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The Fixed Signs
Part III

   In addition to the departments of life mentioned as being governed by the celestial sign Leo and its terrestrial counterpart, the fifth house, Leo also rules our children in general but particularly the first-born. The reason is readily apparent in view of what we have already said about the ardent love of Leo and the pleasures signified by the fifth house, for the very helplessness of those rays of sunlight from heaven, the children, constitutes an irresistible call upon our care, for which we are rewarded by joy unspeakable. The fixed nature of the sign gives stability to this emotion, and the ardent affection of parents for their children generally endures while life lasts.

   The rays from the Cardinal sign Libra focus the master passion, the intense craving to possess another, which causes men and women to rush into wedlock imagining that heaven has descended to earth and bliss eternal is theirs. But when the Cardinal influence has spent itself, they are disillusioned, alas, too often. Then the union may be dissolved, and other attempts at happiness through possession of another may be made; but until the true marriage of soul to soul is consummated, the scales of Libra will continue alternately to swing from sunshine to sorrow.

   Thus while the conjugal relationship contracted under the Cardinal ray may be transient, the relationship between parent and child generated under the fixed ray of Leo and the fifth house is indissoluble, it endures for life.

   Judgment concerning the question of children to be exact requires study of the horoscopes of both prospective parents, as both are concerned in the matter; but so closely are we connected with one another that by turning our own horoscope upside down so that our seventh house becomes the first, it will show the principal facts concerning our mate. Held in this position our eleventh house will be his or her fifth, and signify children. Therefore when we judge the question of children, we consider both the fifth and eleventh houses, the signs on the cusps, their rulers and planets in these houses.

   It is a curious fact and seemingly an anomaly that Leo and its opposite, Aquarius, on the fifth house deny offspring unless the Moon, Venus, or Jupiter is there, for these planets are givers of children. Still, when we remember the lofty form of affection generated by the solar sign, we readily realize that it can give little or no expression to the lower passions and fosters only the feeling of friendship, of comaradery. Cancer, on the other hand, is highly fertile, being the home of the Moon, the planet of fecundity. When the fifth house is occupied by this sign of either of the other watery signs (Scorpio and Pisces) the parental emotions are powerfully stirred, and many children result. As said, the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter in the fifth house give children; but Saturn, Mars, and Neptune deny offspring or cause their death to our sorrow, particularly if aspected by square or opposition. In ancient times when "nerves" were unknown, undeveloped women went through maternity without trouble; healthy children were born in the natural environment without doctor, nurse, or assistance from anyone. The mother did not cease her activities for more than a few hours, and yet infant mortality was insignificant compared to its proportions in modern times. At the present time doctors and nurses are called in to aid maternity at the critical phase of childbirth which requires the most delicate attention. Due to higher sensitivity, the mother is left depleted of energy for weeks after the stressful nevertheless exalted, event, and in extreme cases the side effects may leave long lasting infirmities or even endanger the mother's life.

   When a tuning fork is struck, other tuning forks within radius of its vibratory waves will sing in unison if of identical pitch. When not so attuned, they remain unresponsive and mute. Each circling planet strikes a certain note in the song of the spheres, and all on Earth in accord therewith respond automatically unless their wills restrain. But when humanity was in its infancy, it could not respond to the vibratory pitch of as many planets as it can today; therefore the ancient astrologers were not concerned with several planets which are felt as factors of fate today. Saturn, the planet of obstruction and concretion, was first felt as an agent of coagulation; through his agency the discrete spirit-substance was crystallized, and concrete matter came into existence as the basis of physical form. Next the vibratory force of the Sun made itself felt as Life to leaven the hardened earth; then the lunar vibration made fecundation and fertilization possible. Mars and Venus next aroused the passional nature, and material manifestation of animal human was accomplished.

   The early races born under these planetary vibrations knew none of the finer feeling found in more modern times; they loved as the tiger loves, passionately, fiercely. The males fought each other for a mate as animals fight; the females fought for their young. Even in mediaeval times these traits were observable. The ray of Mercury commenced at an early stage to evoke reason in man. Its vibrations have increased in intensity, developing the intellect and sensitizing the nervous system. Thus the finer feelings have been developed, and man is now capable of responding in a measure to the humanitarian influences carried by the ray of Jupiter. The more advanced feel the Uranus vibrations, and a still smaller number sense the spiritual vibrations of Neptune.

   But as the vibratory range of the nervous system increases and we become capable of enjoying pleasures undreamed of by our primitive ancestors, so also is our capacity for suffering intensified. A physical shock which scarcely registers upon the consciousness of previous generations may produce a complete collapse upon the part of a high-strung nervous person. In the case of maternity, were Uranus in the fifth house of the horoscope of a mother in prehistoric times, she would have hardly felt its effect at all; but in the chart of today's women the event would bring a certain amount of difficulty and pain in delivery — the child may have problems in drawing its breath and other conditions might endanger its life.

   Neptune would impart a nervous system too delicate for ordinary physical use, for he is the octave of Mercury, and therefore a child born under such an influence would be peculiar, sometimes altogether mentally deranged. St. Vitus dance, which is inability to coordinate movements, is due to the hypersensitiveness given by Neptune. Saturn obstructs childbirth and makes it painful; the use of forceps is frequently necessary, and the children are difficult to rear. Mars makes for operations, loss of blood, and puerperal fever. Pluto involves surgery as in Cesarean operations and its forceful nature can provoke premature birth as well as death.

   Christ said: If I be lifted up, I will lift all the world unto me. This does not mean, as is commonly supposed according to the materialistic conception, that if He were lifted upon the cross He would save people. The human, the microcosm, follows very closely the development of the macrocosm. When the earth was more dense in the ages we have just passed, when the Virgin Spirits were at the nadir of their evolutionary career, humanity was encrusted to such an extent that they could not vibrate to the high pitch of the planets which make for spirituality. But as the Christ Spirit working in the Earth leavens it with His vibrations, it is lifted out of its density and becomes more and more ethereal, more and more attuned to the great solar heart of the universe working through the sign of Leo. As this takes place, the human, the microcosm, also learns to respond to the finer forces in nature; the ardent affection of Leo gradually replaces the passionate impulses of Mars, and the warmth of the spiritual overcomes the cold obstructiveness of Saturn. Thus instead of the present method of conception in sin and suffering, by degrees there will come the immaculate conception, of which we are beginning to get a forecast in the science of eugenics.

   Great measures of time must pass ere we shall be able to propagate the race by a higher method than the one we have today. But as the Spirit of Christ working in the earth gains in power and potency, the fifth sign, Leo, will cease to correspond to the fifth house ruling children; the sixth house and Virgo will then indicate the method of purity and service whereby we shall perpetuate vehicles more etheric that those of the present time. Therefore, though at the present time Leo is the most important sign of the zodiac, in the future the purity of the sign Virgo will supersede it in the department of children; and the ardent affections of Leo will find a nobler outlet through the opposite sign Aquarius of which we shall speak in the next self-study module.


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   In the last Astrology Independent Study Module we requested you to finish setting up the horoscope on which we had been working previously. Now please state:

1. What you think is the prospect of children for the person described therein?

2. What pleasures would most attract him or her?

3. What is the innate love nature?

   All of these things are determined by Leo its ruler, the Sun, and by the fifth house, the sign on its cusp and planets therein.

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Student Material:

The Principle of Energy

   As the Sun symbolizes the creative center of things, so Mars stands for the energy which flows, like blood, through the life of manifestations and makes possible all forms of growth, sustainment, and progress. Mars may be called the Sun's "right-hand-man." The two together synthesize the masculine polarity and, in primitive or undeveloped types, who live in emotion and desire rather than in will, Mars takes the place of the Sun until certain stages of evolution have been transcended.

   Mars is essentially egotistical, separative, frictional, and dynamic. His is the voice of I am, I want, I will get, I defend myself, I defeat my enemies, I must survive. It is through his vibration that we see other manifestations of life-people, experiences, things-as obstacles to be overcome. They, in our consciousness, stand as threats to our life, satisfactions, and progress.

   Thus, Mars is seen, in the horoscope, as the center from which we struggle for self-sustainment — on all planes. He represents our degree of eagerness to live, our determination to keep going, our urge upward and onward; he is the steely eye, facing the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Mars, unregenerate, is I will have what I want — at whatever the cost to others; regenerate, is alchemicalized into the shining gold of courage — his cardinal virtue.

   Thus, we see that Mars is the maker of karma, because he is our projection into life. He is the basis for action, but not its fulfillment. He is the objectification of consciousness because in what we do we reflect that which we are. Through Mars we live in, and for, ourselves, but when energy is expressed in terms of union with others (the Venus vibration) then Mars finds his regeneration.

   Mars, as energy, is the principle of work. His degree of expression indicates how we bring zest, enthusiasm, force, and drive into that form of experience which represents our contribution to life and the channels through which we make a living. There is a universe of difference, in consciousness, between work and labor. In the first, we do the thing we want to do, as a form of self-expression and psychological release; in the second, we simply do something for the pay involved. To the first we bring an urge of the heart to do our best, in terms of action; in the second, material self-sustainment is the only concern — a routine, automatic doing in order to make money.

   Mars, as the principle of work, does not necessarily mean a Mars type of work. A musician, poet, philosopher, teacher, nurse, lecturer, or what-not can bring to his line of activity this principle of work-as-fulfillment. Mars shows how strong is the urge to work, to self-expression, to effort, to development; any afflicted, or inhibitive, aspect to Mars in the chart shows a depletion of urge, a scattering of energy, a lack of courage, and a tendency to knuckle under rather than to carve out destiny.

   We must not confuse the indications of a talent with the indications for a life work. A person may have all the indications of being a gifted artist of some kind, but if Mars is not connected with this pattern, the art expression cannot be taken as the vocational pattern, since his urge is not expressed through it. He may use it as a hobby or for creative release in some way, but his life-work pattern, to be authentic, must include some degree of the Mars vibration to insure success and fullest accomplishment. Anyone who follows, as a life work, some activity unconnected with his Mars potential, does not, and cannot, really work-he just labors and struggles and wonders why he can't seem to get ahead, and ultimately insuring unhappiness for himself. Mars, as a factor of the life-work-pattern, may show by direct aspect to other planets involved, by being strong himself, or by his dispositorship of others.

   In line with present-day concepts of constructive psychology, we know that much internal disorder is due to the misdirections of Mars, because Mars is the prime symbol of the sex impulse, the creative motivation of all life. In the vibration of Mars, mankind finds one of its chief sources of Ego-expression through the accomplishment of sex exchange — or, as undeveloped people express it, sex conquest. Mars, as conquest, in this reference is seen as an expression of utter selfishness, in which the satisfaction of the desire urge is the only objective. It is only when this urge is experienced in terms of mutuality that "exchange" takes place. In this case, Mars, through Venus, is gradually redeemed or regenerated into higher and higher expressions of love.

   In primitive life, Mars finds its feminine counterpart in the Moon. One is the urge to initiate or project life, the other is the urge to bear and nurture it. The Mars-Moon pattern in the horoscope of either male or female may be described as the desire potential; Mars-Venus is the love potential, and the Sun must be taken into account in the analysis of the parenthood potential. Synthesis of the patterns of Mars, Moon, Sun, and Venus will indicate the possibilities of fulfillments, frustrations, predominant emotional tendencies, and polarity urges of the person's nature. Careful attention to the afflicted aspect that exists between any two of these planets that is most nearly exact by degree will indicate the pattern that contains the most deeply rooted potential for frustration or disharmony in the emotional nature.

   Space does not permit a complete, detailed discussion of Mars all its patterns with all the other planets, but, because we are primarily concerned with psychological factors in astrology, we must, at this time, offer some material in reference to Mars and the sex urge. In recent years, the sexual factor of human nature has been the object of intensive study on the part of all people who seek to assist others in their development, and the astro-analyst has a big contribution to make in this connection. He sees in the horoscope a picture, like an X-ray, of the emotional potentialities, not just as static patterns of reaction, but, karmically, as expressions of the Law of Cause and Effect — from the past, through the present, and pointing to the future. We are now concerned with "afflicted" aspects.

   Mars-Moon: The subconscious mind is charged with unfulfilled, disordered sex pictures; sexual reactions are easily aroused and, when expressed, are done so with intensity. Great wastage can result if scientific and spiritual sex instruction is neglected — the subconscious pictures must be cleansed and re-organized. Parents should allow sex awareness to come into the lives of such children without fear or "nasty-niceness" because these false attitudes only serve to make the problem more difficult. Naturally honest and honorable approaches should be made as soon as the child evinces sex interest. His energies should be given constructive and productive outlets, and, without undue strictness or harshness, the child's early life should contain a certain routine of activity that can serve as a mold for his energy outlets. Well balanced physical training is very beneficial, since the organism then has a chance to develop through energy output, and wholesome respect for the physical body can be inculcated. The child must be taught respect for his sex organism, and with such redirection of his subconscious, healthy attitudes may be absorbed. These factors become comparatively more important to the degree that Mars is strong by sign (Aries, and particularly Scorpio and Capricorn) and/or if the Moon is in Scorpio and the planetary occupancy of water signs is marked.

   Mars-Venus: The fires of Mars (desire-passion), when distilled through the alchemy of Venus result in the flowering of human love because Venus is the result of energy expressed in terms of the other fellow. Venus in the chart may be strong by sign, aspects, etc., but if Mars is weak, then the love potential is slight. In this case, Venus would be identified as culture, artistic or social abilities, love of beauty, etc. The love potential is clearly shown as a possibility of fruition if Mars and Venus are in aspect to each other — the desire impulse then has a direct contact with its alchemical agency, but careful synthesis must be made regarding possible factors of frustration or inhibition of this process.

   When Mars is strong and Venus weak, if the two aspect each other the pattern shows a possibility, in this incarnation, of developing the love nature. This pattern shows a predominance of the masculine impulse (initiative, conquest, etc.), which, for flowering, must be harmoniously cultivated. When Venus is the stronger, and Mars is debilitated, then the receptive, or feminine qualities, predominate and the person is sub-consciously attracted to a more positive or dynamic partner. Mars square Venus is a detriment to the expression of Venus, however well aspected she may be otherwise, because she does not, in this case, receive the dynamic impulse in constructive or fruitful form. The result of this aspect may show as: a deep urge to love, but the inability to express it; the tendency to express love in terms of ego assertion rather than heart expression; an over-predominance of the basic masculine qualities that creates an unresponsiveness to the feminine expressions of life — or a lack of understanding of them; the person may prefer to live his life in terms of work rather than love.

   Mars-Uranus: This, on the emotional plane, is dynamite. The potential for passion is very great and, if Venus is connected, love may be developed to extraordinary degrees. Intensity is the keyword, whatever the expression. Since Uranus is the fusion of Mars-Venus into creativity, this aspect shows a tremendous urge to create or invent, in some way, and the aspect shows the need for much control and direction. Inhibited, the dynamic energies can be banked up and choked to such a degree that there is great danger of destructive outbursts, emotionally or physically.

   The negative expressions of Mars-Uranus combinations show that energy may be wasted or dispersed in extreme degrees and, in the sexual expressions of life, this aspect indicates a pattern of unregenerate sex as protest or lawlessness. This is a symbol of possible libertinism — the person may scatter himself as the impulse moves him; he doesn't want to — or can't — be held down to what he calls "limitations" or "bondage of relationship." He is, in his terms, a "free soul;" so free is he that, emotionally, he can't keep his feet on the ground at all-but flits hither and thither. Such a person should be advised that unless love impulses are molded into constructive and fruitful forms, nothing but wastage is the result.

   Other conditions allowing, Mars-Uranus can indicate the possibilities of powerful sublimations, if the energies are directed. A cause, an ideal, a lifework, any of these may be the channel through which the person redirects his sex potentials into impersonal expressions. This process presupposes a strong willpower, and if such is lacking in the chart, the scattering of this intense expression of Mars energy can result in very difficult and painful karma. Mars-Uranus also indicates a possibility of perverse expressions of sex through over-balance of the masculine polarity, and emotional balance and fulfillment difficult to attain. This pattern should be carefully compared with the feminine indications in order to ascertain the possibilities of emotional integration.

   Mars-Neptune: In this afflicted pattern we have a symbol of many obscure and difficult-to-put-the-finger-on conditions that have been the object of re-search by psychiatrists and psychologists for many years. It is an indication of a high-strung and easily affected nervous system which, under certain types of stimuli, can result in serious deviations of the sex-impulse. We may describe this pattern as sex-illusion.

   Attended by a pattern of frustration, this Neptune influence may cause the person to seek release through the "liberations" of drink and/or drugs. The organism is sensitive to these stimuli, and since — or if — the love potential is deficient, the person has the urge to find his sexual releases through false and illusionary forms. These releases are unhealthy, destructive and, because the lower astral vibrations are repeatedly contacted, very contaminating. The energy releases are diffused into "dreams" and emotional health retarded-in extreme cases, destroyed completely.

   However, reactions to drink and drugs can be corrected by therapeutics; Mars-Neptune can indicate something even worse — expressing the sexual nature and impulses through symbols. In this form of pathology, subconscious pictures have been brought over in which the person does not, or cannot, express his sex urges with another person at all — he can only be stimulated by some inanimate thing which symbolizes to him an object of desire. These perverse forms can only be uprooted by careful analysis and therapeutic or spiritual psychology. Something "devilish-way down deep" has become an emotional reality to the person which twists and deflects his urges out of all normal perspective. Check the chart carefully for every indication of possible healthy emotional expression, by which the person's sex impulses may be brought into alignment with the reality of human patterns.

   The above pertains to extreme or complicated conditions involving Mars and Neptune, and of course other factors must contribute to indications of such perverse tendencies. However, Mars-Neptune does indicate some form of sex expressions that deviates from the norm. Let us consider a few possibilities of regenerating this pattern:

   Energy may be sublimated through creative art, music, or drama; work may be found dealing with the healing professions; devotion to human welfare in some form could be a splendid corrective measure in redirecting the desire nature; knowledge and understanding of sex, physiologically, psychologically, and esoterically, would certainly serve to clarify the mental pictures so that the person could, to greater degree, understand his problem; establishment of cleanliness as a factor in his physical habits could bring his consciousness into attunement with the ideal of inner and outer purity; and, above all, establishing in the consciousness the goal of love by which all desire impulses find their regeneration.

   Mars-Saturn: The essence of emotional frustration. To the degree that Mars is strong by sign and aspects, this frustrating pattern can create trouble and pain, and cause the person to develop all manner of complexes, inferiorities, self-deficiencies, and fears. Study the chart esoterically to determine the purpose of this frustration — why is the person being held back by Saturn? What must he fulfill through Saturn. Then, when fulfillment of the responsibility has been made, what avenues does Mars have for constructive, creative, and healthy living. This aspect serves a serious purpose, wherever found in the chart. Mars has been misused in the past, and now must by karma, be held in restraint, for his energies are needed to rebuild a distorted pattern. Appeal to the person's self-respect, honor, and courage — he must understand that the inhibitive force must be dealt with and so transcended.

Principle of Improvement

   When we analyze the symbol of Jupiter, we see a semicircle surmounting, or overshadowing, the cross of material manifestation. This semicircle may be interpreted as the Moon — the function of nurture — or as a general symbol of spirit. In either case, the essence of Jupiter's purpose is conveyed.

   In the case of the former, we see the "principle of nurture" permeating all physical manifestation — preserving, healing, and amplifying the component parts of experience-as-incarnation; in the second, it identifies Jupiter as the agency by which spiritual forces are made manifest to earth consciousness.

   Jupiter must always work through form; his scope is definitely conditioned by the dictates and requirements of Saturn. He is not transcendent, as are Uranus and Neptune;he is a "fore-shadowing" of them, since he provides a channel for the exoteric presentation of spiritual truths. In psychological application, he is those qualities of mind and heart which provide an invigoration and uplift to the evolving consciousness. He is the arterial blood in the physical body — the fresh, clean, nourishing fluid which in its course carries out a work of renewal and sustainment. He is the ninth house of the horoscope — the true judgment and understanding which are distilled from experience, and which provide pabulum for constructive progress in life.

   There is always a plus quality to Jupiter's vibration. He is "more than just enough." He is bigness and amplitude in any form. His is not specifically an aesthetic vibration, but his "personality" is certainly clearly evident in the complexity, magnificence, and splendor of pageant, ballet, and grand opera. His is the extension of Mars energy which we call "play;" he is the enthusiastic, laughing, progressive, generous lover of life.

   If one word were required to sum up the virtues of Jupiter, that word must certainly be benevolence. Jupiter is our capacity to give — sincerely, abundantly, and wisely. It is through Jupiter that we blend with the lives of others from a motive of assisting them, by a radiation to them of our best of heart, mind, and material resources. Jupiter is philanthropy, he is the beneficence of religion. He is any means by which we, individually or collectively, improve conditions on this plane. Jupiter can be expressed, of course, in terms of "self and self alone," but this is not his ultimate capacity. No matter how much wealth an individual acquires, how large his home, how elaborate his wardrobe, how vast his inheritance, or how extensive his education, he does not live up to his Jupiter until he gives something of his abundance to improve something outside of himself. It is through this extension that Jupiter counteracts possible difficulties caused by Saturn crystallization due to fear of loss. Jupiter and Saturn work hand in hand when intake is accompanied by a beneficent output.

   Psychiatrists, psychologists, and astro-analysts — attention! Jupiter never demonstrates his power more specifically than when "output" has been made as an expression of gratitude for the receiving of "intake." Sincere gratitude — to a person or to God — provides a quality of "openness" for the consciousness, making it more and more attuned to growth and to abundance of expression. No aspiring person lets a single day of his life go by without feeling and/or expressing gratitude to someone for something. This is a sincere, joyous, positive gratitude; it is not a servile crawling by which the receiver debases himself and insults the giver. Jupiter's psychology — thanks for the gift and a willingness to share it — is a profound and a far-reaching one. It is a nourishment to the mind, body, and soul, infusing, as it does, a stream of renewing energies into conditions that have been allowed to become crystallized, morbid, and unhealthy. Our national festival of Thanksgiving is enjoyed when the Sun is in the sign Sagittarius — ruled by Jupiter!

   There are some who contend that Jupiter is well taken as a symbol of the father — carrying out the masculine version of the nurture urge. Be that as it may, of one thing we can be sure; Jupiter is the symbol of the teacher, or "spiritual father." Jupiter nurtures the spiritual mentality, and as such he is represented by the clergyman. Any teacher is a spiritual parent — his work and purpose is to guide the younger, or undeveloped person, along the lines of unfoldment that do not pertain specifically to physical needs. Saturn is the principle of Jaw, in the esoteric sense; but the 9th house is the profession of law, as a protection of the people. The 9th house is also the Church, as a protective and instructive institution. Thus the 9th house, through Jupiter's rulership, seems to sum up the " consciousness of right and wrong," not in the abstract or absolute sense, but in terms of the person's cycle of development his racial background, and the religious mold in which he is manifesting.

   Jupiter is our direct outward expression of this consciousness and his position and aspects in the horoscope show how and by which means, if any, we feel the urge to teach people the way (we think)they should go. A 9th house unafflicted by either planet of occupancy or planet of rulership is indicative that the person, in this incarnation, will have no difficulty, by and large, in finding the religion that he really needs and wants. He will be brought in contact with the teachers that are best fitted to feed his spiritual longings. Afflicted, the obstacles are shown to be the attainment of religious or philosophical satisfactions. Long delays, confusions, disillusionments, and disappointments are indicated by afflictions to the 9th house, and afflictions to Jupiter himself indicate how we, individually, need to discipline and train ourselves in order to express our fullest capacities as teachers or moral leaders. Much karma can be read from 9th house afflictions, by deducing from Cause and Effect; they are the"detours" which the person has made on his path towards spiritual unfoldment. This unfoldment of spiritual consciousness and understanding certainly bears out Jupiter's function as the "Principle of Improvement."

   One of the most fascinating phases of astrological interpretation is to be found in the "negative" or "karmic" aspects of Jupiter. Benevolence, higher understanding, protection, abundance, generosity — how can such a planet represent "evil"? Plenty, my friends, plenty!

   In so far as Jupiter is a "dynamic," his evils are to be found, as in the case of Sun, Mars, and Uranus, through unbalance, uncontrol, and uncultivation. When the urge to improve is perverted, Jupiter manifests in many unpleasant ways, the chief inner one is:

  False Pride: This is the person whose urges to self- approval are so strong that he cannot listen to advice or sincere criticism. Thus, he can't — and usually doesn't — improve himself by some processor other, but he keeps himself going by maintaining a disjointed evaluation of his own worth. The astro-analyst who reads for a person with this aspect must be tactful — you can not help him by "spot lighting" his defects because he will resist and resent your observations. You must maintain an attitude of approval, and without being untruthful, you must sugarcoat the medicine. If he asks for the "unvarnished truth" remember that for him the "varnish" makes the truth palatable. Analyze the chart carefully so that you find something in which he may justifiably feel proud of himself. At the same time you must ascertain what snag in his life causes him to wear the mask of false superiority as a compensation. His pride may center on family, position, nationality, background, the possession of money, or of a genuine talent. No matter; whatever is valuable to his inner self must become usable and objectifiable to have any real value.

  Arrogance: This is a variation of the above, caused by a mixture of Mars with afflicted Jupiter; a noticeably unlovely quality that causes the person to "force his pretensions." The arrogant person is essentially unkind — his attitudes toward other people seem to comprise condescension, unjustified superiority and snobbishness, with a certain cruelty by which he expresses his false pride, no matter who is hurt in the process.

  Wealth: Financial abundance is one of the devil's favorite traps. Since money is a medium of exchange, no more, no less, it is only the persons who can use it without being either bound by it or fooled by it who possess a well-integrated money consciousness. Wealth, to certain types of people, is synonymous with character, virtue, spirituality, and what not. They say that the success of a marriage is insured if the husband to be has "plenty of dough." To them, financial return justifies the perpetration of any manner of dishonesty, injustice, or perversion of responsibility. A "lucky man," they say, is a rich man, one who has so much money he doesn't have to work. He can buy anything he desires, his children can have anything they want and his wife is smothered in luxurious idleness. They say, occasionally, that the possession of wealth would compensate them for any suffering or problem in their lives. They are people who cannot learn from their suffering, nor can they understand or handle their problems. Such persons coming into an inheritance of millions, would embark on the shortest possible journey to disaster. They give to money a power that it does not possess — and thereby deplete their own powers. The scion of a fabulously wealthy family, some years ago, inherited something like ten million dollars on his twenty-first birthday. He had been surrounded by luxury since his babyhood — he knew nothing else. At the age of thirty-five he committed suicide leaving a note for a friend saying, 'I have only fifteen thousand dollars left — I have nothing to live for." This is symbolic of a Jupiter, possibly afflicted by Neptune, ruling the twelfth house — the illusion of the power of wealth as a source of self-undoing. Let wealthy people with afflicted Jupiters take care how they use money and how much power they give it over themselves. Wealth implies great scope of usability — and, since we "can't take it with us," we might as well learn to apply it as an expression of constructive and productive living.

  Generosity: On certain cycles of evolution, people are tested as to the sincerity with which they express their urges to give. One would think, superficially, that if a man has an urge to give something — how can there be impediments? But there are, and here is a hypothetical example: During the past incarnation, the person lived meanly and acquisitively — gave only when it was absolutely necessary, or with an ulterior motive of getting something in return. Toward the latter part of the life, he was the recipient of a generous, unselfish deed performed by another. He was moved with deep gratitude and as he passed out of incarnation, he impressed his subconscious with the desire to live longer that he might, in his turn, express his gratitude. He comes into this incarnation with that urge very close to the surface but the sincerity of that urge, because it was late in developing, has to be tested in order that its reality may become part of his consciousness. So he may have a parent who is overindulgent toward him and who doesn't want him to give to anyone — and the person finds himself involved in a frictional circumstance. If he really wants to express his subconscious feeling of gratefulness he must take his stand against the parent's overindulgence. If he allows the parent's influence to push him off his path of expression, he has failed his test. To the degree that he allows other influences to smother his generous impulses he will again become enmeshed, not only in self-concern, but in a very painful frustration complex. His " urge to give" is representative of an impulse of his higher nature — the frustration of it causes a distinct reaction of self-contempt and feelings of unworthiness and self-abasement. If in the example cited above of the person with the overindulgent parent, he realizes that resentment and friction are growing in his attitude toward the parent, he can, with philosophical approach, counteract that tendency and transmute it by feeling grateful toward the parent for providing, even though unconsciously, a much needed test. His attitude should grow more and more "outgoing" in keeping with his purposes of growth. Great religious leaders, or any persons who "give to the race," are tested in this way. They give of their best, no matter what the immediate result may be.

  Church-Experience: Many people in their processes of growth toward the unfoldment of spiritual understanding, find that their lessons come from distinguishing the "real from the unreal" through contacts with other persons in church activities. This type of karma-afflicted Jupiter ruling or occupying the 12th house — seems to pertain to people who have come into the present incarnation with a strong "religious urge." Much of their transmutations will be stimulated by contact with hypocrites, fanatics, and those whose spiritual pretensions do not match their development. These persons members of the same church — are the objectification of the afflicted Jupiter aspects, and their "performances" are certainly a source of deep testing for the aspirant. He loves his church, believes and has faith in the teaching, seeks in every way possible to establish cooperation and harmony with the others so that the church may stand as a credit to the community and as a standard of spiritual conduct — and what does he get? Everyone pushing and fighting to be the head of this or that "committee;" backbiting criticism going on all the time; the minister who makes his religious teaching a scourge and a punishment; the well-to-do man who threatens to withdraw his financial support any time his personal wishes — and prejudices — seem to be ignored; and so forth — you've met them, at some time or another. These are all representations of false pride, arrogance, presumption and pretension, bluff and false front. They are not very pretty pictures, but they are Jupiter- unregenerate. The person with the afflicted Jupiter vibration who is hurt and disillusioned (tested) by such persons is seeing his own past experiences reflected. He is now sincere and aspiring, but in this incarnation his sincerity, faith, and trust in spiritual principle are being given a chance to see what is real and what is unreal and spurious. He will fail his test if he allows the "shadows" to turn him from his progress. He must learn from the shadows, not be overcome by them.

   In psychological parlance, the term "mechanism" is used to identify certain deep-rooted subconscious drives. Correlating with astrology, we identify the "defense mechanism" as Mars the "escape mechanism" as Neptune. Jupiter certainly identifies the "compensation mechanism." We all, every single one of us, are seeking fulfillment, and wheel karmic patterns create disorder, incompleteness, frustration, and lack, we automatically feel the urge to "compensate ourselves" for what we feel to be our most deeply felt deprivation. In other words, we are driven to establish "improvement" and "beneficence" even if we must do so vicariously. The aspect in the chart indicating the most strongly felt "lack" or "frustration" may, certainly, involve Jupiter — but it is not necessarily so. However, because of the very nature of Jupiter himself, is it not reasonable to suppose that the "positive" expression of Jupiter will provide the most direct and satisfactory "compensation"! It is through Jupiter that we give; when we give we open ourselves, in consciousness, to receive. We cannot receive the fulfillment of our deepest needs, unless, and until, we put into action our willingness to make that thing possible for another. We then "contact" our Jupiter by direct expression in terms of his house position (environmental factor), benefit aspects (scope of constructive expression), and the planets to which he is related by benefit aspect (relationships, activities). An unaspected Jupiter indicates that "the time has come to begin giving." As long as we think of life in terms of "self-isolation" we stagnate — and Jupiter becomes more and more choked up by the crystallizations of Saturn. A multi-aspected, but afflicted, Jupiter, needs various kinds of control and direction; such a Jupiter may represent many psychological complexities which the person must, for clear understanding, approach with reason, fact, discrimination, and analysis. Mercury-Saturn is the corrective that most closely applies to the disorders of Jupiter.

   In synthesizing the patterns of Jupiter in a chart we not only observe his aspects and houses of occupancy and rulership; we must also study the conditions of the 9th house in co-relationship to get the picture of Jupiter as a spiritual significator. Jupiter is the level of Spirit in the lives of the people who are manifesting in the consciousness of forms. As such, and for them, he parallels the vibrations of Uranus and Neptune in the lives of people who have attained, to a degree, a consciousness of transcendence.

   Jupiter amplifies whatever he touches. Unless he is dignified — in Sagittarius — it is important to analyze with care the conditions of the planet which disposits him. An entirely afflicted, or variable Jupiter disposited by an unafflicted planet indicates that the constructive qualities of the dispositing planet may be used to help Jupiter control and discipline himself. An afflicted planet dispositing an unafflicted Jupiter is indicative that the planet may, to a large degree, be redeemed from its afflictions through the expression of Jupiter qualities at their best. In this case, Jupiter must "clean the house where he lives" — the constructive expression of his vibration provides a channel of transmutation for the afflicted planet.

   The afflicted conjunction of Jupiter with another planet indicates the tendency of that planet to express excessively — a quality of "too-muchness" is simplified. The expressions of the person toward the conditions and experiences of the conjuncted planet are misdirected because Jupiter afflicted, is "poor judgment;" "judgment" being defined as "soul- knowledge," the distillment of experience — not the result of factual study. However, in the case of such an afflicted conjunction, the power of Jupiter promises a rich return if the planet concerned is expressed constructively; the constructive expression of such a planet can only be made as a result of detached observation coupled with extensive self-discipline. The continued negative expression of such a conjunction — undirected energies — indicates an inevitable depletion of resources.

   The "graduations" of Jupiter show that his vibration expresses most purely in Sagittarius, Cancer, and Pisces. He is at a disadvantage in the Mercurial signs, Gemini and Virgo, and, in the opinion of the writer, Jupiter is most perfectly un-Jupiterian in Virgo and Capricorn. Virgo is analytical and detailed, persnickety and faultfinding — the opposite of big, generous Jupiter. In Capricorn, Jupiter is "opportunistic" — he tends to give, but with an eye to what he will get in return. The religious urge, mixed with the vibration of Saturn, tends to formalism and dogmatism. If Jupiter in Capricorn is multi-aspected and has some direct connection with the 9th house of the chart, then the religious urge — is seen to be extensive, but the person should study religions with the purpose of understanding them so he can understand other people and not for the purpose of contention, argument, or forcing his opinions on others. If the person is a teacher, of any kind, his Jupiter in Capricorn emphasizes the tendency to ambition and display. He must learn, somehow, to"get into the minds of his students" so that in his teaching he may be better able to unfold their latent capacities. His tendency will be to try to make them conform to his particular molds of thought. Jupiter in Capricorn needs to learn how to give — and to give without consideration of possible return.

   In Leo, Jupiter shines gorgeously, but when afflicted, self-justification and self-esteem are strong. This is a "noble aspect" but perverted and stunted it can manifest a blazing arrogance and mountainous superiority. In Taurus, blending with the Venus vibration, Jupiter takes on a coloring of "financial abundance" — he expresses his qualities in terms of things of earth. In Aquarius he is very social and humane; he seeks to establish and maintain abundance in his relationships with friends — he is a beneficial influence in group activities. And so with other signs.

   Jupiter in the 12th house: the benefit aspects describe Jupiter as a "guardian angel " — a deep, subconscious awareness of protection. This is evidence of having "given secretly" in the past and the promise of "eleventh hour luck" in this incarnation. All seems to be lost and someone appears just in the nick of time to preserve the situation. This is the person who should not make a display of his giving — doing so is the corruption of the pure expression of and depletes his power for doing good. Regardless of Jupiter's sign, the 12th house is affiliated with the sign Pisces, and Jupiter's position here is indicative, to a degree, of the possession of a radiation of healing power to those who are sick and confined. No person with this position need feel that there is no one who needs him — there are plenty of them in hospitals, orphanages, and asylums, to whom he can give of his utmost and best for the alleviating of their suffering and the improvement of their conditions. To give money for good purpose is fine, but when Jupiter is at his best, he urges the giving of one's self — in time, work, and interest.

   Jupiter, afflicted in the 12th house is "self undoing through false pride " — a subconscious condition which " blacks out " perspective of one 's self .It also shows the karma that may be experienced by — or through — the possession of wealth and how the misuse of that abundance may lead to inner deterioration. The house of Jupiter's rulership, in terms of experience and/or relationship, is here seen to indicate a condition of limitation which can be redeemed, if unoccupied, by the expression of constructive Jupiter qualities. Twelfth house Jupiter throws a "mantle of secrecy" over the house that has Sagittarius on the cusp, and afflictions to Jupiter from other planets indicate a tendency toward furtiveness, hypocrisy, and false front. Jupiter, to live at all, "must out" — and if his outer expressions must be experienced in secret or behind the scenes then, for his best, he must he expressed with the utmost sincerity and genuineness possible, or corruption can result.

   Jupiter in the 2nd house: Financial abundance, with benefit aspects, is assured by this position if the person is doing the work he is meant to do, the work he most loves to do, and the work through which he can give the most of his best. In other words, Jupiter can only "bring in the bacon." if he is expressed in such a way that he is able to radiate of his best. Which brings up this question: What about the man with Jupiter in the 2nd who is only capable of doing a "routine, over and over" kind of work? He is not aware of loving his work — he does it to make enough money to live by. He can assure himself of increased return if he makes the effort to improve his ability and scope of work expression, even within the limitations of a routine job. There is always room for making improvement — and the man who makes this effort thereby, even unconsciously, makes a contribution to the job at large. To the degree that he improves, the work, as a whole, improves. Jupiter not only "loveth a cheerful giver" but he takes the hand in assistance of anyone who improves in some way.

   Jupiter in the 6th house: Unafflicted, this is a preservative of the health. If the general patterns of the chart show a tendency to disease or physical inharmony, this position of Jupiter promises alleviation if the person himself does what he can to establish correct and constructive habits and health processes. He must try to improve his own physical conditions. Applying to work, this position of Jupiter seems to point to the assurance that the person will "do the work that he loves to do;" he has a clear channel for throwing into his work experiences his enthusiasm, determination to progress and to succeed. afflicted, Jupiter shows the tendencies to physical disharmonies through overindulgencies, and, in work, the inclination to do the kind of work that will assure the most return for the least effort. If the person doesn't give through his work, he lessens his opportunities and depletes his capacities for progress.

   Jupiter in the 10th house: Afflicted this is a subtle condition that warrants careful study. In the consciousness of such a person, "reputation" is seen to be a source of protection and beneficence, no matter how illusory. The "urge to improve" is here seen to he expressed as the "urge to improve in the eyes of other people, or of society at large." This position is the essence of pretension, a forced, contrived, artificial veneer which is applied to hide any manner of deficiency and unworthiness. This is the worldly ecclesiastic who glorifies God by the biggest cathedral, and the wealthiest congregation, to whom religion is a matter of publicity, renown, and fame. This is the "society hanger-on" who feels happy and comfortable only when being seen With the right people, who "preserves herself" by living in the good impression she makes in the eyes of those she admires and considers "superior," Jupiter afflicted in the 10th house or conjunct the ruler of it and afflicted, brings out much the same quality. Reputation seems to be the focus of Jupiter expression in either case. Renown, the actual attainment of it or the "way down deep" desire for it, is an extension of "reputation." A great person may have it conferred on him without his having any particular desire for it; another person may find that his capacity to improve himself may grow in the proportion that he is acclaimed for his achievements; still another has so strong a desire for a kind of self-approval that comes with recognition by the world that he has no scruples about attaining it, in some way. With this pattern of afflicted Jupiter, study the chart carefully to find the possible deficiencies that the person tries to cover up, those things which urge him to compensate for by pretension. If the person is going to be put on a constructive path of living, the debris that clutters up his mind and reactions must be cleared away, and his possibilities of attaining real attainment must be brought to his attention.

   Jupiter in the 4th house: Jupiter creates a condition of abundance in the house he occupies. This position, supported by benefice, promises affluence in the latter part of life, and a sort of "flowering"of higher impulses comes as a result of constructive activity during the years of growth. Anyone may have to deal with all kinds of difficulties during the course of incarnation but Jupiter in the 4th house makes of his home-life a sanctuary. Afflictions to Jupiter in the 4th show how depletion may be caused by wastages of opportunities for growth and improvement, thus causing a condition in the later years of turning to the home-circle as the only refuge for peace and comfort. This is an indication of affluent, or at least generous parentage. The domestic pattern is stamped with a coloring of plenty. The person finds in home life an enrichment of heart and spirit — and whatever he may be in the eyes of the world, or in professional activities, he radiates his best to his family. When he establishes his own home, he tunes in on something in his nature that represents his best. Jupiter's vibration expressing through 4th house conditions paints a picture of a devoted husband, a generous, loving father, an/or respected honored matron.

   Jupiter in the 5th house: an abundant love capacity — the children are regarded as the blessings of life. Afflictions may indicate the experiences by which the person, as a parent, must develop understanding and judgment but, on the whole, this person finds his or her life expanding with amplitude through contact with his children. Because Jupiter is basically masculine his position in the 5th house of a man's chart indicates the joy he finds in fatherhood. His love of children is unlimited — he would like to do everything for all of them. Mr. Heindel had Jupiter in Sagittarius in the fifth — he was truly a "spiritual father," his capacity for devoted love was unbounded. Afflicted Jupiter in the fifth needs the discipline of discrimination. This is the parent who could so easily spoil his children by overindulgence, or whose excessive concerns for them could move him to overprotect them. He must find some means of developing a more detached, impersonal attitude toward them. Unregenerate Jupiter in, or ruling, the fifth, shows as a "compensation-mechanism" through excessive addiction to pleasure. This is the man who does not know how to turn his abilities to much practical account, so he improves his financial conditions by gambling and easy speculation. Mixed with a Mars vibration, sex pleasure can be the means used to "compensate" for unfulfilled love urges. Negative Jupiter-Neptune patterns involving the 5th house can be very bad — since Neptune is the essence of the escape mechanism, and if the desires for pleasure and "joy" are excessive, a jaded appetite may turn to the lurid compensations of drugs or excessive drinking. This pattern throws an influence of perversity into the pleasure experiences — artificiality, luxuriousness, and the morbidly sensational can take the place of those things which are healthy and truly "recreative." An afflicted Jupiter vibration expressing through the 5th house can do nothing better than establish, if possible, a response to pleasure activities that are conducive to improving health along natural lines. The out-doors, hiking, swimming, gardening, etc., could be employed, to a degree at least, with good results.

   Jupiter in the 3rd: this is a mental expression of Jupiter. Study becomes the channel for improvement, and education a necessity. Fluency of expression is indicated, but, if afflicted, Jupiter needs method and routine. Benefit aspects indicate happiness through fraternal relationships, which in turn "feed" the possibilities for success in mature relationships. Generally this indicates a capacity of abundant mental resources, a mind fertile in ideas and capable of retaining much knowledge. Possibilities for public expressions are seen to be incentives for study and intellectual development.

   Jupiter in the 9th: Jupiter in the ninth house, or in Sagittarius or disposited by a planet in the ninth emphasizes the "spiritual aspiration capacity." Professional patterns refer most specifically to law, the church, and teaching. Jupiter himself shows how we express our religious convictions, the planet ruling the 9th indicates our basic feelings about, and attitudes toward, religion generally. An empty 9th house — unoccupied, Jupiter unaspected and the 9th house ruler insignificant by scope- -shows that the person is not yet attuned to the "understanding" side of life. He is still involved with" things as things. "To the degree that Jupiter and the 9th house have "scope," the patterns show to what degree the person has distilled understanding from his patterns of experience, and to what degree he seeks further understanding. The Jupiter mentality is the mind that is primarily interested in principles rather than dry factual knowledge. It sees the ceremonies and appurtenances of church as being symbols of inner truths and is interested in tracking down the origin of these outward symbols. The person with a strong 9th house will "seek until he finds" the religious concept which most fully satisfies his needs, and when he finds it he recognizes it almost immediately.

   As seen we study a chart from a psychological standpoint, it is of some importance to get a "picture" of the person 's ability to think in terms of principles — because all corrective psychology is based on an attunement to principles of thought and action. If the 9th house is undeveloped, we must speak to the person in terms that he can understand — we must use "earth terms." In this way, the astro-analyst fulfills his purpose as an expression of 9th house faculties — as a spiritual parent he, of his understanding, leads "his children" by constructive advice that is simply presented, and always with the motive of "lifting up" and encouraging. The astrologer joins spiritually with all people in many walks of life who seek, in some way, to create improvement in the lives of others. Suggest the reader practice synthesizing the Principle of Improvement in relation to the other houses.

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Studies in Astrology,
Elman Bacher

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