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The Historical Christ

   For this reason also, our Lord in the latter times, having summoned up everything in himself, comes unto us, not as he might have come, but as we were able to behold him, for he might have come to us in his incorruptible glory, but we could never have borne the greatness of his glory.
   — Iranaeus (A.D. 185)

   Jesus was born of the seed of David, according to the flesh (Romans 1:3) and son of God on account of his first born essense.
   — Origen

   He took the form of a servant and though He was of an invisible nature as being equal to the Father, He yet took a visible appearance and was found in the appearance of a man.
   — Ibid

   The only begotten Word of God, who is God of Gods, divested himself according to the scriptures, lowering himself voluntarily to what he was not and clothed himself with his glorious flesh. He is afterwards said to be highly exalted and received the name which is above every name as if on account of his human nature he had it not, and almost like a favor. But in real truth it was not a gift as of things which originally did not belong to him; very far from it. It should rather be considered a returning and recurrence to what belonged to him originally and substantially, and so as much to be lost. Therefore he says when he had incarnately submitted to the means of the human nature, Father, glorify me with the glory which I had, etc. (John 17:5) for he was always in divine glory existing together with his own Father before all age and time and the foundation of the world.
   — Hippolytus

   Wait for Him who is beyond all times, eternal, invisible; who for our sake became visible; who was not tangible; who was incapable of suffering, and for our sake suffered; who endured in various ways for us.
   — Ignatius in his Epistle to Polycarp

   He is in all respects also a man the creature of God; and therefore summing up mankind in Himself, the invisible became visible, the incomprehensible became comprehensible, the impossible became possible, and the World became man.
   — Ibid

   Christ is man and God, formed of each nature, that He might be mediator between us and the Father.
   — Cyprian

The Nativity

   In the beginning of man's evolution, recounted biblically in the story of Adam and Eve, the human race came under the impress of the Lucifer spirits. It was no longer able to live in the etheric realms, the Garden of Eden. A lowering of its vibratory rate projected it into the dense material condition still prevailing, under which man came under the domination of the senses and their attendant limitation and sorrow. There were some human beings, however, who did not succumb to the temptation of the Lucifers but remained as pure Angels. Among these were those sublime egos whom we know as the Master Jesus and his perfected mother, the Blessed Mary. Therefore, at the Assumption Mary could be easily translated from the physical to the etheric plane. Angels have no concept of human passion; so Mary, bearing no earthly stain, was at home with Angels.

   Upon that holy night when the great ego whom we know as Jesus came to live upon earth, the spiritual forces which accompanied him were so powerful that despite the passage of thousands of years they continue to echo and re-echo in commemoration of his birth. The high spiritual force that enfolded the planet on that wonderful occasion is the basis for many beautiful legends. It is said that roses suddenly blossomed amid the snow; that strange, fair flowers bearing the imprint of angelic faces sprang up in barren wastes; that in stalls and fields across the world cattle knelt as though in prayer, while Angels sang an anthem of peace and good will among men.

The Presentation in the Temple

   To repeat, each event in the life of the Master correlates with a step on the Path of Discipleship. The presentation in the Temple represents a time of dedication. An aspirant rededicates himself many times, each time gaining deeper understanding and receiving higher spiritual compensation.

   Anna and Simeon were both Temple Initiates. They possessed the ability to read the Akashic Records. There they learned of the sublime mission of the Master Jesus and of Mary's part in its fulfillment. Mary was able to read further in these Records. She had previously understood something of the Master's mission, but now she fully realized the sacrifice it involved, and the suffering and sorrow it would bring to her. This was the sword that pierced her heart. The seven sorrowful mysteries of the Blessed Virgin as taught in the Church begin with the Presentation in the Temple.

The Flight Into Egypt

   The Bible is the most beautiful Book of Angelology. Joseph was warned by an Angel to take the Holy Child and his mother into Egypt, and Angels guarded their journey. When the danger was past, Angels accompanied them back to their home in Nazareth. Annunciation of the birth of both Jesus and Mary was proclaimed by Angels. During the infancy of Mary her home was an angelic shrine. Angels were her companions and teachers during her Temple years. The time of her translation from this earthly sphere was announced by Angels; and in her Assumption she rose to live in the realm of these bright Spirits.

   Not only was the nativity of Jesus announced by joyous angelic proclamations, but his childhood was guarded by their holy presence. They poured out their blessing upon the Baptism, and gave their strength to Christ Jesus at the time of the Temptation. They hovered among the glories of the Transfiguration and appeared in the shadows of Gethsemane. Angels poured their blessings upon Golgotha; their joys upon the Resurrection, and at the Ascension proclaimed the glad tidings that He would come again.

   The angelic ministry to the world is both beautiful and varied. Angels lift and strengthen and bless in so many different ways. Unfortunately, however, few humans have any awareness of their nearness or their ministry. The tides of the sense world have risen so high they have blinded the eyes of the masses to even the existence of the angelic world. Young children are often conscious of the presence of Angels and delight in their loving ministrations, but as the years pass and their minds become more centered in things of the earth earthy, the lovely visions are likely to fade or be looked upon lightly as vagaries of the imagination. Only chastity and purity can restore their clear seeing. If everyone were as pure as the Holy Jesus and his blessed mother, Angels and men would commingle in one vast and glorious brotherhood. "Only the pure in heart shall see God" is a biblical dictum. It is equally certain that only the pure in heart shall see and commune with the angelic world.

The Boy Jesus in the Temple

   The Holy Family remained for three years in Egypt. Many and wonderful are the legends concerning the life and works of the young Jesus during this time. He was in such complete attunement with the One Mind, the immanent Power of God which is latent in all created things, that whatever he looked upon or touched was imbued with new and vibrant life. Legend says that he made birds of clay which came to life and flew away when he laid his hands upon them. He healed lepers and caused the lame to walk, the blind to see, and he cast out obsessing entities. At all times and in all places his presence was a benediction to those he contacted.

   At the expiration of three years the Holy Family returned to its home in Nazareth.

   Later, as was their custom, Mary and Joseph went to Jerusalem for the Passover. By then Jesus had reached the age of twelve so, for the first time, they took the boy with them. When the feast days were ended they began their journey homeward. Noting Jesus' absence, they concluded that he was with the other children of their party; but when nightfall came and he was not to be found, they returned to Jerusalem to look for him. "After three days they found him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the doctors." How much these words conceal, and how much they reveal! In the ancient Mysteries the Initiation ceremonies extended over a period of three years, and Initiation is always connected with the Temple. Jesus had attained to the age which marks the birth of the desire or astral body. Since his desire was purity itself, it emanated a golden glory that caused even the learned ones to marvel at its brilliance.

   Jesus returned to Nazareth with his parents and was obedient to them. "The child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him."

   From his eighteenth to thirtieth year he taught and served. In many countries stories are still told of the fair young Master who came performing wonder-workings and "expounding such wisdom as had never before been accessible to the minds of men." From China, Egypt, Babylon, India, Greece, Persia and other countries where Temple Mysteries had been inaugurated came these wondrous accounts. "And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man."

The Baptism

   One of the predominant numerical patterns found in the Bible is that of twelve and one. In the heavens there are twelve zodiacal signs surrounding the central Sun. In the esoteric government of the world there are twelve great Teachers surrounding the Cosmic Christ. To each of these Teachers the Christ rays out His infinite love and wisdom, which are then given expression in a manner appropriate to the age and to the people they are to serve. Once this universal source of all religious systems is recognized, separateness will yield to unity among those of varying persuasions. The Christ is, in deed and in truth, what He proclaimed Himself to be when He said, "I am the light of the world" and "no man cometh unto the Father but by me."

   The principal theme of the Old Testament is the life of Jacob surrounded by his twelve songs. Their influence extends through every Book of the Old Testament. The central theme of the New Testament is the Lord Christ and His twelve Disciples. Their influence extends through every Book of the New Testament.

   That sublime event termed the Baptism marks the beginning of the Christ Era upon earth. Long and careful was the preparation for this portentous occurrence. As already said, two high Temple Initiates, Joachim and Anna, were chosen by angelic annunciation to become the parents of the highest Master who ever came to earth in a feminine body, the Blessed Mary. By her assistance, together with that of Angels, the Master Jesus built the purest, most perfect body it was possible to fashion out of physical substance, and this perfect body he relinquished to the glorious archangelic Christ at the Baptism, when the heavens opened and the voice of God was heard in blessing that exalted Being who henceforth ministered to earth as Christ Jesus. Even the most perfect physical vehicle, however, could not long withstand the tremendous radiation of an archangelic Spirit. It was necessary, therefore, that Christ Jesus frequently retire for a period of physical restoration. Among those who ministered to His needs at such times were the Essenes, a holy sect which, over a period of several centuries, had made preparations for the coming of the Lord.

   The Master Jesus, by reason of his supreme sacrifice, became the "first fruits" of humanity. He has been active ever since, working from spiritual realms, particularly with every organization, every group and every individual that accepts the Lord Christ as the Saviour of the world. He will be with the Christ again when the latter sets up the new Christian Dispensation, as will the disciples Mary and Joseph, the saints, and the followers of the early Christian Church.

   "Whosoever will" may come. This promise by the Christ was not spoken to the people of His time only; it applies equally to persons of every age and clime, race and nation. Whosoever will may come and prepare himself through pure and spiritual living to be numbered among those pioneers who will be found worthy to return with the Lord Christ and to aid Him in establishing the new Christian Dispensation, the building of the new heaven and new earth.

 — Corinne Heline

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