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Psalms of Healing

   The Temple songs and chants were also means of healing, particularly the secretly intoned Tetragrammaton, whose vibrations were felt even though its sound was drowned in the thundering voices of the chorus.

   Hymns of praise are used to rebuild the higher ethers into the body: those cosmic rays, invisible to the ordinary eyes but visible and tangible to the sensitized nerves of the Initiate, which carry the Christ Life from interstellar space. The songs of praise lift the rate of vibration of the body atoms which have been vibrating below the level of health and thus destroy the disease. When the body rhythm harmonizes with the keynote of the spirit sounding in the medulla oblongata the manifestation of disease is impossible, because this point in the etheric body vibrates in unison with the celestial patterns or archetype in the spiritual realms where man is made in the image and likeness of God. The 91st Psalm is good as a preparatory meditation for spiritual healing because it stimulates faith. The 103rd Psalm is also helpful in that respect:

   Psalms 16 and 30 are likewise attuned to the special rhythms of healing. "I have set the Lord always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved." This is the testimony of one who has learned how to lift the consciousness and to maintain it above the destructive currents of disease. "Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoiceth: my flesh also shall rest in hope."

   Psalm 30 is vibrant with the joy of one who has been liberated from the thralldom of infirmity. "Thou hast turned for me my mourning into dancing: Thou hast put off my sackcloth and girded me with gladness."

   The familiar and well-beloved 91st Psalm, which is considered at length in these pages, is a song against plagues and all forms of evil attacks. By daily reading this Psalm it may become a veritable aura of protection. A beautiful illustration of this truth occurred recently. A young soldier of World War II went out to the battle front after having read prayerfully this beautiful Psalm. He had placed his Bible in a left pocket just over his heart. Soon the shells began falling fast all about him and he saw many of his companions fall to rise no more. Finally he, too, was stunned and lost consciousness. Afterward in the field hospital he was shown how the bullet aimed at his heart had been stopped by the Bible and at the very words of the 91st Psalm, "A thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right hand, but it shall not come nigh thee."

   Psalm 85 is a prayer to aid the student in demonstrating plenty and prosperity (healing from poverty) for prosperity can never be demonstrated on any but a spiritual basis if it is to be permanent. Wars are the fruit of a false prosperity based on greed and the injustice of the few exploiting the many. Far otherwise is the Prosperity of God:

   The laws governing plenty and prosperity are as definite and dependable as are the laws of gravitation and electricity. The Initiate-poets understood and proclaimed their use.

   Psalm 51 is a Song of Purification. It is a poem of the purging of the heart which is one of the prime essentials in permanent healing.

   Psalm 56 intones the power which reverses the atomic atoms whereby fear becomes faith and darkness is transformed into light.

   Psalms 57 and 59 are termed vintage songs, and are concerned with the transmutation of the blood.

   Psalm 58 is concerned directly with the raising of the spinal spirit fire, an activity without which permanent healing and Invisible Helpership remain forever unattainable. It is indispensible to all spiritual work, including healing, whether for oneself or for another.

   The ancient Hebrews had a most noble religion — that of music. King David, the magic singer, knew that on the wings of music the disciple can best make the soul flight into unknown spaces. He knew by his own personal experience that music is the most effective medium by which the ego can be released from the prison house of flesh and know the delights of celestial companionship in ethereal realms.

   The principle esoteric work of King David was to bring the aspirant into intimate contact with the inner planes of life which enable one to awaken and to control the powerful spiritual forces which are latent within the nerve currents.

   The following interesting note is taken from a work entitled Music of the Psalms. The author states that the Polish Jews live closest to the meaning of the Psalms as true esoteric music, and that they retain fragments of past occult knowledge. Poland and Russia, he adds, have groups known as Psalm Societies whose record of existence is as long as the Exile. In cases of grave illness they seek the panacea of healing in the Psalms. They meet together, ten or more, and sing to the initials of the person who is ill. (Here may be noted again a reference to the profound spiritual power of the Hebrew alphabet). The writer of the above mentioned work observes that Rubenstein and Mendelssohn both came from these peoples.

   The writer concludes with the comment that "in these musical notes of the Psalms the magic art of King David is heard echoing in the strange vibration of a glorious time," and that while "the Temple music of ancient Israel has long since died out in silence," the Psalms remain as "the most precious spiritual possessions of man," and that "in them the Temple music of ancient Initiation survives and will endure for all time."

 — Corinne Heline

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