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Aquarian Age Stories
for Children

The Fairy Ring
A One-Act Play in
Verse for Children
by Helen M. Mann

   (The rise of the curtain discloses twelve fairies holding hands and dancing around a circle. They are all singing. The time is sunset, and in the background can be seen a large tree trunk as though in a forest clearing.)

Fairies' Song

We dance and sing in happy glee,
Because of all the joys we see.
We live and laugh, dear friends, for you,
Because your love is pure and true.

   You said we live, and so we do—
Believe a thing, and it is true.
Have loving thoughts and love will be
Everywhere that you can see.

   (The fairies break the circle and skip off the stage. As they disappear, they sing the last two lines again.)

  Have loving thoughts and love will be
Everywhere that you can see.

   (As the fairies leave the stage, a boy and girl come on from the other side. The girl sees the ring which the fairies have made by their dancing and goes to it.)


   Oh, brother, look and tell to me,
What's this, I pray, my eyes do see?


   A fairy ring, a fairy ring!
Now we can have most anything.

   (He approaches.)


   But, brother dear, pray go not near,
The ring may well bring harm to thee.
Now what's that funny noise I hear?
That shape, so strange, that I can see?

   (Girl looks at the tree trunk as she speaks.)


   I see no thing but just this ring.
No noises do I hear.
But come and sing within the ring,
Where harm dare not come near.

   (Both enter the ring and join hands and sing.)


   Oh fairies dear, both far and near,
Pray listen to our pleading,
Come play with us and have no fear,
For eventide is creeping.

   (The shadows lengthen, but a ray of tight strikes the trunk of the tree, which opens and discloses a red and green Elf within. He grins and steps forth.)


   Oh children come and play with me;
I'm very good indeed to see.
I'll call for ducks, or call for swans;

   (They appear from back stage.)

   I'll grow you tails, or grow you horns.

   (The children become startled on hearing this and look to see if they have grown, but are relieved to find that they have not.)

   I can grow them anywhere,
Except within the circle there.

   (The children huddle close together and keep well within the circle.)

   Nay, I pray, have no fear,
But come a little bit more near.

   (Now the duck and swan come into evidence. The swan makes straight for the circle but does not enter it. It stalks proudly around the circle, and the duck waddles after.)


  An evil Elf is that, you see.
He will call, but don't you go.
The fairies will come back again.
And how that Elf will hurry then.


  You'd better stay just where you are.
I do declare!
For though you're near, you're very far,
I do declare!
And Elfie cannot reach you there,
Anyway I don't care,

   (The swan goes off the stage as he says this, and the duck waddles after him. The Elf, who has been watching them all this time, hurries back to his tree as he hears soft music off stage. Voices seem to be in the distance, but they grow louder and louder until the fairies appear.)


  Flowers of sunset and flowers of dew,
We love you.
Sorrows of shadow and sorrows of night,
Take your flight,
We come with our laughter and come with our song,
To chase you along.
We've been in the world where humans live
There pleasure we give.

   (When the fairies come into sight, the Elf closes himself up in his tree, shutting himself front view. The girl has her back to approaching fairies and does not see them at first.)


  Hark! dear brother, voices I hear,
Dimly at first, but they grow more clear.
The fairies are coming, and we must away.
If they find us here, what will they say?


  Fear not, dear children, and pray do not go.


  Brother, oh brother, I tremble so.


  The shadows are creeping in length o'er the land.
Ah! here comes the prince of the fairy band.

  (The fairies are now standing near the circle, but they face around as the prince, all gorgeous in purple and white, enters. He is humming a tune, but he stops as he sees the children and seems surprised but pleased. The boy takes a step backward in evident surprise and adoration.)


  Why beats my silly heart so fast?
The prince, the fairy prince at last.

  (The prince smiles and advances toward the boy.)


  Come my fine fellow, I welcome you here,
And my welcome is wanted, it would appear.
My subjects will dance for your sister there.
A gift I will send, both keep it with care.

  (The light is slowly fading. The children are still within the circle, and the prince makes them a grand bow, then turns to the fairies.)


  Dance, dance my fairies,
While treasures I bring,
Dance, dance my fairies,
While softly you sing.

   (It is quite dark now but for the rising moon, which throws its light over the two children, who are within the circle. The fairies dance around them, lively at first, but soon more and more slowly, singing a lullaby.)

Fairies Sing Softly

  The moon is rising in splendor most fair,
As we dance in the evening breeze.
And it 's throwing it's strands of long silver hair
O'er the tops of the trees.

  (Girl looks over her shoulder.)


  Why, the moon has risen!

   (Elfin voice from background.)

  You are caught in a prison.

  (The children look startled, but as the fairies resume their singing, the children sit down and listen quietly.)

Fairies' Song

  Sleep will come with the stars in the sky.
Memories of pleasure and pain will fly.
Sleep, gently sleep, and be it sweet,
And all the wonders of dreamland meet.

   (Slowly the fairies go out, humming. Then it is seen that the children are fast asleep in each other's arms. The prince returns, and seeing that they are asleep, he leans over them.)


  Children, children, know we are real,
No matter what the grown-ups say.
Oh, children dear, can't you feel
Us dancing while you play?
Sweet dreams, peaceful dreams!
Come again some other day.
Life may be just what it seems,
And so why not be always gay?

   (The prince goes out, and as he leaves, a ray of moonlight strikes the tree trunk. Instantly it opens, and the Elf steps forth. He goes toward the children, but stops just outside the circle.)


  Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! I couldn't get you,
But wait—Ugh! Ugh!—until next time.
Just wait and see what I will do
With these magic powers of mine!

  (A woman's sweet voice is heard approaching. The Elf hears it and looks startled and scared. He scowls at the sleeping children, then hurries back to his tree trunk. It closes, shutting him from view. A pretty young woman appears. When she sees the sleeping children, she goes to them and gathers them up in her arms and holds them close.)


  I followed a path along a wall,
Where lovely flowers grew.
That little path did tell me all,
It sent me straight to you.

  (As the mother says this, the tree trunk falls to the ground with a loud crash, but, as it is an evil unknown to the mother, she does not hear it but bends lovingly over the children.)


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