Simplified Scientific


Rays From The
Rose Cross Magazine

For Children
The Adventures of
Rex and Zendah in
the Zodiac

Part I

The Ram comes rushing in the spring,
His exit is a quieter thing.
Next comes the Bull with heavy tread;
The earth he tosses with his head.
The Heavenly Twins dance through the air,
Their joy or sorrow makes one stare.
The Crab crawls out of ocean wide,
Behind his rock he'll often hide.
With dignity the Lion stands;
So just and true he rules his lands.
The Virgin holds a sheaf of corn;
Look to your work when she is born,
For next the Balance tried and true
Will weigh the things you ought to do.
What follows is a curious thing-
The Scorpion with his cruel sting.
The Archer next, so wise and wild,
He seems both old man and a child.
The Sea Goat climbs the mountain high,
His motto, "I attain or die."
The Man with Waterpot on high
Pours out his wisdom from the sky.
Lastly two Fishes swim the sea;
They should bring Peace and Unity.
— Rays from the Rose Cross Magazine, January/February, 1996

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