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Healing In His Heart

One coal will not make a fire, but where a number of coals are heaped together, the heat which is latent in each may be kindled into a flame, emitting light and warmth. And it is in obedience to this same law of nature that we have gathered here tonight that by massing our spiritual aspirations for the healing and helping of our suffering fellows, we may do our modest share toward lifting the pall of sorrow that now broods over their lives, that we may hasten the day of the kingdom to come, where suffering and sorrow shall have been abolished and where even death shall have ceased to have dominion over men.

We are holding these Healing Meetings on nights when the moon is in a cardinal sign because at that time the maximum of cosmic energy is infused into whatever we start and there are then the best chances for a successful issue. Thus we are taking advantage of the forces in the universe, and thought is the vehicle which we use to transmit the healing power.

But before power can be transmitted it must have been generated, and to do this efficiently we should understand accurately what the method is. There is one teaching of the Christ which thoroughly explains the matter. It is: that as a man "thinketh in his heart, so is he." That saying goes to the very bottom of the matter; for though we may profess with our mouth to believe certain things and thus deceive others, yes, even ourselves, only what we really believe in our hearts, what we think deep down in our hearts, counts. If we profess with our mouth that we believe in God, in living the life, in doing unto others what is right, regardless of what they do to us, we may still live a double life and be hypocrites. But if we really think these things from the bottom of our hearts, it will not be necessary for us to make professions. Every single act of ours will proclaim just exactly what we think in our hearts and what we believe. People will very soon find out just what kind of a person we are by watching our actions rather than by listening to what we say.

Let us realize that every thought is a spark issuing from the Ego; that the moment it is born it draws around itself what is of like nature. This thought-form may be sent to others for good or ill, but eventually there is a reaction upon ourselves — good for good and ill for ill. It is an actual fact, and not just a mere trope, that "thoughts, like chickens, come home to roost." Anyone who has unfolded spiritual sight sees around each person a subtle auric atmosphere which is colored according to his particular trend of thought; though, of course, the basic color is determined by the racial and national characteristics.

If we think in our hearts thoughts of optimism, kindness, benevolence, helpfulness, and service, those thoughts gradually color our atmosphere in a certain manner which is accurately expressive of all those different desirable qualities or virtues. And as our bodies are built by the mind into an expression of our mental attitudes, this will again react upon our physical body, bringing to us health and well being. For that reason the teachings of New Thought are true when they state that in this manner health and prosperity are achieved, though no one who is really spiritually minded would ever use such means for attaining material wealth. But this is merely another way of proving the truth of the saying of Christ that if we "first seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness," all other things will be added.

The prophet of Israel also gave this assurance when he said, "I have been young and now am old, but never have I seen the seed of the righteous begging for bread." It is the law of the universe that if we work with God, then God will certainly take care of His own in a material way. "Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your are of more value than many sparrows." All through the word of God we have the promise that as long as we labor faithfully, honestly, and to the very best of our ability, striving for the things of the kingdom, working in His vineyard, then He will take care of us.

When anyone has created about himself or herself an auric atmosphere of helpfulness, of kindness, by actual service (for it is not enough that we desire to be of service, but we must strive day by day to serve to the very utmost—we must lie down every night tired in the happy consciousness of being real servants of Christ), we shall find a changed world. We shall find in other people the very same qualities we possess, because this auric atmosphere of ours is as a glass through which we must look at everybody. The whole world is colored by our own aura just as if we were in a room with windows of red glass: the world outside, trees, houses, and everything else would appear red.

As a matter of actual fact, we view the world in which we are living through our auric atmosphere, and if that is vibrant with benevolence and kindness we find all about us people who are benevolent and kind, for we call out the qualities in them which we ourselves express, upon the same scientific principle that when a tuning fork is struck it awakens the vibrations of other tuning forks of identical pitch, and the people who meet us are invariably attracted by and respond to that which we have in ourselves.

Therefore, a man who is benevolent feels the benevolence and kindheartedness of other people. A man who thinks mean and worrisome thoughts, who is pessimistic and habitually thinks thoughts of unkindness toward others, will call forth in them the same traits of character that he sends out. We are vibrating at a certain pitch and the seed atom in the heart is the keynote of our physical existence and of the vibrations that go out from us through the physical world.

It is of immense benefit to know this scientific fact for we can control our thoughts and through them every condition of life. It behooves us therefore to habitually cultivate optimism, helpfulness, benevolence and kindness, so that we may be of greater value in the world's work. Unless we have these qualities in some degree it is impossible for us to do the work we have come here to do, namely, to help and heal others.

Thousands of students all over the world have concentrated their thoughts here during this day as they do every day when there is a healing meeting at Headquarters. This aggregation of thoughts now floats over the Pro-Ecclesia as a mighty force. The Rosicrucian emblem on the west wall is the instrument or focus through which we shall send it out into the world. There we see the five-pointed golden star and the four-bladed cross. The five and four make the mystic number nine, which is the number of Adam or humanity. The cross is pure white, symbolical of the fact that anyone who desires to become a helper of humanity must purify himself from all evil; and though, in attempting to do this, we fail time and again, let us remember, there is no failure except in giving up the Quest. The seven roses which garnish this symbol are symbolical of the cleansed blood.

While humanity and the animals which have red, warm blood are filled with passion and desire, the plant is passionless. The red rose, being the generative organ of the plant, therefore stands as a symbol of the immaculate conception which takes place when the Christ is born within, cleansing us from the sins of the past and sanctifying us to the work of the future. This is the great ideal toward which we aspire. Let us concentrate our thoughts upon the central white rose in the emblem, which stands for the pure heart that is in such an unselfish Invisible Helper. Let us pray that our thoughts may be as pure as that rose so that we may be able to generate thoughts of purity, strength, and helpfulness and trust in God in spite of all discouragements.

Above everything, let us, when we have done our part, trust the results to God, eliminating our own personality.

We are too weak to battle with cosmic forces; but God is omnipotent. We would not attempt to cross the ocean in a row boat, which is almost certain to be swamped; but if we commit ourselves to a large and well-built liner, the chances are greatly in favor of our surviving any strong wind that may beset us. The same applies in the voyage toward our spiritual goal. If we endeavor to stand in our own strength, we are very apt to fail; but if we commit everything to God and pray to Him for guidance, then we shall find our chances for success are greatly increased. And by prayer is not merely meant the prayer of the lips but rather the prayer of the heart. As Emerson puts it:

Although your knees were never bent,

To heaven your hourly prayers are sent;

And be they formed for good or ill,

Are registered and answered still.

Visible Helpers are just as necessary as Invisible Helpers, and our friends and patients may share in a high privilege, as well as add much to the power of liberated healing force, by joining us in prayer for the sick. Our Healing Service is held each evening in the Healing Temple at 6:30 P.M. , and in the Pro-Ecclesia at 4:15 P.M. when the Moon is in a cardinal sign on the following dates:

November 4-11-19-25

December 1-9-16-22-29

  — Rays from the Rose Cross Magazine, November/December, 1995

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