a patient of properly receptive and obedient mind. A truly spiritual healer will endeavor to instill the highest ideals in his patients, so that they eventually may learn to conform to God's Laws and thus attain permanent health in future lives as well as now.

   Members of The Rosicrucian Fellowship aim to heal the sick and have superior means of accomplishing this benevolent purpose. Earlier religious groups sought to advance spiritually by abusing the body, but Rosicrucian students are taught to exhibit the tenderest care for this instrument. The nature of the sickness and the temperament of the patient determine the form of healing to be used. If the patient is strong in faith, a spiritually-minded healer or a broadminded physician in whom the patient has confidence may be called, for, as a tuning fork of the same pitch is struck, so will the person who is filled with faith and confidence respond.

   Whatever good there is in any system of healing, the effects upon a patient will be beneficial or the reverse in exact proportion to that person will be beneficial or the reverse in exact proportion to that person's faith in its healing power. Generally speaking, the study of the higher philosophy will tend to better one's health, because "knowledge is power," and the more we know, the better we are able to cope with all conditions, provided, of course, that we bring our knowledge into practice and live the life. No teaching is of benefit to us unless it is carried into our lives and lived from day to day. The person who lives a clean and upright life, endeavoring to obey the Laws of God, striving earnestly for truth and righteousness, will create thought forms about himself of a corresponding nature. His or her mind will run in grooves that harmonize with truth, and when the time comes in the Second Heaven to create the archetype for his or her coming life, he or she will readily, intuitively, by force of habit from the past life, align him or herself with the forces of light and truth. These lines, built into his body, will create harmony in his future vehicles, and health therefore will be his normal portion in the coming life.

   The spiritual force generated all through our lives, after we have passed the stage of childhood, may be used for three purposes: generation, degeneration, or regeneration. It depends upon us which of the three methods we choose, but the choice we make will have an important bearing upon our whole life. It overshadows each moment of our existence and determines our attitude in each and every phase of life along our fellow men: how we meet the various trials of life, whether we are able to grasp our opportunities or let them slip by, whether we are healthy or sick, whether or not we live our lives according to a satisfactory purpose. All of this depends upon the way in which we use the spiritual force.

   There are higher Laws pertaining to the spiritual realms which may be made to supersede those governing the lower realms. The Christ, being the Lord of the Sun, embodied within Himself the synthesis of the stellar vibrations, as the octave embodies all of the tones of the scale. He therefore could emit from Himself the true, corrective planetary influence required in each case. He sensed the inharmony and, by virtue of His exalted development, knew at once how to offset it. He had no need for any further preparation, but obtained results immediately by substituting harmony for the planetary discord which caused the disease with which He was dealing.

   None among our present humanity can exercise the Power of the Christ, but the need of that Power in active manifestation exists today as much as it did two thousand years ago. Spirit pervades everything in and upon our planet in various measures. An emanation from the Christ Principle, the Universal Spirit composing the World of Life Spirit, restores the synthetic harmony of the body. We may use it to heal the sick according to our abilities, which in turn depend upon our development.

  — L.L

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