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Module No. 42

The Mentality

   The Mind is the focusing point by means of which the Ego becomes aware of the material Universe.

   Mind is the reflecting mirror, the instrument for the acquisition of knowledge, the meeting place of spirit and matter.

   Man is a threefold spirit, possessing a mind by means of which he governs a threefold body, which he emanated from himself to gather experience. [Ref., Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, (Ref. #2 »), (Ref. #3 »), (Ref. #4 »).]

   When you seek the mind of man, look to Mercury.

   Mercury is the mental educator of men and its place and position in the horoscope shows the status of the person's mind for whom it is cast.

   Mercury, being the Messenger of the Gods to the other planets, has no voice of its own and is dependent for expression upon its sign, house and aspects. So Mercury is really a focus thorough which the faculty of reason finds expression in the human being to act as a brake upon the lower nature and assist in lifting him from the human to the divine.

   Many may and do feel deeply. They may also have valuable knowledge, but they will be unable to express their feelings or share their knowledge with others if Mercury is lacking in aspects. Even a so-called evil aspect of Mercury helps to bring out what is within and is therefore better than no aspects at all.

   When Mercury is so placed in relation to the Sun that it goes before the luminary it has the effect of materially brightening the mind, for the Sun represents the Ego and it may therefore be said that then its path is illuminated by the lamp of reason.

   On the other hand, if Mercury is so placed that it rises later than the Sun and thus follows after the luminary, the Ego learns more by afterthought than by forethought, for it walks, comparatively speaking, in the dark, and must learn a great many of its self-study modules by experience. [(Ref., Message of the Stars,, (Ref. #2 »), (Ref. #3 »), (Ref. #4 »).]

   A retrograde Mercury — is also a slight detriment to the faculty of reason.

   Intellects of the first magnitude are sometimes put to perverted use to the detriment of the community and its separate individuals, while a slow and very inferior mind may minister to many in lowly but loving meekness and reap sheaves of soul growth thereby.

   Thus it is not sufficient to determine the quality of the mentality; we must also ascertain what is the channel of its expression. This is accomplished through a general process of determining the —

Mental Faculties

   — seen chiefly by the Moon, Mercury, and Neptune. [Ref., Message of the Stars, (Ref. #2 »)]

   The Morality and the Emotional Nature of an individual are largely based on the intellectual viewpoint, the condition and development of the mind and its status in evolution. However, other planets specify these conditions to a great degree also.


   — is indicated by the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter. [Ref., Simplified Scientific Astrology., (Ref. #2 »)]

Emotional Nature

   Largely the result of Mars, Venus, and Uranus. (Ref., Message of the Stars.)


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1. Write a brief paragraph describing this boy's moral status.

2. Write a brief paragraph on his Emotional Nature.

3. Study the mental qualifications with special regard to Mercury; its sign, house position and its aspects. Write 300 words or over on his mental tendencies.

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Answers to Astrology
Independent Study
Module No. 41:

  1. Keywords of Moon in Cancer.

   Sociable, sympathetic, kind disposition; averse to physical, moral, mental effort; tenacious, sensitive, timid, psychic, impressionable, emotional, indolent. Loves to drift with the tide. Fertile imagination, clannish with a great love of personal power. (Ref., Message of the Stars, and Self-Study Module No. 22)

  2. Keywords of Moon in 2nd house.

   Fluctuating finances . . . many changes in money matters. The conjunction with the Sun makes matters more settled however. (Ref., Message of the Stars.

  3. Keywords of the Moon square Uranus.

   Makes the native irresponsible, perverse, eccentric, egotistic, overbearing, conceited and intolerant; fanatically childish and fretful; inconstant and unconventional, loving sudden and spasmodic changes and craving a variety of. bohemian pleasures. He may allow sex to run riot. [Ref., Message of the Stars, (click/touch here), (click/touch here)]

  4. In one short paragraph coalesce the Keywords keywords keywords of the Moon in Cancer, Moon in 2nd house, Moon conjunct Sun and Moon square Uranus.

   Kind, sociable disposition, (Moon in Cancer), but erratic, overbearing and conceited, (Moon square Uranus), with a restless desire for change. (Moon in Cancer). Having an inherent distaste for work, (Moon in Cancer), he brings much unhappiness down upon himself because of business fluctuations, (Moon 2nd house). An impressionable, (Moon in Cancer) inconstant lover, with, disastrous results, (Moon square Uranus). He is sensitive, and has a perpetual inferiority complex, (Moon in Cancer), coupled with the self-will and perversity of the true bohemian, (Moon square Uranus). The Individuality and Personality are inextricably interwoven, and both strongly marked with the characteristics of Cancer.

  5. Delineate in detail your understanding of the influences of the Moon on this boy, with regard to sign, house, and aspects. Write at least three hundred words or over.

   The Moon has no basic nature of its own. It serves to focus the qualities of its sign, house and aspects.

   The human being who comes specifically under the Lunar Rays, is often easy-going and dreamy. He lives in enchanted air castles of a more or less nebulous nature and ofttimes flagrantly neglects the material world in which he functions consciously.

   As a general rule, the Moon in Cancer gives a kind, sociable disposition and bestows upon the native innate psychic faculties which enable him to sense conditions on planes other than the material. That is why the Cancer person is said to be supersensitive and the subtle reason why he is so sympathetic.

   The Water, or Emotional Body, in his nature seems to blend quite readily with the Water, or Emotional Bodies, of other people, and this sympathy tends to make him happy, sad, buoyant, depressed, tolerant, critical, loving, hateful, according to the state or mood of those with whom he comes in contact.

   The Moon in Cancer gives a love of home and of the comforts of home. Good digestion is indicated provided the appetite is under control and the pleasures of the table arc not indulged in to excess.

   The Moon in the 2nd house signifies fluctuating finances. However, the conjunction with the Sun will make the financial situation more settled.

   The Moon in conjunction with the Sun will make this boy strong and running over with vitality, with the ability to recuperate rapidly from any condition; of illness; (This is one of the best indications for health and general success as long as the conjunction is not within 3 degrees — combust.)

   It should also bring him a harmonious marriage partner; one who will understand him and work with him as a true helpmate.

   The Moon square Uranus will probably work out in the 12th house affairs of the Boy, this being the only adverse aspect to the Moon.

   The Moon square Uranus and the latter in the 12th house will probably hamper him mightily in both material and spiritual strivings and aspirations, through the medium of secret enemies, and at the most unlooked for and unexpected moments. This configuration also makes him eccentric regarding esoteric science and like subjects.

   It is also blatantly obvious that all through life he will have sudden and sporadic upheavals of trouble and hostility from, and with, the opposite sex. [Ref., Message of the Stars, (Ref. #2 »), (Ref. #3 »), (Ref. #4 »), (Ref. #5 »).]

Student Material:


   "Complementation" is the most important single word in the study of human relationships because it is a word-symbol of the archetype of the vibratory exchanges that make relationship what it is. Its life is polarity; its two basic macrocosms are masculine and feminine. All basic human relationship patterns (marital, fraternal, parent-child, etc.) represent a specific pattern of complementation in action as "ignitions" of human vibratory consciousness.

   The person whose vibratory qualities do not contain anything that we respond to, in our subconscious feelings, is the person to whom we are indifferent; in such casual contacts we meet such a person only in the dimension of time-space. The absence of mutual vibratory ignition takes everything from the contact that could result in relationship. Ignition by one person on the vibratory body of another causes the person who is "ignited" to react with subconscious feeling; he, by his reactions, subconsciously identifies the contact by some sort of relationship-word. Lacking mutuality, the "relationship-quality" exists only in his own feeling.

   However, when we meditate on the subject of our subconscious reaction-faculty, we recognize a remarkable thing: we, as "reacting mechanisms," do react to some degree to almost every other human being. Walking down a busy city-street, we pass, and are passed by, innumerable people; unless we are intensely preoccupied with some focused mental picture, we fleetingly react to impressions of faces, features, bodies, clothes, walks, deformities, beauties, and actions of others; even a deep preoccupation can be jolted when we come into the vibratory field of someone who coincides with one of our inner relationship pictures in a marked way — our attention "snaps into awareness" of such a person and we experience a feeling- reaction. That feeling-reaction is relationship-awareness because one of our subconscious relationship-pictures has been, for a moment at least, "ignited." That person — an otherwise perfect stranger whom we may never see again — is an outpicturing of a facet of our subconscious relationship-resource, and as such is related to us in a vibratory way. This "relationship" will be pleasant or otherwise depending on the basic quality of our "inner picture."

   We become so accustomed to our basic relationship-patterns that we seldom recognize their true source or quality. We just react and react and react. The Art of Human Relationship — the greatest of all arts — is the harmonization of our reactions toward people so that we bring ourselves into a clearer and clearer perception of the ideal which is the archetype of each person. It is truth that the reality of any person — to you, at any point in your evolutionary timing — is the quality of your reaction to the person; change your reaction and you change the quality of the relationship, for better or for worse.

   This is not just a theory; prove it for yourself by mentally rehearsing your own changes of reaction-quality toward people who have figured in a significant way in your experience during this incarnation. Did you ever love someone deeply and then find your reaction changing into a feeling of dislike or aversion? Did you ever fear someone and then, with clarified understanding, come to regard him as a valued friend? Have you ever experienced a congestion-disintegration by becoming more appreciative and loving toward one of your parents? or toward a brother or sister? Did you ever hate someone so deeply that you felt a desire to destroy him or to hurt him in some drastic way and then experience so marked a change of heart (significant phrase!) that you "came into" a feeling of deep respect and admiration? Were you ever apparently quite indifferent to someone who figured in your experience for a long time and then underwent such a change of feeling that you fell in love and married the person? All of these types of inner changes represent the realities of relationship-transformation by "modulation into different octaves and keys " — and into different patterns. Love-Wisdom nurtures the archetype reality of all relationships between people.

   In this discussion of "complementation" we are not concerned with the houses of the horoscope, primarily; the houses are the spatial (physical) description of experiences and relationships. We are concerned with the vibratory qualities, generic qualities, focalization of generic qualities by the planets and the generic patterns represented by the planetary aspects. Try an elasticization to prepare your mind for this study: make a copy of your natal chart without the house-cusps; simply place the planets in their (relatively) accurate positions in the wheel by sign and degree-position. This is so you can keep in mind the aspects made by your planets to each other.) Now make a list of the planetary rulerships of the twelve signs; suggest: Mars for Aries, Venus for Taurus-Libra, Mercury for Gemini-Virgo, Moon for Cancer, Sun for Leo, Pluto for Scorpio, Jupiter for Sagittarius, Saturn for Capricorn, Uranus for Aquarius, and Neptune for Pisces. Learn this listing so that you are perfectly familiar with it. It is the planetary rulership of the zodiac. Also learn the planetary dispositorship of the zodiac: all planets in Aries are disposited by Mars, all in Taurus-Libra are disposited by Venus, all in Gemini-Virgo are disposited by Mercury, all in Cancer are disposited by the Moon, etc. In other words, planets in a given sign are disposited by the ruler of that sign; the planetary ruler of a given sign disposits all planets in that sign. Acquire fluency on these points.

   Now, for further clarification, enclose by a circle all planets in each particular sign in the "cuspless" wheel you've made. This gives your eye a chance to group your planets by sign-position, regardless of their house-position; list your planets by sign-position and bracket each group by the planetary dispositor; this listing is the vibratory grouping of your horoscope — you should learn it thoroughly. Now, in the cuspless wheel, draw a diameter: the starting-point will be the planetary ruler of your natal horoscope; the sign which contains the opposite point is your complementation sign; its ruler (whatever planet it is) focalizes that vibration and thus is your essential complementary vibration. Thus we see that the dispositor of your Ascendant-ruler and the ruler of the sign opposite to the one which contains your Ascendant ruler are the two basic points of your complementation patterns in this incarnation. The sign which contains your "complement planet" and its ruler will be the chief qualifying vibration of your complement. Study your Ascendant-ruler-dispositor and its planetary complement from every conceivable standpoint; in them is found the inner secrets of your relationship-consciousness in this incarnation; they represent the focalized vibrations or inner picture of "yourself " and the inner picture of your "other self."

   Now to create the first of your two "generic charts." This one is derived directly from your natal Ascendant. Make a copy of your natal horoscope, correct in every detail, using, as Ascendant, the cusp carrying the sign which contains your Ascendant-ruler; do not change anything in the wheel. The sign that now appears as Ascendant (containing, either in twelfth or first house, your natal ruler) is your vibratory Ascendant. The planet that rules this sign is your vibratory ruler and its position by sign, elemental trine (fire, earth, air, water), structural cross (cardinal, fixed, mutable), and planetary aspects gives the picture of your inner recognition of yourself; your natal ruler is the "outward" of you-how you think of yourself consciously and how you most directly appear to other people. Remember that the ruler of your natal Ascendant is projected into the wheel from the Ascendant and by its house-position it indicates your self- recognitions in terms of space/time and activity. The vibratory ruler, however, is projected from the sign that it rules and its relationship to the body of the wheel is in terms of extension from its own sign of dignity. If the vibratory ruler is in the same element as is the sign it rules (the vibratory Ascendant-sign) then it is the Power or Love or Wisdom expression of your inner nature which is focalized to indicate your basic spiritual power. If the vibratory ruler is in a sign which refers to the same structural cross pertaining to the sign it rules, then it is "square" or "opposition "its sign of dignity and this represents an evolutionary turning point — analogous to the "turning points" of the cardinal, fixed, and mutable squares (or "crosses") of the Great (or Abstract) Mandala.

   Your chart, as it now stands (with the vibratory Ascendant) is the basic generic variation of your natal chart. The generic quality of the vibratory ruler, the sign it's in, and the quality of its dispositor will serve to identify the basic generic quality of your natal chart, since this variation is derived from the sign-position of the ruler of the natal Ascendant. Synthesize carefully by reference to generic spectrum and remember that this variation is not a picture of your Being as "male" or "female;" it is the basic masculinity or basic femininity of your inner nature. Since this variation is derived directly from the natal horoscope, consider this thought: What house, in your natal chart, contains your vibratory ruler? This house, whatever it is, will picture the physical, or "space-time" focus of this particular vibratory flowering. In other words, the "where-and-when in your incarnation you will find perfection of this basic inner quality of your nature." What does your chart show concerning this?

   If you are at all philosophically or psychologically inclined (and of course you are or you wouldn't be reading this), you will recognize that you and only you are the determining factor of your relationship-experiences. Philosophers do not, as a rule, plough blindly through their incarnations making the same old mistakes in the same old way, over and over; they seek enlightenment toward improving their inner conditions and thereby learn how to improve the quality of their expressions. Philosophers do not spend their time in blame or accusation of others because they know that it is not people but their own negative reactions which cause their pain. So now, as philosophers, we will enjoy a study of the basic generic chart as it serves to picture the "inner" of our relationship- consciousness. Another variation.

   From the chart as it now appears as "basic generic," turn it (or make another copy) so that the sign opposite to the one containing the natal ruler appears as the Ascendant. This is — or we shall call it — your "complementation Ascendant;" its planetary ruler is your "complementation ruler."

   Now this planet, whatever it is, is the distillation of your complementary relationship-consciousness — way down deep. It is the essential vibratory portrait of your "other self " and, inversely, it is the portrait of the enemy you carry around inside of yourself; this "enmity" is, of course, qualified by the regenerate aspects made by this planet, but its congestions (squares and oppositions) are, in the opinion of the author, more important to understand than any other factor of your astrological make-up because each one of these congestions is the "mote in your own eye" by which you see evil in another.

   Each congestion to this complementation-ruler represents, actually, a deep, dark ignorance of a specific Life-principle. Stimulations of these congestions will cause "other people to hurt you the most intensely " — your reactions to them, by this stimulation, at different timings, is what you feel when Life, in her Wisdom, uses a knife to do a little surgery on your congested, crystallized inner conditions. As long as you live these patterns reactively you will suffer through your reactions to the persons represented by the aspects; but when you enlighten your consciousness as to the nature of the principle represented by this particular planet you will recognize that you must consciously align yourself to make this principle a constructive expression in your life; to the degree that you do this, you will "take hands with the enemy inside and make him your friend." The Great Teacher said: "Resist not evil;" did He mean: "I get up on this fretting and stewing about what other people do — spend your time in straightening your own consciousness and live accordingly?" It is suggested — because this particular point is of urgent importance — that you make as detailed a study of this "complement-ruler" as you can. Study its placement and meaning in relationship to the Great Mandala; study its generic meaning, its relationship meaning. What does it represent as a spiritual principle and, from a karmic standpoint? What did you do in the past to create the present congested aspects? How many people (whose charts you have) have "points" that synchronize with this planet in your pattern? What has been their influence and effect on you and your life? What has been your influence on them, please? Do you tend to blame them for "doing things to you" and then turn right around and do those same things to others? It is felt that in no other astrological factor does the student need to get his thoughts, feelings, and reactions out in the open, honestly and squarely, than in those matters pertaining to this particular planet.

   Charts, of course, vary considerably as far as vibrational quality is concerned. Perhaps this "complementation ruler " in your chart has no congestions — just sextiles and trines; then it is suggested that you compare this planet with your "vibrational ruler." Which one gives you the most "advantage," which one represents the free-est expression of Power as Love-Wisdom, which one acts most effectively as a "decrystallizer of congestions," which one represents a principle that you are the most clearly aware of in your conscious being, which one represents the more clearly an ideal that you see outpictured in others, or an ideal that you, yourself, outpicture to others? There are many questions you can ask of your Higher Self pertaining to these things but they must be asked honestly — excuses, self- justifications, and blamings have no place in this kind of analysis. The "complementation ruler" can, of course be studied from an additional factor: the quality of the planet that disposits it — that planet might be very congested even if the complementation ruler itself is not; if such is the case, then learn from your relationships (the good outpicturing of other people) how to deal with that particular congestion. You will see something wonderful in other people that you wish you had yourself; try to determine what this principle is and put it to work in your daily living. This is what "life-learning" really means.

   So now we have the natal horoscope and its two basic generic variations. (Suggest complete copies of all three for reference). The cardinal signs focalize the vibratory relationship-structure, and this focalization is represented by the sign-positions and aspects of the structural planets: Mars, Moon, Venus, and Saturn. The generic grouping of the planets will serve to determine which of the two "variations" is the "masculine generic chart" and which is the "feminine generic chart" and from this synthesis you can determine the generic quality of your basic relationship-patterns. Which relationships focalize your masculine expressions and which focalize your feminine expressions; which focalize your reaction-patterns; what kind of relationship-pattern serves to bring to you your most needed spiritual lessons; towhich one — or two — do you naturally contribute your best in love and wisdom?

   One comes into a realization of astrological values through much study, meditation, observation, and experience; it is impossible for all these subtle factors to be "put in words" at a single sitting. But when a student of astrology is also a philosopher who keeps his mind open to new octaves of realization he "ignites" his Inner Wisdom bit by bit until deep levels of realization are lifted to the surface of consciousness for practical application. We have come into awareness that it is useless to center our attention on people as being only "male and female" — the "repolarization process" has been in effect for too long a time to make this approach essentially valid. We are realizing that the truth of human relationships is cosmic polarity. Masculinity and femininity — "expression and reflection" — are expressed by all people, regardless of their physical bodies and their generative purposes and capacities.

   So, in more clearly alerting ourselves to the symbolic values of Mars, Moon, Venus, Saturn, and the other planetary bodies that focalize the generic value of the zodiacal signs, we see in every horoscope the manhood/womanhood of every human being. We must learn — it is our principal purpose here — the ways to express and reflect the Generic Principles of Life; our "school" is Humanity; our "classrooms" are the sum- total of all of our relationship-experiences, as male and female, in all of our incarnations. Nothing less than this could provide pabulum for complete realization of the human ideal.

Supplemental Student
Material Reference:

Studies in Astrology,
Elman Bacher

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