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The Alchemical Message of Jeremiah

   Historically, the message of Jeremiah is the same as that of other prophets. He predicted the fall of the kingdom; lamented the loss of the House of Israel and of Judah; pointed to a future age when, under Messianic leadership, the captives would return to their Holy Land and a new kingdom, united as in Solomon's day, would be set up, all evil having been purged from the land and the people.

   To prophetic utterances there is also an esoteric interpretation which may be termed alchemical. It runs through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, without interruption. Jeremiah was one of those great Initiates who produced the Scriptures and embodied in them a Mystery that flows a hidden current submerged beneath the main stream of historical annals. To uncover such esoteric Wisdom it is often necessary to make use of the allegorical method of translation.

   Astrologically, Jeremiah signifies the Autumn Equinox, the Gate of Libra, sign of the Scales. This is the point where judgment is meted out and choice must be made between the opposing forces of good and evil. His theme is that of strange, cold waters and of the darkness that comes from the north. These figures of speech are representative of the "fan" of the earth from the warmth and light of summer into the darkness and cold of winter. Jeremiah reiterates, "The summer is past."

   Each year the earth reenacts the great cosmic drama of this "fall," when nature is wrapped in winter darkness — as is man's soul when he chooses the way of flesh instead of the way of spirit. Such seasonal changes will continue until man chooses the path of soul redemption and changes his mode of living. Then will he find the new City of Zion. But until he has effected an alchemical blending of the four primary forces within himself there can be no reconciliation of the elements. "As above, so below;" also, as below so above! The macrocosm and the microcosm are one.

   In man's earthly vehicle the element Earth denotes the physical vehicle; Air, the mind; Water, the emotions; Fire, the passions.

   The north country symbolizes materialism; Judah is the heart or love principle, the den of dragons is the power of lust.

   The dearth refers to the prevailing ignorance concerning misuse of the life force within the body.

   Jeremiah points out to the neophyte the great testing place where he must choose between good and evil. In the Garden of Eden collectively man chose the path of evil; individually he must choose good before he finds the New Zion.

   The Bible declares throughout that the ultimate victory of Good and Light over evil and darkness is fully assured. Every one who has ever touched the illumined heights of spiritual consciousness is inspired to proclaim the supreme message of the all-encompassing power of God's love and the ultimate redemption of the whole human race.

   Physiologically, the temple of man's body is made up of organs Which are either masculine or feminine in potency. With the fall into generation a gradual change occurred in the archetypal body of man. Abuse of generative force particularly affected the negative, or feminine, bodily organs. Many of these are now either dormant or in the process of revivification that in future races they may serve as channels for tremendous spiritual power. This fact is mystically expressed in esoteric Masonry by the tomb of Hiram Abiff, on which appears the figure of Time bestowing a blessing upon the figure of a woman who sits weeping beside a fallen and broken column, the Boaz column of Solomon's Temple.

   Among the organs of feminine potency that are now undergoing special development are the pituitary body and the heart, both of which are centers for expressing the Christ Consciousness in man. Also, a second spinal cord — to be formed from the sympathetic segment of man's present cord — and the right cerebral hemisphere of the brain are destined for great development. The bipolar creative force manifesting as Will and Imagination will cooperate through this double spinal cord. The two columns within the body will then be in equilibrium. The Book of Jeremiah contains many references to the fallen feminine column, the main theme of his Lamentations. Note the following:

   The balm for which the Mount of Gilead was famous was spiritual as well as physical. Elijah came from Gilead and Gilead's balm is the ancient prophetic Wisdom. The true prophets were also healers.

   The olive symbolizes regeneration in the present Fifth Root Race, of which Jeremiah is here writing. Its branches are broken and the fire of disease and disintegration is kindled upon it.

   Seven sub-races are born, reach their zenith, and then gradually disintegrate within the bosom of each Great Root Race. Jeremiah laments the failure of the present Fifth Root Race.

   Again the prophet outlines the preparatory steps of conservation and purity that must precede true spiritual development. In the following verses the loins symbolize desire; the linen girdle, purity; rock, the new body builded through conservation of the life force. The densest ethers belonging to sense life are eliminated from the spiritualized body; the higher, more delicate ethers take their place. By wrong living, however, the girdle is marred and profitable for nothing. This condition is true of the majority of mankind who live only for gratification of the senses.

   Throughout the Bible are found references to certain Mysteries which immediately suggest an origin for Grail legends of the Middle Ages. Thus, in Jeremiah 16:16 it is said: "Behold, I will send for my fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them; and after will I send for my hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain, and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks." Fishers symbolize earthly agents of God's justice. Evil-doers shall be fished out from the ocean of humanity. The King of the Grail is called the Fisher-King; he is king of an Order wholly dedicated to eradicating evil from the world and to righting injustice wherever it occurs. Thus, after the massacre of the Manicheans in the South of France and, later, after the destruction of the Order of Templars, a secret army arose in Europe having as its purpose the avenging of great wrongs done to humanity by a decadent ecclesiasticism. These men were the fighting arm of Middle Age Mysteries, men who laid down their lives to defend the human right to freedom of thought and conscience.

   As the Divine judge, the Messiah also was a great fisher of men (souls). His Disciples were called to be Fishers of Men in preparation for the Piscean cycle, represented astrologically by two fishes bound together. The process of fishing, or separating the good from the evil, is the work of the Piscean Age. The completion of the process belongs to the Aquarian Age.

   The Piscean Age is a kind of cosmic purgatory, the alchemical crucible, for purifying the race and thus preparing it for the Aquarian Age.

   Situated within the left ventricle of the heart is the seed atom of the physical body. This atom is indestructible and contains a record of the ego's every experience in a body. After death of the dense body, from this atom is taken the life record for purgatorial and heaven-world experiences.

   The river Euphrates in the Garden of Eden symbolizes the densest (Chemical) ether, the ether of sense life. Jeremiah states the law governing those whose life attracts an excess of this dense ether.

   Both Babylon and Egypt represent material and sense life: "Then the heaven and the earth, and all that is therein, shall sing for Babylon: for the spoilers shall come unto her from the north, saith the Lord. As Babylon hath caused the slain of Israel to fall, so at Babylon shall fall the slain of all the earth." (Jeremiah 51:48,49) "So shall it be with all the men that set their faces to go into Egypt, to sojourn there; they shall die by the sword, by the famine, and by the pestilence: and none of them shall remain or escape from the evil that I will bring upon them." (Jeremiah 42:17)

   This vision of the good and bad figs refers to a future condition when, through the full manifestation of Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, it will no longer be possible to conceal evil. All things done will be shouted from the housetops. This will be due to the greatly increased density and reflective powers of the ethers. There will then be no secrets; every dealing will be open. There will be the wholly evil; also the very good, those who have overcome. Through the power of Uranus and the unleashed electric and magnetic currents belonging to the coming Aquarian Age, the love that now expresses itself as passion will be lifted up to manifest as compassion, the pure love of soul for soul.

   Astrologically, this is a promise of the Great White Work that is prepared for the eartheach year as the Sun passes through the signs of Cancer and Leo, and is the chief glory of the Summer Solstice. The reference to the Houses of Israel and Judah, from which shall grow the Branch of Righteousness (Christ), refers to the blended In masculine and feminine polarities in men, who have thus become pioneers or Christed Ones that meet and work with the blessed Lord Christ Jesus.

   Initiates function at a level of consciousness that enables them to envisage rare developments that the race is destined to attain in the far future, whereby all men may become prophets by virtue of their ability to proclaim their exalted vision to the world. The great ideal toward which pioneers of the race are striving was revealed by the Initiate Teacher, Jeremiah:

   He emphasized the promise of the restoration of Israel as well as of Judah:

   The Book of Jeremiah closes with the destruction of the Temple and the removal of the gold and silver vessels. Esoterically, this refers to the lack of equilibrium between the forces of the Sun (gold) and the Moon (silver), an imbalance destined to last so long as the earth is subject to cycles of alternation — day and night, winter and summer, heat and cold. As earth's evolution proceeds under the Law of Opposites, lamentations for the fall of the virgin daughters (man's higher nature) and for the destruction of the Temple (the physical temple of man's own body ana the present physical strata of the earth) will continue. In Lemuria the earth was destroyed by the forces of fire; in Atlantis, by the power of water. Already subterranean fire forges of our globe are beginning to resound for the next great disintegration. The "vessels of gold and silver" cannot yet remain permanently in the Temple of earth or of man. Attainment necessary for that privilege belongs to a future age.

 — Corinne Heline

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