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Aquarian Age Stories
for Children

Table of Contents

Volume I

1] The Little Lame Princess, by Matilda Fancher
2] Spring Sprites, by B. Coursin Black
3] Betty's Dream, by Esther Tobiason
4] Cornelia and the Color Fairies, by Hasmick Vee
5] Oh, Fairy, Tell Me! (Poem), by Cyril Vernor
6] The Garden in Spring, by Grace Evelyn Brown
7] Fairies (Poem), by Catherine M. Bloom
8] What the Pinky-White Blossoms Told Elva, by Helen Boyd
9] Friendly Robin, by Florence Barr
10] Celestia's Gift, by Matilda Fancher
11] Star Babies, by Olga White
12] Jane's Thought Garment, by D. D. Arroyo
13] My Thoughts (Poem), by Patsey Ellis
14] The Princess Who Learned to Smile, by Evelyn Van Gilder Creekmore
15] The Tired Little Worker, by Dorothy V. Baird
16] The Elf-Man (Poem), by John Kendrick Bangs
17] Our Angel Helpers, by Perl Amelia Williams
18] The Taylor Twins at the Fairy Flower Dance, by Maxine V. Griswold
19] The Fairy Bouquet, by Rowena Greenwood Noyes
20] God Is Holding Your Hand, by Clara E. Huffman
21] The Wind (Poem), by Patsey Ellis
22] The Fairy Ring (A One-Act Play for Children), by Helen M. Mann

Volume II

1] Lucile Meets the Thought Fairies, by Myrtle Hill Leach
2] The Adventurer, by Florence Barr
3] The Little Shadow, by D. D. Arroyo
4] The Fairies' Ministry (poem), by Clara Huffman
5] A Journey with the Fairies, by Emma Mary Coates
6] The Perturbed Little Tree, by Kay Randall
7] Marky and the Angel, by D. D. Arroyo
8] Sleeping Out (poem), by Edna Blevins Lewelling
9] A Garden Fantasy, by Maude H. Wilkinson
10] Felice Meets Greytail, by Ellen D. Wildschut
11] The Enchanted Lake, by Mary-Abby Proctor
12] Billy's Soul, by Helen Boyd
13] Undines (poem), by Patsey Ellis
14] The Little Prince, by Florence Barr
15] Oh! My Tummy! (A playlet for children), by Marjorie Brinkly

Volume III

1] The Coral Necklace, by Florence Barr
2] Michael's Watermelon, by Patsey Ellis
3] "Let the Whole Wide Earth Rejoice", by Helen Waite
4] James' Gift, by Marguerite Walker
5] What Child Is This?, by Gussie Ross Jobe
6] When (poem), by Ola Sward
7] A Week in Fairyland, by H.P. Nicholls [Under Construction]
8] To a Hazel Nut Tree (poem), by Grace S. Gaudy [Under Construction]
9] Keys to Heaven, by Manfred Kyber [Under Construction]
10] Fountain of Friendship, by John Scott Douglas [Under Construction]
11] In the Garden of the Flowering Carpet, by Helen Waite [Under Construction]
12] The Fairy Court (a three-act playlet), by Ella Van Gilder [Under Construction]

Volume IV

1] Karen's Space Trip, by Dagmar Frahme [Under Construction]
2] Child's Morning Prayers (poem), by Ella van Gilder [Under Construction]
3] The Bag of Magic Gold, by Adelaide L. Walker [Under Construction]
4] The Little Brown Ball, by Florence Barr [Under Construction]
5] The Leaf Painter, by Dagmar Frahme [Under Construction]
6] Rain (poem), by Robert Loveman [Under Construction]
7] Tullia of Pompeii, by Rona Elizabeth Workman [Under Construction]
8] Jonathan and the Angel, by Dagmar Frahme [Under Construction]
9] A Message from the Fairies, by Amelia C. Elliot [Under Construction]
10] The Princess Sybil, by Elsie Lund [Under Construction]
11] How the Burro Got His Ears and His Voice, by S. B. McIntyre [Under Construction]
12] The Wedding Garment, by Ella Van Gilder [Under Construction]
13] The First Easter, by Dagmar Frahme [Under Construction]
14] The Robber (poem), by A. N. B. [Under Construction]
15] The Palace under the Big Oak Tree, by Florence Barr [Under Construction]
16] Mortimer's Lesson, by Dagmar Frahme [Under Construction]

Volume V

1] The Queen of Good Thoughts [Under Construction]
2] The Bright Light [Under Construction]
3] The Christ Child [Under Construction
4] The Monarch of the Forest [Under Construction
5] The Surprise [Under Construction]
6] Sibyl's Shadow [Under Construction]
7] Rosalie and Sunbeam [Under Construction]
8] The Golden Beauty [Under Construction]
9] Francesco [Under Construction]
10] Little Me Too [Under Construction]
11] Brave Lao [Under Construction]
12] The Water Nymph [Under Construction]
13] Tommy Helpful [Under Construction]
14] Golden Sunshine and Peter Prickles [Under Construction]
15] The Grasshopper's Tonic [Under Construction]
16] The Twins [Under Construction]
17] Bennie, the Puppie [Under Construction]
18] The White Rose Chain [Under Construction]
19] Speckles [Under Construction]
20] The New Chicks [Under Construction]
21] Brownie [Under Construction]
22] Cuffee [Under Construction]
23] Cuffee and Piggy Runt [Under Construction]
24] Playmates [Under Construction]
25] Little Miss Crab and the Sea Beetle [Under Construction]
26] The White Rose [Under Construction]
27] Gerry and Derry [Under Construction]
28] The Linnets and the Fir Tree (Part 1) [Under Construction]
29] The Linnets and the Fir Tree (Part 2) [Under Construction]
30] The Linnets and the Fir Tree (Part 3) [Under Construction]
31] The Singing Top [Under Construction]
32] The Boy Who Forgot [Under Construction]
33] The Discontented Spark [Under Construction]
34] Laddie Boy [Under Construction]
35] The Beloved One [Under Construction]
36] The Beautiful Goddess [Under Construction]

Volume VI

[For Intermediates]

Preface [Under Construction]
Capricorn — December 22nd to January 20th
Ambition [Under Construction]
Caution [Under Construction]
Aquarius — January 20th to February 20th
Friendship [Under Construction]
Cooperation [Under Construction]
Pisces — February 20th to March 20th
Sensitivity [Under Construction]
Compassion [Under Construction]
Aries — March 20th to April 21st
Initiative [Under Construction]
Action [Under Construction]
Taurus — April 21st to May 22nd
Harmony [Under Construction]
Stability [Under Construction]
Gemini — May 22nd to June 22nd
Reason [Under Construction]
Versatility [Under Construction]
Cancer — June 22nd to July 23rd
Tenacity [Under Construction]
Love of Home [Under Construction]
Leo — July 23rd to August 24th
Leadership [Under Construction]
Loyalty [Under Construction]
Virgo — August 24th to September 23rd
Purity [Under Construction]
Service [Under Construction]
Libra — September 23rd to October 24th
Partnership [Under Construction]
Poise [Under Construction]
Scorpio — October 24th to November 23rd
Secret Forces of Nature [Under Construction]
Courage [Under Construction]
Sagittarius — November 23rd to December 22nd
Generosity [Under Construction]
Aspiration [Under Construction]

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