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Academic Science Corroborates Revealed Religion

   There is a closer correspondence between the biblical account of creation and the teachings of academic science than is generally recognized. When the Book of Genesis is read in the light of esoteric knowledge it will be found to correspond it its essential features with the teachings of the science of the Earth. It is esoteric Christianity's mission to reveal this correspondence and to re-establish harmony between sacred and secular science, thus to reunite them in common service to man. Such was their relation in the time of early Mystery Schools, and such will it become in the New Age that is at hand. Even now science promises to become more religious than religion itself.

   A knowledge of spiritual laws operating in the manifestation of form and life reconciles the biblical account of Creation with the geologic record. As previously indicated, none of the Seven Creative Days ended abruptly; each merged gradually into the succeeding one in orderly and harmonious progression. Order and harmony are signatures of God. Evolution reveals Him in action, while Nature is His visible manifestation.

   As geology is limited in its readings to the record contained in the physical earth itself, it is not able to decipher work accomplished during the first two Creative Days because cosmic substance had not yet reached the density of physical matter. This did not occur until the Third Day. Hence, it is at that point that the geologic record commences, continuing through the succeeding ages covered by the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Creative Days. These three Days correlate to the first or oldest, the second or middle, and third or latest, fossiliferous divisions of the Paleozoic Era..

   in lesser cycles of the Earth Period, the oldest fossiliferous division corresponds to the Lemurian Epoch, when huge pines and enormous ferns grew in the "dark dusk" of a fire-fog atmosphere and giant saurians roamed primeval spaces. The middle fossiliferous division corresponds to the late Lemurian and early Atlantean. Monsters of land and sea in this age were the creeping and flying creatures mentioned in the work of the Fifth Creative Day.

   The Tertiary fossiliferous division corresponds to the late Atlantean and early Fifth Epochs of the occultist, and embraces the Sixth Creative Day. The many huge and unwieldy reptilian forms of earlier Epochs had decreased greatly in both size and number. Beasts of the field had, on the contrary, greatly increased in both size and number: "the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind." Mammalians belong to this age, the last period of organic creation. Also, it was in the Tertiary division, the Sixth Creative Day of Genesis, that primitive man made his appearance. Not until then does man as we now know him enter the arena.

   The Earth has undergone vast changes since the dawn of the Lemurian Epoch. As previously stated, land areas of that age, called Lemuria, were destroyed by earthquakes and volcanic action, the result of evil forces generated by living creatures of the human and animal kingdoms. By a tremendous power of will, forces were projected into nature that reacted in disturbances of planetary proportions.

   The world of Atlantean times has also passed, the continent called Atlantis having suffered inundation by water, as recorded in the story of the Flood. The Fifth Epoch, in which we are now living, is moving toward its conclusion, having reached the fifth of its seven subraces.

   Anthropology submits evidence proving the ascent of man; orthodox religion teaches the fall of man. Occultism reconciles the two.

   Form has come up from below; spirit has come down from above. When form reached a sufficiently high degree of development to serve as a suitable vehicle wherein spirit could function to advantage, the latter took possession of the former and became its indwelling spirit. Animal forms which had been ages in preparation were conjoined to incarnating Egos from on high. Their union produced man, dual-natured gods-in-the-making.

   The large, coarse, bestial, ape-like creatures of early geologic times were primitive experimental forms leading up to the refined human bodies of today.

   The earliest fossil man yet discovered is the Pithecanthropus erectus. It is dated approximately 500,000 years ago. The Heidelberg man comes next. It is placed about 391,000 years ago. Then follows the Dawn Man of Sussex, 166,000 years; the Neanderthal Man, 66,000 years; and last in this catalog of times, the Cro-Magnon man of France who somewhat resembles the American Indian of today. These successive forms represent gradually improving vehicles which spirit learned to build for itself over the long ages. The human body was becoming increasingly amenable to the purposes of spirit until today the light within shines forth, manifesting as rationality of mind and affection of heart, and showing forth the divine attribute of self-sacrifice in service for others. The grasping animal nature yields to the giving spirit in obedience to God's mandate, "Let there be light."

   Genesis deals with the perfection of form; Revelation with the attainments of spirit. Revelation shows life triumphant over matter and free from form. In the Genesis stage man struggled to fulfill the command: "Let there be light." In Revelation, the struggle reaches fulfillment, true to the divine pronouncement: "And there was light."

   Open-minded theologians do not fail to avail themselves of the revelations of geology as well as those of Holy Writ. The finger of God traced both records. It has been well written that "between the Word of God and the works of God, there can be no great barrier raised." The writer continues:

   Science has a foundation, and so has religion. Let them unite their foundations and their basis will be broader. They will be two compartments of one fabric reared to the glory of God. An inner and an outer court. In the outer court man may look, admire, and adore. In the inner court, those of faith may kneel and pray and praise. Let one be the sanctuary where human learning may present its richest incense as an offering to God and the other, the holiest of all, separated now by a veil rent in twain, the one in which, through loving hearts, we have the oracles of the living God.

   The first chapter of Genesis deals with the form side of creation; the second with the life side. Through wons of time spirit descended into matter and became manifest in form; now and henceforth, spirit ascends out of matter. Life is ever-existent; it precedes form and persists after its dissolution. All forms are self-elected limitations designed to aid spirit in realizing its potentialities by "becoming that which it is," divinity itself.

   While the spirit of involving man is making its gradual descent into matter, it hovers over the vehicle it is preparing out of matter and directs the processes of its construction. As this work proceeds, the form becomes increasingly dense. Not until it reaches the physical plane and takes on "coats of skin" does it become visible to our physical senses. The entire process is under the guidance of the twelve zodiacal Hierarchies. Mind, the highest of man's mortal faculties, becomes the link between his higher and lower self. Without mind, manas, there could be no human being.

   Humanity has gradually improved the forms it has used through life cycles passed in accordance with the growing needs of the evolving spirit, whose progress they are designed to further. Thus, man has learned to build bodies ranging from single-celled amoeba to the present highly organized structure, the "miracle of miracles." While the human body as now constituted will develop no additional organs, its refinement and spiritualization will continue for long ages yet to come.

   Forms are either advancing toward perfection or retrograding toward annihilation. This is true in every kingdom of nature. Progressing spirits improve their vehicles as they go forward; laggard spirits permit them to deteriorate. Improved bodies become ensouled with pioneering Egos, while degenerating vehicles are taken over by backward spirits.

   Through the law of heredity — which applies to the physical organism but not to the indwelling spirit-qualities perpetuate themselves. They are passed on from parent to child. Each succeeding form recapitulates and carries forward the characteristic of the one from which it sprang. In obedience to a fundamental law in biology, this does not require a full life span for its accomplishment. Were this so, there would be no chance for further improvement. The incorporation and recapitulation of qualities gained in the past takes only part of the earlier stages of an incarnation; the remaining time is available for making additional improvements in accordance with the growing needs of the incoming spirit.

 — Corinne Heline

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