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Module No. 11

Dear Friend,

   Jupiter focuses the most benevolent rays through which the more lasting joys and achievements of our lives come. He travels around the Sun in about 11 years, and aspects every planet from all angles during that time, while Saturn requires 29 years to obstruct us from similar positions. Thus what we call "good" predominates overwhelmingly over the so-called "evil," and the realization of this fact should be ever with us to inculcate and cultivate an optimistic frame of mind. Present trouble is not so hard to bear when we can see "the turn of the lane," and as the student of Astrology has a sure foundation for his hope of better things he should be the most contented person in the world, even when in the midst of a period of trouble. An aspect of Jupiter is always about to form, and whatever department of life he is in (shown by the house), will be the avenue through which opportunity will come to you. One of the easiest methods a young student may use to predict events is by these transits, as we call the ephemeral passage of planets in the heavens. All that is required is an ephemeris for the current year and your own figure. The ephemeris show's Jupiter's position at a glance. A look at your own figure tells what house he is traversing and gives the key to his influence. You know the nature of the cardinal signs; in the answer to your last self-study module you gave a description of Jupiter's influence in these positions, and if you are not fortunate enough to have him thus well placed, maybe you wished such good fortune had been yours. But cheer up, though you may have not have the life-lasting benefit of a well placed Jupiter, he traverses the cardinal signs and the angles 4 to 8 times in an average human life; each time he comes to one of the important places in your horoscope, opportunity knocks at your door and offers you preferment and the realization of the dreams of your life in one direction or another. Be on the watch, however, for you must do your share and grasp the proffered hand of Dame Fortune or she will pass on. But even if you miss some of your chances, keep cheerful, attune yourself to the Jupiter ray, try to spread sunshine in other lives, and some day you will learn to live yourself into all the aspects of his benevolence; some life you will be born with Jupiter as the most prominent planet in your figure.

Independent Study
Module No. 11

The Fixed Signs
Part I

While the nature of the Cardinal signs is such that their rays stir our latent forces into action, and promote change, the most prominent quality of the Fixed signs is stability. But the student must beware of confounding stability and inertia. The action impelled by the rays of Cardinal signs may be changed into other channels with considerable facility; all they want is expression; the direction in which they express themselves is a secondary consideration. Not so with the Fixed signs. When their rays impel to action in a certain direction it is next to impossible to stay the force or change it. On the other hand, if they deny expression in certain lines, the obstruction is almost insurmountable. When Fixed signs are on the angles(the first, fourth, seventh, and tenth houses), they exert a well nigh irresistible force, impelling the individual along a certain line. He may be slow and plodding but is sure to be persistent in whatever he undertakes, and whatever talent he may possess in a certain direction will be exploited to its fullest extent. Setbacks which would take the courage from a person with Cardinal signs, do not daunt the man with Fixed signs on the angles; he knows no defeat, and therefore he usually gains his goal in the end and achieves success by concentration upon one point, and persistence in following his chosen path. On the other hand such people are conservative to the last degree. They may see and desire improvements in various lines, but are exceedingly slow to adopt measures to accomplish the desired end; they never do so until thoroughly satisfied that a certain method will meet the requirements. In other words, people with Fixed signs on the angles "look before they leap," they look a long time and very, very carefully, but on the other hand, when they have once been won over to a certain cause they are faithful unto death, and no more ardent advocates can be found; their zeal is almost fanatical. On the whole, people with Fixed signs may be said to be the most reliable people in the world, either for good or bad. When the rays from the Fixed signs come through so-called "good" planets and at favorable angles called "good" aspects, we have a man whose integrity is as impregnable as the Rock of Gibraltar, who could not be bribed with all the gold or power in the world to wander one single inch from what, according to his light is the path of strictest rectitude; who would consider life, or even love, as nothing compared to this rectitude. But the man whose destiny, self-made in former lives, has attracted the fixed ray through so-called "evil" planets and at angles called "evil" aspects, has walled himself in with limitations of such a nature that his entire view of life is askew; therefore he is out of harmony with his fellow beings. Shunned by them he becomes a recluse or an outcast; hatred and revenge burn in his breast . He may become what we call a criminal, because we do not understand how heavy his load is, that he is a young soul unable to bear the burden of life with fortitude equal to our own. If we could only have compassion to see and understand his limitations as revealed by the horoscope, perhaps we should be able to feel pity instead of repugnance. If every judge were an astrologer, and every court clerk were required to cast the horoscope of each prisoner arraigned so that the judge might see into the soul before judging, we should have more loving kindness shown those unfortunates and love would soon conquer where harshness fails. Such a reform will come in a not too far-away future, and though people of the "fixed" kind we have described will be the most difficult to win over, they will never backside once the task of conversion has been accomplished.

   The last expression brings to mind the narrow, sectarian fanatic who thinks everybody is going to hell who does not share his belief, who is as zealous in his efforts to convert all with whom he comes in contact as in denouncing those who do not respond to his well-meant efforts. He is another variety of these fixed people The student has now the description of the general salient characteristic imparted by the rays from the Fixed signs, and may easily detect their action in any horoscope, when focused through the various planets.

   The Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. In addition to the common characteristic, stability, each sign has its own keyword which describes its particular effect, and as the general quality, stability, is intensified when Fixed signs are on the angles, so also the individual nature and effect of each sign is more prominently observable when thus placed.

   In the Cardinal sign, Aries, the exaltation of the Sun fosters individual life, and the dynamic energy of the ruler, Mars, engenders egoism, so that the dominant forces of this sign create the individual self, the separate personality, which is prepared by the Aries forces to fight its way in life alone and unaided; but the forces of the sign Taurus tend to produce the family, that is to say, an aggregation of individuals bound by ties of blood and of love. Therefore the Moon is exalted in Taurus; her keyword is fecundation. Through her the generative forces accomplish multiplication of the individual, and Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is the vehicle of coalition, the force which binds parents and offspring into the integral whole which we call the family.

   When mankind was in its infancy Jehovah and his angelic host from the Moon together with the Lords of Venus focused the Taurian ray upon our race and welded all into one vast harmonious family obedient to their masters' wills. The Martial Lucifer spirits first started human emancipation from superhuman rule through the side of the Arian ray which is designated "the goat" in the Bible. Later came the "true light," the Sun Spirit, Christ, Who expresses the Arian ray in so gentle a manner that He is called "the Lamb." But also He exalts the individual above the family. Thus, the rulers and exaltation rulers of these two signs have aided human evolution and the past history of man is written in the stars so plainly that the seeing eye may decipher its pages most readily and also the pages of the future now in the making, for, "coming events cast their shadows before." It is marvelous, nevertheless, how The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception dovetails with the esoteric side of Astrology and how aknowledge of this science reveals depths of the Rosicrucian Teachings not otherwise accessible.

   Taurus rules the tongue; its keyword being harmony, and that of Venus coalition, it is plain that Venus in Taurus would designate the soft-spoken peacemaker, but Mars in Taurus destroys harmony by incessant talk, as an agitator or demagogue. Saturn's keyword being obstruction, would cause halting speech, loss of voice, or would make a pessimist. Many musicians have the Sun, Venus or Jupiter in Taurus.

   From the symbolic Garden of Eden where Adam dwelt under the Taurian ray in harmony and peace, while obedient to Jehovah, he was driven into the wilderness of the world under the ray of Scorpio which is ruled by the Lucifer spirits of Mars. According to their advice he "knew" his wife. Scorpio has dominion over the sex organs, and as the 8th house is the house of death, so Scorpio, being the 8th sign has in its ray the deadly sting of the serpent; therefore, death is the lot of all who are born from sex, and pain and sorrow is their portion in life. Instead of harmony which prevailed under the Taurian regime, discord is the keyword under Scorpio; "man is of few days and full of trouble," and will thus remain till he finds the way of regeneration foreshadowed under the other signs.

   When the dynamic energy of Mars conveys the ray of Scorpio, man becomes indifferent to the discordant cry of pain from his fellow beings. He can calmly cut a person to pieces in a surgical operation or slay him in battle; he can look without remorse into the eloquently pleading eyes of dumb animals which he tortures on the vivisection table. Fearless to the point of folly, indifferent to danger, he makes an excellent soldier, but a poor general.

   If the ray of Scorpio, which rules generation, is focused through Venus the planet of coalition, we may expect discord through the opposite sex, due to overindulgence of the passions. Saturn would obstruct intercourse and accentuate the discord of Scorpio in that direction. In a similar manner the keyword of other planets will give the solution to their effect in each sign.

   I trust you will not underestimate what has been said of the cosmic part of Astrology affecting human evolution. You may learn fortunetelling without that, but we are studying the science of the soul; that was not created at birth, nor does it suffer death. To understand Astrology you must know God's plan from eternity and realize that man is ever in a state of becoming. Of the two Fixed signs we have considered, Taurus and the Jehovistic hierarchies were factors in the creation of the human family. The fallen angels under Lucifer, who rebelled against Jehovah, brought the ray of Scorpio to bear upon mankind to assist in their emancipation. We shall see in the next self-study module, that the Sun being the octave of the Moon and ruler of the second Fixed sign, Leo, and Uranus, ruler of Aquarius being the octave of Venus, these signs, Leo, and Aquarius, radiate affection and altruism. Through them lies the path of salvation from sin, sorrow, and suffering.

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1. In the meantime, please tell us what effect you think the Moon will have in Taurus and Scorpio, and also the effect of Jupiter in these signs. Please submit four short paragraphs.

Additional Keywords That
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Independent Study
Module No. 11

Planetary Keywords


Domestic, Emotions, Imagination, Sociable, Responsiveness


Harmonious, Artistic, Security, Dependable, Conservative


Penetrating, Magnetic, Regeneration, Healer, Fixity


According to Self-Study Module No. 10: Benevolence, Generosity, Tolerance

  The Keywords give the essential nature of the Planets and Signs.

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Answers to Astrology
Independent Study
Module No. 10:

Jupiter in Aries, First House, Eastern Angle: Reinforcement of self-esteem Aries) through the expression of generosity and benevolence (Jupiter) in a forceful, courageous, and optimistic manner (Aries) through the personality (First House).

Jupiter in Cancer, Fourth House, Northern Angle: Protective (Cancer) expression of generosity and benevolence (Jupiter) in a sympathetic, nurturing and creative (Cancer) manner through the home life (Fourth House).

Jupiter in Libra, Seventh House, Western Angle: Harmonious and aesthetic (Libra) expression of generosity and benevolence in a congenial, artistic, and just manner (Libra) through partnerships and interpersonal relationships (Seventh House).

Jupiter in Capricorn, Tenth House, Southern Angle: Organized (Capricorn) expression of generosity and benevolence (Jupiter) in a prudent, conscientious, and traditional manner (Capricorn) through the attainment of professional and social honors (Tenth House).

Student Material:

The Sun —
Principle of Power

   Considering the simplicity of the structure of a horoscope we cannot fail to be impressed by the profundity of its symbolism. A center, twelve radiations bounded by a Circle — that's all. And yet it serves as a picture of Cosmos. Nothing in symbology represents so much, by such economy of means.

   The structure of a horoscope symbolizes the basis of manifestation of any thing — a human being, an event, a nation, or a solar system. Every objectification has its own pattern or vibratory rate, and the simple drawing of a circle with radiations from its center can be used to represent the "body" of this objectification.

   Let us consider a solar system: We are told that the Logos, having selected a spherical area of space at the dawn of manifestation pours its energies into the center, thus objectifying a Sun — or center of manifestation. The Will of the Logos interpenetrates this immense sphere in every part. From the center — or Sun — various fields for evolutionary activity are radiated. These "fields" we call the planets and each one provides a home for the development of various types of beings. Each planet stands in much the same relationship to the Creator as each color stands in relationship to the Principle of Light, or each tone to the Principle of Sound. The Sun, as central body, is the Logoic Will objectified, and the bodies of the system are the expressions of that Will in manifestation.

   The horoscope, as a map of the heavens, should actually show the Sun in the center. However, in relationship to the Earth, which is our field of evolution, and for astrological purposes, we include the Sun in the family of planets for this reason: in human terms, the expression of Will is yet to be developed by evolutionary processes. Humanity, for the most part, lives in its negatives, its feelings, fears, and desires. Consequently, domination from experience is inevitable. Living in the "Sun consciousness" would imply a complete identity with the Source, complete detachment from the claims of feeling, complete control and direction of all faculties expressed by a human being. This, in our terms, is Mastership. In other words, a Master, even in the flesh, determines his experiences by radiation from his own center, not by response to the urges and drives of his planets. He then, as far as is possible, is truly a creator — he lives in his Sun consciousness.

   From the standpoint of even the most mundane approach to astrology, the same drawing is used. The birthplace is the center from which radiates the variety of life experiences, in terms of people, places, and things. The same drawing is used to represent the "objectified Ego;" the Higher Self — or "God-potential" is the center of the circle, and the varying states, or expressions, of that potential are the planetary positions and aspects. The horoscope is thus seen,in whatever application, as the symbol of a manifestation of God.

   Since the Sun represents the highest state of consciousness known to man, the principle implied is that of Power — the first Logoic aspect. We, as astro-analysts, must give very careful attention to the Sun aspects in the horoscope because these represent the "degrees of God consciousness" that the person has thus far attained in his present cycle of development. Every benefit Sun aspect, indicating a harmonious or constructive application of the Power principle, is a redemption. Every malefic is thus seen to be a hindrance or perversion of Power. The Sun is the synthesis of all the planets, and any planet identified with the Sun by aspect, dispositorship, etc., gains thereby in power and scope of expression, both spiritually and mundanely. Planets, particularly the dynamic ones, placed in Leo, indicate that their constructive expression must be based on the right use of power; afflictions indicate the tendency to pervert it.

   An interesting study is to be found in the charts having the Sun unaspected. Such a pattern tells us that, on this cycle, the person concerned is initiating his power consciousness. Sign position of the Sun tells us the spiritual or esoteric path of this development. House position tells us where, in this incarnation, he makes his start. Planets in Leo, and their aspects, tell us through which agencies he is seeking to express the Principle of Power, and by them through which channels his Power consciousness will express in the future. The Sun, however aspected, placed in the fourth house, shows the possibilities of power expression in the maturity of life. The negative aspects to this position show the people or experiences and reactions that will threaten this fulfillment during years of growth.

   Let us impress on our minds the thought that afflicted aspects involving the Sun are serious problems. The other planets may be in conflict with each other and many problems result thereby, but when the consciousness of power and purpose is stunted, the ability of the person to deal with his planetary difficulties is greatly limited. Solutions are thus much harder to find and apply. In other words, the entire horoscope is weakened to the degree that the Sun consciousness is inhibited or depleted. And, consequently, the dynamic afflictions in the chart have just that much more power to "afflict dynamically." Force, or energy of any kind, must, in the final analysis, be controlled by power radiating from the center. Clarify this thought by imagining the Sun position as the center of activity in the chart, radiating its energies in all directions. The squares and oppositions to the Sun will thus be seen as lines of force from the planets intersecting, or interrupting, these radiations at right angles or head-on from the opposite side of the circle.

   Basically, the house with Leo on the cusp shows which department of life contains your source of Power experience or "lesson of Power." Whatever afflicted conditions are indicated in that house — and there may be many — express your power and authority in the affairs of that house to the best of your ability. The planets there show what you want to express, but Leo on the cusp shows how you can best express those urges. Where the Sun is placed shows where we seek to dominate directly and rule our conditions. It is, then, our "center" for this incarnation. A great variety of "Sun conditions" are, of course, possible. However, any planet in favorable aspect to the Sun — thus integrated to a degree with power — may be utilized as a counteractive to negatives in other parts of the chart. Any such planet is automatically very influential in the chart and may assist in the working out of disharmonies.

   A consideration of the negative aspects to the Sun: Charge the afflicted planet with power, read it negatively; thus is found the essence of such aspects.

   Sun-Mars: Power-Desire: Power is expressed through conflict, competition, domination, sex conquest, ruthlessness, and cruelty. Mars is basic, or primitive, self-expression, and when power is abused through it, its vibration releases tremendous energy that tends to result in some form of destruction, pain to others, or "domination at all costs." Power is here seen to express as egotism. This aspect is symbolic of the unregenerate masculine polarity. To a degree, the Sun, afflicted in Aries or Scorpio, carries much the same coloring; also, any affliction to the Sun conjunct Mars, in any sign. Since this aspect is so basically masculine in quality, its redemption may be found in some constructive application of the feminine polarity: Moon, Venus, or Neptune.

   Sun-Jupiter: Power-Pride: In this aspect, power is expressed in various forms of negative, or false self-approval. These forms of " patting oneself on the back" may be traced to the kind of consciousness which gives undue value to financial abundance, social or professional position, family background, egotistical reference to talents and abilities, and the kind of benevolence which is usually expressed with an eye to recognition or acclaim. An aspect of "false aristocracy," symbol of snobbery and pretension. The person so conditioned tends to exaggerate that which he deems worthy in his own nature and conditions, and reacts with anger or hurt at any implication that he is not all he pretends to be. Open, frank criticism and he closes his ears and consciousness to retire into his ivory tower of lofty, offended dignity; but let him hear, indirectly, that certain fine things are expected of him and he will bend over backwards to uphold the fine opinion which he values. In other words, he will "pour his power" into improvement if he feels it is worth the effort, but, in reverse, he will pour the same streams of power into his pride if he is belittled. He must maintain his good opinion of himself! Such a person could do nothing better to harmonize his inner disharmonies than to create a regular pattern of benevolent deeds — and not talk about them.

   Sun-Saturn: Power-Unfulfillment: This is, perhaps, the most "painful" of all the afflictions to the Sun. An area of experience is thus shown to be so lacking in fulfillment that the energies of the very Center itself are needed to redeem karma. In a horoscope that is predominantly dynamic, this aspect throws a heavy emphasis on ambition and achievement in some form. The "urge to climb" is intensely felt, and power is utilized to a large degree in overcoming obstacles. It would appear that this pattern represents a past in which opportunities for development were neglected or wasted. In this incarnation lost time must be redeemed. In a predominantly passive chart, this aspect is heavily gravitational in effect; the requirements of Saturn hold the person to Earth. In such a case, check carefully for any dynamic urge in the chart which may provide a possible release of power into channels of growth. The persons represented by Saturn in this aspect are those who tend to repress or inhibit the person concerned. They threaten his very individuality, and though he may have to redeem a much needed experience of responsibility, he must, for the sake of his own constructive and healthy living, not allow himself to become so influenced by other people that he becomes subject to despair, depletion of self-confidence, or other possible psychological negatives.

   Sun-Uranus: Power-Lawlessness: This is the aspect of the anarchist. Because of the nature and purpose of Uranus, its square to the Sun, or conjunction afflicted, is a potential for terrific destruction in some form. So great are the possibilities of energy release indicated by this combination that every agency of control must be found and carefully analyzed. A heavy tendency to crystallization in some form is automatically implied as an accompanying factor to this aspect — check the Saturn conditions carefully and thereby determine in which part of his experience the person tends to rebel with such intensity — and possibly even violence. An aspect of potential genius is indicated by any aspect of Uranus to Sun, but the square or opposition seems to indicate the possibility of considerable destruction attending its expression. If "harnessed," this aspect pours into the other planets involved tremendous magnetic and dynamic charges, and, consequently, when directed constructively, it can make for great achievements and abilities.

   Sun-Neptune: Power-Illusion: This is a very subtle and difficult aspect. The power to visualize — and dream — is intense, but since this aspect indicates the perpetration of illusion in the past, it shows a pattern of disillusionment in the present incarnation. The dramatic instinct is pronounced; in fact, so much so that at times the person lives in his dream of "things as they might be" rather than realizing things as they are.

   In an artistic person, particularly those arts ruled by Neptune — music and drama — this is a very inspirational aspect; but it is inspiration without control. When stimulated the person can, with no effort, "tune in" on subtle influences and become, himself an instrument. However, the price that is paid for too much of this "tuning in" is physical, psychical, and nervous depletion — loss of power, vitality, and health generally. The people represented by Neptune in this pattern — in its negative phases — are those who may lead him into weakening habits, and thus deplete his retention of purpose.

   If the chart is mainly passive in quality with little source of stimulus or "urge," this aspect, if strongly marked may indicate a person whose life is dreamed away to no purpose or fulfillment. He must, sooner or later, come to grips with reality, and unite his efforts to some degree, with the channels of constructive living. When his dreams shatter into bits and his ivory tower crashes, and those he loved and admired turn out to be the greatest source of his pain, then he must meet these experiences with a constructive application of Neptune-faith, spiritual knowledge, purified love, and above all, learn from his disillusioners. They only reflected that which has been false in him in the past. This aspect shows an attunement with higher forces, or at least unseen forces, which in negative expression brings the person experiences with the lower astral ray. He must, to reconstruct his pattern, purify and cleanse his "inner pictures" through constructive meditation or prayer — and put his inspirations and dreams into reality by some form of work or toward the fulfillment of self-directed purposes of realizing truly high ideals.

   Sun-Moon: Power-Feeling: The astrologically inclined parents of a child with Sun and Moon in conflict must try to adopt an impersonal attitude toward it. This aspect shows that its subconscious mind is very easily impressed and " pictures " of negative feelings taken in childhood may obscure its self-awareness and create confusion for the rest of its life. A study of such a child's chart will reveal to the parents the directions it will want to go, but, if in their over-concern for every moment of its existence they impress it with their worries, fears, and anxieties, they will render it a great harm — that of clouding its sub-conscious with their own negative states and insure its inability to "carve its own course" as it grows up. A child with this aspect should be guided constructively to make its own decisions, never forced against its will. This applies, of course, to relatively unimportant things. Naturally a child cannot just run wild, but those little things that are of personal concern to it should be let alone by others so that it can establish, to a degree at least, its awareness of its little world. It has been found that some influence in childhood, impinged upon the sub-conscious of the child, has resulted in an inner conflict that resulted in disharmony and failure in adult life. When a child learns to know its own power without undue, or negative, influences on its subconscious it is so much better able to foresee, plan, create, and fulfill its purposes. After all is said and done, the Sun does represent the flowering of personality and ability, and the awareness of self as a creator of good can best be stimulated right in the beginning. If an adult person with Sun square or opposition the Moon consults for a solution to a disintegrative tendency in his life, do what can be done to urge him to psychoanalyze in some form and bring to the surface of his conscious mind the compulsions which may have been impressed on him when he was little. He must get them up and out in order to clear his channels for a more constructive expression of life.

The Moon —
Principle of Motherhood

   In the study of the sign positions and aspects of the Moon in a horoscope we deal with one of the fundamentals of life-expression: the basis of feminine polarity. The Moon is one of the cornerstones of a chart; she is the root from which springs all the other variations of the passive, receptive, and emotional phases of the personality. The fullest significance of the Moon vibration can be comprehended only when every human being is understood to contain within himself, or herself, the essences of both polarity; every chart has Sun-Mars as well as Moon-Venus, in some pattern or other.

   Physical sex, in the world of forms, is a specialized emphasis of either polarity for the purposes of perpetuation. But, on the inner planes of subconscious impressions, feelings, karmic memories, and racial patterns, the Moon influence prevails. Fulfillment of evolutionary processes is thus seen to be made in the physical aspects of both polarities, usually alternating, and since physical sex is attended by a specialization of experience, everyone must know the life of male as well as female. This "specialization" is not only of expression but, automatically, of karma; thus certain lessons can be learned only through incarnation as female. In this connection, much in the karma of males may be traceable, by cause and effect, to unfulfillments and misdirections of the feminine urges in past embodiments, and the Moon, in male charts, is the key to these karmic patterns. The karma that a man experiences through women is merely the objectification of this own unregenerate feminine polarity; he is manifesting as male, but, by reflection through his contacts and exchanges with "the women in his life," these inner disorders are manifested.

   Mars, dynamic and vitalizing, is the function of impregnation, the essence of male sex; the Moon is that which receives this energizing and nurtures the dormant seed into form. Thus, the Moon is the link between Ego and family race. She is the agency through which man as male projects himself into the streams of life.

   Thus, the Moon is seen as the Principle of Motherhood and, in mundane or objective astrology, this is her primary signification. Through experience as mother, mankind receives lessons that are second to none in scope, depth, and importance. It is as mother that the potentials of Mars selfishness, Mars egotism, Mars domination, and Mars destructiveness receive their first alchemicalized transmutations through the initiation of self- sacrifice demanded by the functions of motherhood.

   Much has been said, for ages past, about the sacredness of motherhood; how few people realize that the same urge which moves a primitive, animal-like woman to lend her body to pain in order that the stream of life may be perpetuated is, in microcosm, the same urge by which a Master, through highly developed forms of transmutation and alchemy, "nurtures" the spiritual life of the race. The primitive woman responds instinctively to the urges of blood and desire; the Master fulfills his transcendent aspirations in impersonal love. When the nurture of the life of another — or others — is concerned, the motherhood principle is expressed. (Astrologically, of course, the woman in the above example is Moon->Mars; the Master, as an expression of spiritual Light synthesizes the planetary spectrum. In his case, the Moon is cosmically expressed as Neptune and Mars is expressed as Uranus).

   How, might be asked, can each child in a large family have the Moon in a different sign, since all have the same mother? Because of the quality of experience involved in maternity, and the changes of "capacity," psychological and emotional levels, and in domestic situations which may occur during the years of fruition, a woman is not quite the same person at the birth of her sixth child as she was as a mother of one. Each child in a family group has an individual pattern, and his, or her, Moon reflects or indicates an individual "mother picture." Hence, though the mother is the same individual she is "seen" differently, according to the consciousness or subconsciousness, by each child. And — and this is very important — she may have a different kind of karmic bond — some expression of basic attraction or repulsion — with each child. Thus, each child's Moon indicates a different pattern of reactions and feelings in his relationship with the mother.

   The sign position of the Moon in the chart of a girl — a potential mother — shows, basically, what kind of a mother she will, or can be; the Moon aspects describe her basic motherhood experiences. In a boy's chart, by reflection, the Moon describes the general trend of his domestic experiences and the essence of his attitudes toward women generally. There is an important point to be made in this connection: because of the transition of the mother of a family, the father may, in his children's life, have to take her place; his Moon is indicative of his ability to fulfill this responsibility. In other words, he, then, must be mother as well as father and not only his Sun-Mars but his Moon as well are all given direct expression. The reverse holds true: a woman's Sun-Mars indicates her ability to exercise the power and initiative to make a living for her family if the father passes. Both polarity patterns are then synthesized through the Uranus vibration for the transcending of relationship responsibilities and family karma.

   The Moon as a mental factor: The Moon symbolizes the processes of the subconscious "mind of feeling," not of detached, impersonal thought. She is opinion, based on family or racial patterns which may, or which may not, have much reference to actuality. In other words, she is "thought that is motivated by feeling response." Here the Moon is seen as "personal viewpoint" which is certain to make itself evident when a person discusses anyone or any thing while in a state of emotional disturbance. As the basic factor of the mental triad — Moon, Mercury, Neptune — the Moon finds her regeneration through the processes of emotional discipline and control and the development of personal detachment. We are connected to people and things only to the degree — and in the kind of degree — that we have feeling about them. It is our feelings that make for "reality" as far as personal reference is concerned. It is only when feeling has been eliminated, prejudice removed, parental and family influences transcended, and inner poise developed that "things are seen" — through Mercury — "as they are in themselves."

   Thus Mercury says: "This hat is blue." An impersonal fact. The Moon might say: "I think this hat is lovely — the color is just like my baby's eyes." Personal feeling. These are, of course, trite examples, but they serve to indicate how personal feelings can influence our interpretation of facts.

   This trick of the Moon to disorder our perceptions, by feeling, can manifest in larger ways to produce tragic results. A young woman is "jilted" by her sweetheart; she reacts, in feeling, with intense resentment and suffers for years with the (subconscious) conviction that " all men are cheats and liars." (We can just see her tense face and hear the shrill words). She is not thinking with her intelligence but with her feelings of disappointment, outraged pride, and loneliness. A man suffers some unkindness or injustice at the hands of another man of different race or nationality. He reacts with bitterness that spills out on his children. One of his sons "takes in" this unhappy impression, and, because one person gave his father a "bad time" he, the son, is from then on prejudiced against the people of that nationality and he feels the strong urge to condemn them all, without reservation, to perdition. In this example, a weakness in the son's make up is revealed. He was not using his own ability to think, but left himself wide open to the negative impulses of the father's disturbed emotions. And, until he strengthens his power to discriminate and think — consciously — he will continually victimize himself, through his uncontrolled feelings, in his attitudes about that particular nationality.

   This retention of subconscious patterns, through feeling, represents on a large scale that which is known as "race memory," and in this connection the Moon, as "mother," stands for identification of the individual with his nationality or race. Mars urges us to fight for our country, but through the Moon we love our country as a child loves its mother. The symbolism is paralleled, exactly. As long as race consciousness pertains to the subconscious patterns of a person, he is in the same kind of bondage to his "feeling of nationality" as a child is "in bondage to his mother" when he sees, in the protective security of her love, the be-all and end-all of his living. These states of mind are, in essence, identical; one is infantilism with reference to an individual, the other is infantilism in reference to a race pattern. When emotionality is matured, all mothers are Mother, persons of whatever nationality are Brother and Sister, and any — or all — nations can be Home. However, in the scale of things, each race pattern provides a "nurturing mold" — or home — for specific and evolutionary purpose. Each is "good in its own time and for its own purpose," just as each mother is, "the right mother for each child."

   Since the Moon, as a mental factor, pertains to the interpretations of the horoscope for a psychological or psychiatric standpoint and so cannot be dealt with in detail here, we offer a few points of basic interpretation of the Moon, as Maternity, in combination with the other planets.

   The degree or intensity of maternal capacity is indicated by the sign position of the Moon, "experience-patterns," by the aspects made to the Moon by the other planetary bodies. In the sign Cancer the Moon is at her most motherly position; the urge to nurture is here the most marked. The next two best signs for maternal capacity are Taurus and Pisces. In Leo, the Sun sign, she glows with warmth and power, but with a positive quality that contrasts with her basic passivity of nature. In Libra she blends beautifully with the Venusian vibration of the partnership sign which emphasizes the seventh house impulses. In Gemini and Aquarius she is at her most purely mental, and in Aquarius the Moon is as impersonal as she can get — detached, scientific, and friendly rather than purely motherly in feeling. In Capricorn she blends with the form side of life through the Saturn vibration; here she is practical, capable, dependable, but somewhat lacking in the responsiveness and sympathy that mark the maternal urge. In Scorpio she is intensely emotional and generative, but the watery Mars vibration emphasizes force and severity. This position is considered unfavorable for the Moon from a physiological standpoint. In a man's chart it does not reflect a particularly harmonious or happy "picture of women." In Aries, the Moon is most definitely "un-herself." Here she expresses with a dynamic, egoistic, and masculine quality that is the antithesis of her feminine nature — the keyword is "self-assertion."

   It must be emphasized that the Moon focuses the maternal urge, but there are several kinds of "variation of experience." These are indicated by planets which are found in the sign Cancer, ruled by the Moon; these planets are said to be disposited by the Moon. Also, planets in the fourth house — regardless of sign — indicate, to a large degree, the objective side of the "home-consciousness;" it is through "home experience" that these planets find their chief channel of expression and highest potential for fulfillment.

   The faculty of instinct is one of the keywords of the Moon function. In this connection, the Moon symbolizes a "race urge," a "biological compulsion." She represents the most deeply rooted expression of the drive of the feminine polarity. Though passive and receptive in nature, the Moon finds her rulership and detriment in Cancer and Capricorn, both cardinal signs; thus a certain dynamic or generating faculty is seen in the Moon functioning.

   To the degree that the Moon is allied with signs that are congenial to her, she expresses with strong drive, deep fulfillment needs; when she is allied to uncongenial signs, she must express her urges through qualities that are not congenial to her basic keynote; to the degree that she is well-aspected, she promises fulfillments, harmony of give-and-take in experience, and health; to the degree that she is afflicted, she indicates "feminine karma," both objectively and subjectively, the needs for transmutation and regeneration of feeling, physical disharmonies — particularly in women — ; and the indications of transmuting the feminine expression are shown by any affliction to the Moon in the charts of men as well as of women.

   The following interpretative notes must, of necessity, remain basic and simple, for clarity's sake. Remember that the Moon rules the function of the subconscious mind, and any afflicted aspect represents a negative "picture" which brought over from the past is "close to the surface of consciousness," and will manifest, definitely in childhood. The transmutation of a horoscope starts with the transmutation of afflicted Moon aspects.

   Moon-Sun: The maternal impulse is here identified, in some way with Power. Afflicted, feeling and purpose are in conflict — either one tending to predominate; excess of the Moon influence tends to deterioration of inner strength; with excess of Sun influence, maternity is expressed in terms of domination and tyranny. This is a disintegrative aspect because the person, through "feeling about herself," is not fully aware of inner capacities, therefore, self-assurance is lacking; to regenerate this aspect, power, in domestic experience, must be redirected for Moon fulfillments, not expressed just for its own sake. Benefic, feeling and purpose are harmonized; maternal experience is expressed and fulfilled with capability; a certain " positiveness " is found, thus indicating the possibility that the mother may be the "leader" in the family. Moon in good aspect to the Sun, is a redemption in any chart because it shows an integration of basic polarity.

   Moon-Mercury: Afflicted, feeling and maternal concern conflict with thought; the mother with this aspect needs mental disciplining because she tends to "interpret" according to her feelings at the moment, and not in line with actuality. She should watch her words carefully and not give way to overmuch talking while she is emotionally disturbed because she is apt to commit herself to untruths and injustices. "Take time to think" is a good policy for redirecting this impulse, and, when this aspect is found in the chart of a child, the mother will recognize that the child is very impressionable to her words — she must not inflict on his mind her negative impulses and thoughts. Many people who have this aspect have been, karmically, impressed with the negative expressions of their mothers' emotions, and have lived for many years with unhappiness because of the "pictures" which were impressed on their subconscious minds in childhood. In either ease, mother or child, mental discipline and emotional poise, are of prime importance to creating happiness and success. Establish the habit of "finding out the facts," (Mercury) and by acting in accordance with them, feeling can be controlled.

   Moon-Venus: These two form the basis of the fulfilled feminine polarity in the sense that they indicate woman's emotions as mother and as mate. Since Venus is "cultivation and refinement," her inharmonious patterns with the Moon indicate a lack of sympathetic feeling; depending on which of the two is the more strongly emphasized in the chart, the maternal urge will obscure the "response to the other fellow," or the esthetic or partnership urge will obscure the needs for motherhood. This is an aspect symbolizing an inharmonious relationship with the mother, as far as emotion is concerned. And, in the chart of either a man or a woman, it represents a need to balance and complete the feminine patterns. This process may be done by (for the Moon) taking advantage of opportunities to express the urge to nurture and (for Venus) development of courtesy, cooperation, "thinking in terms of the other fellow" — which, after all, is the basis of all civilized (Venusian) living. Benefic aspects between Moon and Venus indicate a basic cultivation of the emotional nature. Refinement and charm, courtesy and good taste have been built in; these qualities may be reflected, physically, as beauty and grace. Harmonious relationships with the mother, or women generally, are promised. Cultivation of esthetic faculties are also indicated, since the subconscious mind has been strongly impressed by the redeeming factor of "thinking and acting in terms of harmony."

   Moon-Mars: This, in whatever form is a touchy aspect, since the two form the basis of "primitive emotion." Intensity of subconscious impressionability is indicated and the maternal feelings are highly charged. If negative, particularly the square, this is "hot-temper," irritability, jealousy, and resentment. The urge to dominate is strong and such mothers tend to "lead their children by the nose." This aspect indicates the possibility that ambition and the "urge-to-achieve" is stimulated by the experience of motherhood — such women feel the urge to "fight for their children." With the negative aspects, this urge is expressed with great force; the "law of fang and claw" is much in evidence. Potentialities of hatreds and enmities are strongly evidenced by Mars afflicting Moon, since the subconscious mind is keenly impressed by the "urge to defend and defeat." Harmonious patterns of Mars-Moon indicate the possibilities of much more constructive action — energy is expressed through the urge to achieve rather than the impulse to destroy. This is a courageous mother, intrepid and valiant, who is capable of living her maternal experiences in terms of positiveness and hard work. A good Saturn, Venus, and/or Jupiter aspect to the Moon — patience, harmony, and/or benevolence — are good correctives for Mars-Moon afflictions.

   Moon-Jupiter: The maternal urge is expressed through benevolence and abundance. Afflicted, the mother may be inclined to over- indulgence — she seeks to "overprotect" her children; a superabundance of maternal concern is indicated, and though the motives may be utterly sincere and unselfish, the mother with Moon afflicted by Jupiter is lacking in judgment — her feelings obscure her sensible evaluations and she tends to weaken her children by making things "too easy for them." She must discipline herself by, to some degree, disciplining her children. She must allow them the privilege of developing through the exercise of their own initiative and in fulfillment of responsibilities. In thus "freeing herself" from them she, to a degree, gains in perspective and emotional control. Benefic aspects between Moon and Jupiter form a very beautiful pattern of amplitude, generosity, sincerity, and balanced judgment. Such a mother expresses herself abundantly and healthily. She is a radiation of warmth and comfort, a source of well- being for her family, both physically and psychologically. This aspect is an astrological portrait of Ling Sao, the mother in Pearl Buck's book, "Dragon Seed."

   Moon-Saturn: Here the maternal experience is identified with the form side of life through Responsibility. The conjunction of Saturn with the Moon makes the maternal experience something of a crucifixion — even beyond the ordinary meaning of the word. Maternity, in this instance, "nails" a woman to the exigencies of life, and through domestic experiences, she must fulfill herself through many obstacles which may be actual, but which also may be because of her subconscious viewpoint. This is a pattern of "narrowing" — much has to be done through a limitation of scope. Inflicting Venus and/or Jupiter, Moon conjunct Saturn presents a rather sad picture — a domestic experience lived rather joylessly and in terms of limitation of means. Afflicting Saturn and/or Mars, the vitality and "thrust" are depleted — achievement is made against the counteractives of restraints and inhibitions. Saturn square or opposition Moon steadies the temperament and may prove a necessary counter-active to dynamic afflictions, but the Saturn influence will be felt as impediment, restriction, or inhibition. The position of Saturn will show a channel through which the maternal urge will express for the fulfillment of responsibility. The benefic aspects between Moon and Saturn indicate control of feeling and integration of practical abilities. This is the strong, competent mother who lives in an orderly, methodical manner. She is a pillar of dependability and, whether or not she is particularly emotional or loving, she still is reliable and able to put the domestic side of her life on a sound, practical basis. Perhaps somewhat lacking in "expressiveness," she is a loyal and devoted mother who expresses her maternal love in her desire to protect and stabilize.

   Moon-Uranus, Moon-Neptune: In these patterns, an indication is shown whereby the basic maternal urge may be redirected into impersonal spiritual, universal, or creative channels. In contact with Uranus and Neptune the indications of the Moon take on a scope that she does not have with the lesser planets. The subconscious mind is sensitized and vitalized by attunement to what might be called "cosmic patterns" — intuition and the psychic faculties may be unfolded. Moon-Uranus is much more dynamic and creative; Moon-Neptune is more sensitive, emotional, receptive and compassionate. However, the interpretative approaches to these aspects must be made from a comparison with the Moon's aspects to the lesser planets — since they form the "first steps on the ladder;" Moon trine Uranus, square Mars is not as easy as when Moon is sextile or trine Mars. In this example, much control and direction is required of Mars before the Uranus trine can express constructively. Otherwise Uranus, backed by a disorderly Mars, may express destructively. Moon trine Neptune, square Sun is a very sensitive Moon, impressionable, psychic; but with disorder between Purpose and Feeling, or depleted vitality; the sensitivity of Neptune may result in some form of negative psychism and mental confusion. Study the Moon-Uranus aspects by synthesizing the Moon with the other dynamic planets that she may aspect; Moon-Neptune — compare her patterns with Venus and Saturn. We must know how the subconscious mind is aligned to either the masculine or the feminine polarities — this gives us a key to the basic subconscious quality. Moon in aspect to either Uranus or Neptune is a clue to "latent universality" since these aspects show the directions by which the primitive, basic "flesh and blood" urges of the Moon will, in time, be expressed in terms of impersonal, or cosmic fulfillments.

Supplemental Student Material Reference: Studies in Astrology, Elman Bacher

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