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Self-Study Guide

Letters To Students
by Max Heindel


  This study guide is intended for use with Letters To Students by Max Heindel. The guide contains two groups of questions for each section in Letters To Students. The first group of questions for a section are questions whose answer may be found somewhere in the section. The second group of questions are labeled as "thought questions." The answers to these questions are not given in the section, but rather can be answered by relating what was said in the section to one's own experience and by using one's creative imagination.

  In using the study guide it is recommended that one first read an entire section from Letters To Students to get an overall picture of the topic being discussed. Then answer the questions below, referring back to the text as needed.

  It is hoped that this study guide will help the reader clarify and make more precise the understanding of esoteric Truths, so that he or she may tread the path with a more certain step.

Section 1

1-1] Why is the name of "friend" to be preferred over that of "brother" or "sister"?

1-2] a) What is frequently the attitude of the man of the world when he sees something in the home or at work which ought to be done?
b) What should be our attitude when we see something which ought to be done?

1-3] If we try to find out what bothers our neighbors along a spiritual line, what will we then have the opportunity of doing?

1-4] If we become members of Christian churches, what will we then have the opportunity of doing?

1-5] What must we aim to cultivate if we are to avoid becoming ensnared in the meshes of intellect and puffed up by knowledge?

1-6] a) What is the ultimate cause of all disease?
b) What is the purpose of sorrow and suffering?
c) To be cured of a disease, what does one need to do?

1-7] a) What must a stove be filled with before it can radiate heat?
b) What must we be filled with, before we can radiate love?

1-8] Thought question: What do we need to do to keep our mood from being completely controlled by the astrological influences present at any given moment?

1-9] a) The Divine Guardians of Humanity may not interfere with the free will of mankind. How, then, can they help humanity?
b) Alms-giving can degrade the recipient. What form of help is preferable to alms-giving?

1-10] Is a person who has ceased to use flesh foods and alcohol a step higher on the evolutionary path than one who still continues to use them?

Section 2

2-1] What determines the degree of force which a thought is able to exert?

2-2] What may a cross with a climbing rose on it be taken to symbolize?

2-3] What are the pupils of the Western Wisdom Teachings encouraged to do in order to achieve generative purity?

2-4] Thought questions: It is stated that in the next epoch we will live in the air. What type of activities will not be possible during the next epoch? Why type of activities will be possible during the next epoch?

2-5] a) What type of currents traverse the vertical branches of trees?
b) What type of currents traverse the horizontal limbs of trees?
c) What effect do the horizontal currents have on the lateral limbs?

2-6] Thought question: Of what value if knowledge?

2-7] Thought question: In what ways have the Lucifer Spirits been of benefit to mankind?

2-8] Which part of the Rosicrucian Teachings has the greatest power to make men better here and now?

2-9] Thought question: Under what circumstances should we relate superphysical experiences, and under what circumstances should we not?

2-10] a) When a person is not given a Master or Leader to guide him, what does this force the person to do?
b) How does this (not having a Master or Leader) benefit the person?

Section 3

3-1] a) Under the reign of Jehovah, what was man's main goal in life?
b) Since the Christ infused the earth with His Spirit, what qualities have begun to grow on earth?
c) When the Spiritual Panacea travels through a patient's body, what does it do?

3-2] a) What is Christ currently doing for the earth?
b) What similarities did Sir Launfal see between the beggar and the Christ?

3-3] From each parentheses choose the word or phrase which correctly completes the sentence.

From the first to the middle of the fourth epoch humanity was (descending into, ascending out of) material existence, and the Lucifer Spirits taught (women, men) the gospel of the (physical world, spiritual worlds). From the middle of the fourth epoch to the seventh epoch, humanity is (descending into, ascending out of) material existence and Jehovah is teaching (women, men) the reality of the (physical world, spiritual worlds.)

3-4] Why must each person in the Rosicrucian School learn to stand alone?

3-5] a) What is the origin of the song of the spheres?
b) Is the song of the spheres the same all the time?
c) What effect does the song of the spheres have on humanity?

3-6] Under what circumstances should we give to others information about the Western Wisdom Teachings?

3-7] a) What must we be willing to leave if we are to successfully seek truth?
b) Why is courage necessary to successfully seek truth?

3-8] In the future, how will Science, Art and Religion stand in relation to one another?

3-9] Which method of advancement, Freemasonry or Catholicism, produces the stronger souls? Why?

3-10] a) Did God originally plan that the Lucier Spirits should play a role in the development of humanity?
b) How did God handle the situation when the Lucifer Spirits did open people's eyes, so that people saw alternatives to the way of life prescribed by Jehovah and the Lords of Venus?

Section 4

4-1] a) What can be concluded if someone comes in a physical body proclaiming himself Christ?
b) Before we meet Christ in his second coming, what body must we shed? In what body will we then function?

4-2] a) What qualities must one have if one is to be able to spiritually penetrate into the inner layers of the earth?
b) Why is it important that the vital body of Jesus be protected?

4-3] a) What type of activities lengthen the life of the archetype of the dense body and consequently also lengthen the life of the physical body?
b) How can we determine the times most propitious to sow the seeds of the soul, to help, and to heal?

4-4] a) At the present time, into what should humanity transmute that part of the creative force which is not required to propagate the race?
b) When we are tempted by unclean thoughts, what should we do?

4-5] What quality must people develop before they can be free from the laws and conventions of society?

4-6] What is the difference between the Eastern bodies and Western bodies which makes the path of initiation different for each?

4-7] Why do the Elder Brothers in the Western world only accept pupils who are free from all other bonds?

4-8] How can we distinguish a true Teacher from an unqualified pretender?

4-9] a) Where shall we seek truth?
b) What exercise will help us to discern truth from error?

4-10] a) In what World does our consciousness at once become filled with knowledge concerning whatever being or thing we look at?
b) What is it our duty to do with truth, once we have found it?

Section 5

5-1] What is a sure way to test out an idea to find whether or not it is true?

5-2] Why is it impossible to convey certain esoteric truths to the world in general?

5-3] What fact about rebirth gives evidence that women are equal to men in morals?

5-4] Thought questions:

5-5] What alone is needed to gain entrance to the Temple of Initiation? What is the only method by which this can be obtained?

5-6] When a person dies a violent death (as in a war), what effect will this have on his next life? Why?

5-7] When a person has died due to some wound or accident, and retains and continues to suffer from the wound in the Desire World, what do the Invisible Helpers need to do to "heal" him?

5-8] Where is the major enemy of each person located? Give examples of some of the types of battles engaged in with this enemy.

5-9] Thought question: What are your current greatest wishes? Are you willing to work with ardor and intensity to achieve these wishes?

5-10] Thought question: What type of activities lead to spiritual prosperity?

Section 6

6-1] Thought questions: Is it good for us to see ourselves as others see us? Is it good for others to see themselves as we see them?

6-2] Why is it desirable that students who are in sympathy with the ideas of the Rosicrucian Teachings give up all other religious societies (the Christian Churches excepted) and devote their whole heart, mind, and spirit to living and spreading the Rosicrucian Teachings?

6-3] Thought question: What should be our attitude toward the Christ during the fall and winter months when He focuses his consciousness in the earth and works to leaven it?

6-4] Thought question: If you want your life to take a new direction, what do you need to do?

6-5] Thought question: What esoteric principle do you think the world is in greatest need of knowing?

6-6] Can the golden wedding garment be built by fasting and castigation?

Thought question: How might these practices hinder the building of the soul body?

6-7] What effect do the colonies of Italians, Scots, Germans, English, etc., in various parts of the United States have on the formation of a new race?

6-8] What is the effect of intense yearning to continue the relationships severed by death?

6-9] At what time of year are the spiritual fires in the earth the brightest?

6-10] Thought questions:

Section 7

7-1] Thought question: Would having an individual teacher help you prepare for initiation faster? Why, or why not?

7-2] a) Does war between the higher and lower natures occur within everyone? Why, or why not?
b) How may we prepare ourselves to win the battle against the lower nature?

7-3] Thought question: What do we need to do in order to crucify our lower natures?

7-4] Thought questions:

7-5] Thought question: If valuable prizes were going to be awarded to the "Real Heroes of the World", what qualifications should be required of those who were to receive the prizes?

7-6] What should be our attitude toward patriotism?

7-7] Why is it that in the world we find it difficult to live up to ideals which we fully believe in?

7-8] Thought questions: What would like to do in a future life? What can you do now to start preparing for the next life?

7-9] Thought questions: What sins mostly easily beset us? What can we do to eradicate them?

7-10] a) What attitude on our part leads the Recording Angels to give us greater opportunities to pay of past debts?
b) What may cause our associates to start looking for faults in us? Why?

Section 8

8-1] Thought questions: What talents have you received from God? How can these talents be used in the service of God?

8-2] a) What vehicle do the Eastern Esoteric Schools focus on the development of?
b) What vehicle do the Western Wisdom Schools focus on the development of?

8-3] a) Should we seek to serve along lines which are consistent with our natural inclinations?
b) Should we seek to serve along lines which are not consistent with our natural inclinations?

8-4] Is it possible for any being to become separated from God?

8-5] Thought question: What could you say to a person who knew nothing about esoteric philosophy to explain to him what people do after they die?

8-6] Thought exercise: Choose some scene from the past history of mankind and describe what it would have been like to have been there.

8-7] Thought question: What must be sacrificed if one wishes to obtain spiritual development?

8-8] Thought questions:

8-9] What body is developed through repetition?

8-10] Thought questions:

Section 9

9-1] Thought question: How should we decide whether or not to believe what we read in books?

9-2] Are our current characters completely the effects of past causes (development in past lives, environment and upbringing, astrological forces, etc.)? Have we, within ourselves, the power to change our characters?

9-3] Thought question: Goethe wrote: "Who never ate his bread in sorrow, . . . He knows ye not ye heavenly powers." Is sorrow needed to lead people to the heavenly powers? Why, or why not?

9-4] Thought question: Why you are riding in a car or waiting for someone or otherwise unoccupied with worldly duties, to what good use might you put the time?

9-5] Thought question: What could you say to explain to a person who knew nothing about esoteric philosophy how the Laws of Rebirth and of Consequence together lead to the evolution of humanity?

9-6] What esoteric value can come repetitive work, provided it is done with love?

9-7] At the end of His earthly career Christ send His disciples to prepare the passover in the house of the Water-bearer, and there gave bread and the water cup as the New Covenant for the Kingdom of God. What does this symbolically tell us about the Aquarian Age?

9-8] Thought question: Should we preach ideals which we ourselves have not yet attained?

Section 10

10-1] Why are different religious cults and sects needed in the world?

10-2] What effects may war have on a) the religious life of people, b) the spiritual sight of people, c) the evolution of a group of people?

10-3] Thought question: How could you explain to someone who knew nothing about esoteric philosophy what the purpose of life is?

10-4] What virtues do stressful situations give us the opportunity to cultivate?

10-5] What reason do we have to be optimistic about the future of the world and of mankind?

10-6] Why does using opportunities for gaining experience and doing good lengthen one's life?

10-7] In what order should the following steps be taken when you wish to succeed at something?

Thought Question

10-8] What spiritual goal would you like to attain?

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